The google phenomenon

Now google requires you to get an account - and that's not just for gmail users. You now get to have custom searches, not that it turns up any less irrelevant porn, but they know more about you.

But the thing is people are wondering if google is spyware. Ok, first there was the famous cookie that expires in 2038. People don't like this because the cookie tracks every search that you ever make, after giving you a unique number to identify you with. The (in)famous ad-sense algorithm shows up ads relevant to whatever is on the page at that point of time. And google also shows a few pay-per-click sites within the searches.

So it has all the characteristics of spyware, except for the fact that it does not allow for pop up ads.

Personally, I don't see the problem with this, as the number protects your privacy. And not that I search for "how to make a bomb" or something, but there are people who do, and this bothers them.

What is slightly alarming is google's rapid spread into other realms. Like they offered a pretty silly explanation for launching gmail. Basically they launched gmail, because they wanted a search feature in their mail. I think it was just opportunity for more advertising for their ad-sense algorithm. whatever the reason, gmail basically hijacked users from all free mail servers by offering the 1 GB space when others were playing around with a filthy two or a six.
Now gmail has two, and despite the fact that they say its on an invitation only basis, anyone who wants an account can get one.
And the fact remains that it is terribly difficult to delete mails in gmail. even trashed mails linger on for much longer than the thirty day period. Entering the realm of conspiracy theories, they say google wants to take over the world.

All because the CIA is funding the keyhole project. I want a key to keyhole by the way. All this does not bother me. Even if every word was true.

What does bother me to an infinite degree is focus stealing. I know everyone does this, but since I use blogspot, google, and gmail very often, in fact so often, that it about sums up all my online activity - the blame lies with google. Dumb cuntlicking goatfucking focus stealers. They think that I cannot multi-task, and they need to reming me that I have opened up a search page by bringing it into focus. Focus stealing is really dangerous because:
1) Your password can show up on screen when the focus is stolen at the wrong instance
2) You are typing out the address of a site, and you press enter, only to discover later that all of this happened in the search field. Pretty irritating.
3) You are typing a mail, and are looking at the keyboard. When you look back up, all the text has been typed in a search field, and a search has been conducted when you pressed enter. This makes you lose thread in the mail, and you also have to type stuff over.

All other sins of google can be forgiven if they only don't focus-steal.

And microsoft is another big asshole when it comes to focus stealing. First they allowed the dumb feature to be there is the first place. Then, they allowed focus-stolen stuff to have default buttons. An after that, they don't even have a simple way of legally turning of focus stealing. The only way to do this is to edit the registry keys, and some programs are clever enough to edit them back, so you also need to use an independent registry key watcher.
All so that my password does not inadvertently show up in google.