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Surviving the system

King Kong

More redbullshit

Erm... basic question on photography

Bus Driver

On top of the bus

Safe Sex board




Solar Cooker

LPG energy saver

King Kong

Flower Liabry

Kangaroos in the Indian culture?


Cobweb broom - I

Beautiful tree

The bus

Bathing machine for the handicapped

Pink Elephant

Lonavala - Cave carvings

Cave Fortress

Karla Caves - invasion

Lonavala Goats

Kalra caves

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

Lonavala Trip - sleeping on the way

Seeing red, no bull, a little shit

Red Bullshit

Silvasa - Day three.

Silvasa - Day two.

Silvasa - Day one

How seatbelts cause accidents

Lonavala Trip

KlueLess update


Cablewallah strike



Christmas eve

Music in our pockets

Democracy or Dictatorship: Which will work for India?

Seventeen posts in forty five minutes

Dead dog - II

The bone collector - IV

The bone collector - III

The bone collector - II

Shadows of mine - II

Dead dog - I

Oddities at Kelve - II

Traces in the sand - IV

Traces in the sand - III

Traces in the sand - II

Traces in the sand - I

The bone collector - I

Shadows of mine - I

Oddities at Kelve - I

The Beach - IV

The beach - III