Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The screenplay is better than the movie

Fandoms are perpetually locked in discussing exactly how the movies were better than the books or vice versa. The question is what happens when a novelisation of the screenplay is released. Take the 1998 Godzilla for example, the screenplay was actually better than the movie, which tracked the screenplay for the most part. Here are some of the main differences.

Philippe Roaché looking at Nick take the sample at the start of the movie - in the screenplay, he is standing in the background mysteriously, and Nick notices him only towards the end. In the movie, this is a casual moment that is not played up at all.

Audrey throwing the bag at Caiman - she just tosses it without the middle finger as the elevator closes. In the book, she flips him off.

The pectoral fins not big enough in Godzilla, in the screenplay, these fins were wings that did not fully grow, and could be flapped.

Dude guy in the bedroom does not show up at all. This is a random guy from the street who flashes the peace sign at Animal, while he is consoling Audrey.

Elvis Presley movies is where Roaché gets his flawless southern accent from, a scene which seems to have been cut from the movie.

The names of the submarines are changed for some reason.

There are large, squirming parasites on eggs which have been left out. Godzilla has apparently been infected with a mutation.

Smell like the fish is not in the screenplay, but included in the movie.

Nick presses a bunch of lift buttons by accident, while escaping from the babbyzillas, but this is shown in a slightly different way in the movie.

There is a scene where the Frenchies complain about the butter, but Roaché investigates the wrapper and notices that it is actually from France - this would have been a nice ending to the repeated gag of the French finding the Amurican food disgusting.

The scene of Godzila being trapped in the bridge has been simplified.

There is a really cool sequence in the end where Philipe Roaché is exposed as a French agent, and he writes to Nick, informing him that it is safe to talk now.

Considering the changes and tweaks, looks like even if you enjoyed the movie, the original screenplay is always better.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Horus Heresy

So I started reading the Horus Heresy series, as an entry point into the staggeringly large Warhammer 40K universe. Have been reading the books continuously for most of the year, about a little more than one a month. Have a telegram group with four fans who discuss this all the time.

Horus Rising, False Gods, Galaxy in Flames
What a spectacular introduction. The space battles are more epic than anything else I have read before, and the scale is just enormous. This is a future which is not limited by resources or imagination. The Primarch is revealed late into the book, and then he turns! We also see a bit of Magnus and the other primarchs, which are only explored fully later in the series. The three books sort of flow into each other, and form a trilogy of their own. This is gory, and "grimdark" at its best. The bombardment of the Istvaan system is just too over the top.

Flight of the Eisenstein
One of the most uplifting novels in the series, it is a roller coaster ride of emotions, but ends on a positive note.The good thing is that some of the action takes place close to Earth. This is one of the few novels in the series that actually gives you some hope, and can be considered a bittersweet story.

They tried to go to the depths of decadence here, but could not do it as well as say 12 days of sodom - but they tried to go there. The problem is that the debauchery is unstructured, and so does not have as much as an impact as other similar works. Can get a bit crass and painful at times, and there are no diamonds in the rough either.

Descent of Angels
This is a fantastic story that takes place in a totally different time, on a deathworld in Caliban. This is a jungle planet where monstrous creatures roam, and there are other mysterious beings. Lion el'Jonson is one of the best primarchs there are, because of how little he reveals about his intentions. Although he has a calculating mind, he keeps his cards close to his chest. Still, mistakes are made. One of the few books where we see the Emperor directly in action.

An interesting book that looks at the underhand tactics of the most clandestine Alpha legion. The legion actually has two primarchs - Alpherius and Omegon. They are twins, but the entire legion pretends to be the primarch. Also we see the exploits of John Grammaticus, and introduced to the strange collective of aliens or xenos, known as the Cabal.

Battle for the Abyss
This is a space ship battle that is a bit like the hunt of the Bismark by the Hood. Most of the action takes place on board two ships.

