Sunday, August 23, 2009

Web 2.0 rocks

Ok. Swatches from Kuler. Stripe patterns generated on Stripegenerator. All the editing, complete with layers, and colour adjustment on Pixlr. Oh, and stock photos from my hard drive. But everything was done through a browser window. You need a good net connection to try such shit out though.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Trek to Naneghat

Today,  something strange happened to me. Some random guy walked up to me, introduced himself, and recited poetry to me. Not bad, not great either, but... actually, yeah, it was pretty bad. Was something about not combing your hair and letting the wind set it for you, not washing mud stains and letting nature paint you. Anyway, his point was loud and clear... went on a trek to Naneghat last weekend. Went with an old friend, and her colleagues. Heard of the place for a long time, but never really went there. Turned out to be pretty decent actually. We walked to Naneghat by getting of a Nagar bus. It's a short walk really, but we took our own sweet time to get there. We started at nine from the Kalyan bus stop, which is a good three hours after the time we would normally start out on a trek with one of the trekking groups. Pretty short trek actuall. On the way we traded stories with an uncle who had come with a small group. Also, there was a large crowd of school kids, who came all the way up, but did not get on to Nana's thumb, which is a prominant feature on the trek. On the way, we stopped to take some snaps of goats, which were scary, especially if you read occult shit about devil worship. The eyes.
The wind was crazy right at the top, we were in the clouds, and the cliff was pushing the wind upward. Something like a smaller version of Kokankada at Harishchandragad. The clouds spiralled about us, and there was this one time when it seemed like we were in the middle of maelstrom of clouds. The tendrils of clouds were spiralling all about us, and it was raining upwards. We were standing at the edge of the cliff, and water droplets were hurtling at us from below us. Seconds later, the rain was moving sideways. Will probably get my hands on a video to show it.
We came back by catching a bus about half an hour from the top. Went all the way to Junnar, then took a great big ride all over Malsejh, before reaching home really late. Got tired out by the bus ride though. Photos:

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