Videosurfing beyond youtube

If you are into bloglike inane videosurfing, check out Many of these films are downloadable. The very generally named "moving images" section of has a bunch of public domain films. Classics from cinema history like Le Voyage Dans La Lune or old weirdo films like the 50 year old tutorial videos on what to do if you are attacked by zombies. Check out Hindeburg exploding or the archived Kennedy-Nixon presidential debates. These communities have a stronger reward system than youtube. also helps get exactly what you want, and you do not need firefox plugins to download the videos. Right click on the download file link, open the gvp file in notepad, and copy paste everything between the words "url" and "docid" in the address bar.

You have a caveman bash up another over a worm, and a stork delivers them all food and everybody is happy. It is available on along with a bunch of other student animations. They range from the hilarious to the what-were-they-thinking types, but all the 30 or so short animations are worth watching just because they show what is on the minds of the youth. If nothing, check out Naam chod kaam dekh by untitled1, Aamchi Mumbai by Tatva and Kiss Naturam ka by Animact.

If someone were to find out Mumbai's most popular videoblog, would probably win outright. If you have not seen a video from this blog, then you haven't seen any videos that have later been debated over in the news. NDTV videos stream well even over bad connections. Check out the video zone on their website for interesting shorts. If you want to save these videos, use screenrecordergold or hycam2.

To be perfectly fair to them, and were there before youtube came along. These portals have everything from trailers to selected shorts. The quality of the films here are far better than other portals, because they are screened for an audience that gets advertised too. Don't worry, both the sites have found that balance between advertisement and entertainment, and lead to some quality video surfing. Ifilm has David Hasselhoff drunk and Atomfilms has an amazing short called delivery.

At the end of the day, if you still like YouTube more, cannot blame you. You can be the next Ninja. Seriously, all you need is a webcam. Vlog yourself away, join in the fray. You can, and are expected to, post ANYTHING on youtube.