This tells of the origins of the Emperor, as well as the dragon on Mars. Initially, the book starts off as very dull and boring because it is mostly about machines, but towards the end the book really turns into one of the best ones in the series. It has the most well designed, outrageous, and relatable characters in the series so far, which is a difficult thing to pull off.

Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels continues from Descent of Angels, and shows Luther building up the capacities of the legion in the homeworld of Caliban, and the conflict that follows. This is a really sad story, with unnecessary misunderstandings.

A Thousand Sons
This one is really good as we finally see Magnus destroying the Emperor's secret project on Earth, in an effort to warn him about what Horus is up to. The retribution from the Emperor is strict, but in the last minute, Magnus saves his sons by moving to the Planet of Sorcerers. The book shows the warp ultimately corrupts, and that there is always a bigger fish in the sea. There is also a hint that the chaos gods have taken over the warp, and there may be pure or golden energy in there that can be used by the right people. This is what the elders probably used to make their webway, and what the Emperor was using to make his. It is revealed that the Emperor planned to make Magnus sit on the golden throne instead of himself, which shows that the Emperor has some nefarious schemes of his own as well. Also, another highlight is the council of Nikea, and again, one of the few times that we see the Emperor in action.

==Finished reading on this date, will be updating this post as I read through the rest of the series.==

Nemesis: War Within The Shadows (Dec 24, 2018)
Nemesis is easily one of the better books in the series. It tells the story of six crazy assassins out to kill the Warmaster. There is a shape shifter, a kind of anti-psyker, a marksman, a tech guy, a berserker, and a poisoner. In the end they do not succeed, but this still has a lot of humanity and hope in it. For a series that gets so dark, there are some incredibly elevating moments in here. The best story was that of the Kell siblings, Eristede and Jenniker. Things go downhill, as usual. This was an action packed ride through and through, with not one dull moment. Right at the very end, the Emperor shows up and says a few things, which is always great to read about. It is just so insanely rare that the Emperor is shown directly doing or saying anything. So far this has happened only in Descent of Angels, A Thousand Sons, and now Nemesis.

The First Heretic (January 2, 2019)
This one is about Lorgar, and how he was humiliated by the Emperor at the council of Nikea. Lorgar needs to have a faith, and it does not matter which one. When he finds out that the Emperor is not worthy of his worship, nor desires it, he starts worshipping the Chaos gods instead. You cannot help but feel bad for this Primarch, but he goes on to keep his allegiance a secret. In a way, it can be considered that the Emperor of Mankind dug his own grave when he did not see the machinations of Chaos at the council of Nikea. It is also not clearly explained by Leman Russ hates Lorgar sooo much.

Prospero Burns (January 14, 2019)
This one takes you into the most savage legion there is, the Vlka Fenryka, or the Space Wolves. It shows the machinations of chaos working from within the legions over incredibly long periods of time. Leman Russ is not the barbarian that he was made out to be in all the books so far. This is a really fun read as it takes place in a setting that has not really been seen before, on a brutal world that is stuck perpetually in a pre-industrial state - still there are spaceships. The mystery of the wolves of Fenris is finally revealed, they are actually the Astartes who convert into wolves, which explains why they are so loyal, and also why "there are no wolves on Fenris". The disappointing thing is that in the end, the retelling of the events at the Council of Nikea is rushed, and the actual burning of Prospero happens too quickly, and without much details. Like the destruction of so many worlds are written about in such detail, for example the Olamic Quietude, which is post human to such an extent that it can almost be considered a xenos species. Here, the home world of a primarch is destroyed, and that is written about in less detail. The Emperor is seen directly at the council of Nikea, but does not speak.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Indian Mythical Avengers

Heard a bunch of people say Indian mythology had all the concepts that the MCU has, so tried to check out if it is true, and if so, what the parallels are.

Thor: Indra
This one is simple, Indra is the God of thunder.

Hulk: Ghatotkacha
Again, simple. The son of Bhima and Hidimbi, a Rakshashi, he could go into a battle rage, and transform the size of his body at will.

