Sunday, November 25, 2012

Trek To Siddagad (perhaps)

We got mobbed by monkeys, and there was a i-league footballer. And we could have really done with a peeler, because we had to skin the cucumbers with a knife, which wasn't too much fun. Also, a monkey jacked off while staring at me. That's all I remember. Guessing the place was Siddagad because of the geotag, otherwise forgot where we went too lol.

Friday, November 23, 2012


first first in maths, first in nigeria... all cool. first law first law of thermodynamics. Bingo. Blah blah blah. ok second. Enter. bleh. Google fucked up. How could it not guess second law of thermodynamics? second life? screw that shit.


This is an outline, fleshing out the story later.  Havelock vs Puck. It was the biggest event in sports entertainment, ever. Millions...