Black Widow: Mohini
Mohini is a femme fatale, the only female avatar of Lord Vishnu. She steals a pot of Amrit from the demons, and gives it back to the devas, ensuring their continued immortality.

Hawkeye: Karna
Again, easy enough. Karna was a better archer than even Arjuna, and he had a quiver full of specialised arrows that he could use according to the demands of the situation. These include the varunastra, the rudrastra, the brahmastra (think atomic arrows), the bhargavastra (which could take out an entire batallion), and the nagastra (even Hawkeye did not have this, it turns into a deadly snake on impact).

Quicksilver: Savitr
One of the Adityas, Savitr is about as fast as any being gets in Hindu cosmology. In the Flash TV series, an enemy of Flash is called speedster Savitar.

Falcon: Garuda
Yeah, anthropomorphic eagle will do here.

Doctor Strange: Vishnu
God of illusions. Also, just look at this.

Peter Parker: Pavitr Prabhakar
Okay, this is not from mythology, but was created by none other than Stan Lee himself

Iron Man: Kumbhakaran 
Whelp. This one is a bit of a stretch, but according to some interpretations, he wore the hulkbuster armour to the battle against Ram.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Machine Haiku

This is some Haiku generated with machine learning
Used python based Word-RNN and tensorflow
Images also generated using AI, through this thing
Typography and templates using spark 

Making the training data set was the toughest bit
Have to figure out more ways to improve the model

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Plato was an asshole

So Plato kicked off higher education when he founded the academy in Athens. His teacher was Socrates and his student was Aristotle. He was also a total asshole. Imagine if you are a scholar, and you come up with a valid theory that explains the world - that of atomism, and someone of the stature of Plato totally throws shade your way. That is what happened to Leucippus and his student, Democritus. Plato and Aristotle totally rejected their ideas of Atomism. Plato's reasons for this dick move? It was not poetic or aesthetic enough. While nearly all of Plato's work has survived to our day, Democritus has almost been erased from history - to the point that it is a matter of debate if he even existed. Although he came up with the idea of atomism, we know about his ideas through the work of Leucippus, of which only fragments survive. Aristotle's criticisms of Democritus is actually more illuminating about the ideas of Leucippus and Democritus than their own works. Democritus is considered the father of modern science. Plato did everything to suppress Democritus, including attempting to burn his books. While he mentions all the other philosophers at that time, Democritus only very rarely comes up. Plato actually goes as far as to say "Democritus is not well versed in the matters of knowledge". By and large, Democritus was shunned in Athens.  It did not help matters that Democritus was somewhat of a recluse, and himself said, "I came to Athens and no one knew me." Just, so sad. :(

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Dream Diary Woolly Buffalo edition

There was a series of dreams. The first one was me talking to people, but no sound coming out. So I would try to talk louder and louder, till I managed to say the words. I think that I was waking up briefly during these periods, and actually talking in my sleep. It was a very unsettling feeling, trying to speak and not being able to, kind of like being breathless.
The second dream, was on the backseat of a bike, when we hit something and the bike straight up flies into the air. I remember being scared to death, like literally thinking how the fuck is this happening, and oh no I am going to die once we hit the ground. But when we hit the ground, it is without inertia, and nothing happens. The bike and the rider are fallen, and people on the road are looking confused, like wtf just happen, how did they survive.
The last dream involved being attacked by a large buffallo like domestic animal - lets call it a wooly buffallo. This thing was monsterously huuge. Like twice the height of a person. It also had long brown hair all over its body. So it is on a rampage, and about to attack me. I just curl up like a baby. It sniffs me and then also lies down. Its owners come and take it away. Then I follow the owners to see where it is going. THe owners live in this chawl like communal setting, with the main hall being below the ground. There are narrow pathways leading to different houses. The buffallo is housed in one of these stalls, and it is up a flight of stairs. I take a look at it and try to get out, but cannot exit with my heavy bag. So I go back down, and decide to eat food. Im amnesiac at this point of time, not knowing where I came from or what I am doing. I pretend to be a 20 year old, and a 17 year old befriends me. He calls me "Bombay waale Bhaiyya". He invites me to share his table, and the food is served in this large communcal setting. By the time I finish two rotis, or the first course, everyone else has finished their entire lunch, and cleaned up also. I go to the kitchen to help with the cleanup, when Mintu's mother is also doing the dishes. I ask her if there is any dal left, she says yes, but it is reserved for someone. I then tell her that I am not really 20, and that I am actually 30. She said "yeah, if you did not confess soon, I would have thrown you out. I wanted to tell Mintu that his Bombay waale bhaiyya is actually something else." Then she tells me something like "when you first smoked, you felt like leaving it all behind and coming to some faraway place and keep smoking. I was like that too, and that is what I did."
I then go out and help Mintu with some homework. We form a club, as he thinks his bag matches the colour of my bag. I dont point out to him that my bag is light brown, while his is dark brown.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Dream Diary food edition

Having this recurring dream, where I keep eating everything and am perpetually hungry. Have woken up, grabbed a bite to eat, relished how real the food tastes in meatspace, then gone back to sleep and dreamt of eating more. I eated so much that my parents had to call in a cook with a tiffin to give me even more food. Also had a fight with them and dropped all the food on the floor in a tantrum. Donno what that is about, but now I am perpetually hungry.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Dream Diary ghetto adventures edition

Today I dreamed that I was hanging out with a really ghetto group of friends.

One of them is a gang leader, who is involved in all sorts of underground activities. We operate in Marine Drive in Mumbai, and are really brash and destructive. We steal or take whatever we want from vendors who take protection money. Even when some vendors offer to give us money, we laugh and take stuff, and eventually drive them out of business, just because we don't like them, and can fill the spot with a stooge. We drink and drive and sarcastically salute the cops, and the pedestrians have to jump out of the way or be taken to the hospital. We have this spot in Marine Drive where we all hang out, smoke chillum, drink up, and harass everyone who passes by. It is pretty bad. Like this one time we see a dog walker with 7 dogs, we chat up the guy like he is one of ours, and pet the dogs. One of them bits the top guy who gets too aggressive and friendly. So we throw all the dogs into the sea.
At some point there is a construction ditch, across which a thin plankway is built, and instead of going from the front of the museum, I go from the back so that I can have a smoke. I call for a chai, which is delivered by a kid. I stub out the cigarette but in a place where everyone else has, but take it out from there and throw it properly in the dustbin. The guy selling the chai and ciggies thinks I wants drugs and sends some over. I take them. On the way across the plank, two office going people in suits start coming down, just as I am going out. I push them in the ditch, splashing them in the mud and water, and go on my way.
I am friends with the top guy, but lowest in the hierarchy, and always being made fun of. I have not done anything illegal myself, but just hang around the gang because they are my friends. We decide to go to a movie in van one day. There are five seats, and luggage area on the back which is loaded. I am in the front seat with the driver guy, and we arrive at a spot on the Marine Drive. There are five other guys, including the top guy. People start filling in. Chain/mobile snatcher and top guy get in the back at first, but I get down simultaneously and offer my seat to the top guy. Top guy gets into front with little kid/kaccha limbu. I get in the back with dumb guy, mobile snatcher, bike stealer, and debt collector. The tempo screeches out of the way, and a pair of girls have to jump aside. Their fright at the near miss excites us. Dumb guy starts giving gyaan about how not to keep mobile phone in pocket, as the batteries are likely to explode. I tell him its a problem with only the cheap Chinese phones.
The tempo guy still has a bunch of CDs and DVDs in the back. We take out a stack and start going through them. Dumb guy gets the idea of playing music and hands over a CD to the driver guy. I tell him "abbe dhakkan, dekh toh le ki blank hai ki nahi". He asks "kaisa malum padta bhai?". I say "yeh dekh, likha hai ispe". Check if it is blank, how do you know?, and look, it is written on top. Then I ask the tempo guy, "why have you labelled the CD as blank?" Tempo guy says "because I come to know which ones not to put in." Everyone starts laughing, and then takes out all the CDs to see the other funny labels. We laugh at "nice songs" "sooongs" "bajao" "unplugged mix" and "90s nostalgia". Suddenly we stop laughing and start playing 90s nostalgia.
I am thinking why I am here with these guys and what I will do. I imagine a scenario where the top guy kills someone, and the police asks me what I was doing there. I make up my mind that if the top guy kills anyone in front of me, Im going straight to the police and telling them all the details. I decide to become a snitch, and feel bad about it, but good about it at the same time. 
I secretly steal a few CDs and hide them in my jacket. We are blasting some song about stalking a girl, when we come across the DGP in a yellow shirt, brown belt and grey pants. He promises that he is out for our blood. Top guy stares him down. DGP does a little threatening dance and says be on your way or I will issue shoot at sight orders on you and all your people. Up ahead, we see a body on the floor. He is an old anglo Indian guy who was poor, but kind and friendly to everyone. He used to drink a lot, and cheated everyone he met. He could sell a stolen phone to a guy, and then steal it back from him before the guy reached home. If you needed anything though, like a weapon or something, it was this guy who could give it to you. He is now dead, and we are all sad. The cops have shot him. I see a ghost as a remembrance of the guy, who signs a song about how temporary happiness is and how lasting sadness is.
We are angry, and seething, but we really want to watch the movie. The movie is at the bombay stock exchange, really run down theatre under a tall but derelict building. There is a menacing bull statue out in the front. There is a big rush. People have climbed up the barriers. Everyone has little blue slips that are the tickets, but we have a big stack of them ourselves. It does not even belong to this movie, and the show timings were off. We just got a big batch old discareded tickets. We promptly fan out and start selling them. The gates open, everyone rushes in, and then the inner door closes. Half the people cannot see the movie, and hang out outside for the next show. I am one of them, as I am hurt and too slow to go up the barricade. People think Im holding everyone up, but I just smile at them as half the crowd comes back out from the closed inner door. One of the guys looking at me says "oh he knew that we were not getting in".
Im outside, having a cig, when a freaking huge bull out of nowhere starts kicking and goes wild. It throws one guy out with his hind feet, and goes after a short guy, who runs around but gets gored.Then it comes for me. I lead it up to the BSE bull and duck under, but it jumps over. I snake through the parked bikes and drop a Royal Enfield on it. The bull skids and falls with a big thud. But, it starts getting up. I am scanning for an escape route. I see my way out, a wheelbarrow full of cement. I run towards it with the intention of escaping, and wake up.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Sacrifice

Finished The Sacrifice on Warframe just as soon as the new cinematic quest dropped.
Well, it was short, not too difficult, but a little intense in terms of lore. Space Mom is now a space momster. She rescued Ballas instead of the other way around. Sentient and Orokin having a relationship? lulsk

What followed was something that is not likely to ever repeat itself. Everyone got the Umbra Excalibur at more or less the same time, completely maxed out. Then the void trader Baro Ki'Teer arrived. This meant party time! Everyone got their Umbra Excals to the relay and started dancing! It was freaking epic. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

No rains :(

Like its Monsoon, and supposed to be raining, but have not seen any heavy spell so far, just a few drizzles here and there. Every day the watchman at my office building laughs at me for carrying an umbrella, saying why have you got the umbrella, it is not raining. One day I got umbrella and raincoat. He nodded appreciatively and said it will surely rain today. It didn't. Now he asks me when it will rain, and I just say I donno.

Every. Single. Day.

The screenplay is better than the movie

Fandoms are perpetually locked in discussing exactly how the movies were better than the books or vice versa. The question is what happens w...