Wednesday, October 26, 2011

catching up

good day to you crawlers of the internet hope it drops something nice for you. dark room, bright screen, feeling around for a pair of headphones... not worrying about how the bass is or whether or not theyr in ears as long as the cord is untangled... k found one default iphne ones now plugging em in.. ok main screen of iphone forgot what was on there... uh game center and gamechannel lol those were from my angry birds tiny tower star dunk charadium days... dont use those anymore lol, where was I? oh and dont drop the soap... was on the leaderboards prolly of two of these, top spot in dont drop the soap btw, fulliautomatox, prolly still up there somewhere... and umm... camera, ok \i use that occasionally... and photos, that too... apps that has umm bunchf of stuff and ipod and utilities with bunch of stuff and notes, yeah I use that, noted down prices of the latest drops from stores, but wth, not anymore... and stanza, wow i used to read ebooks gonna see what kind of stuff i have in there.... ok so I was 16% into The Time Mirror by Clark South. Wow I had a lot of time lol. The black star Passes, the Coming race, Droozle, Sigurd, Time mirror, well at worlds end. Hmm. Droozle is good. And quick. Five minute job. read that one. The coming race is slow tedious and dated but amazing if you are out of your mind and willing to believe. Wanna read well at worlds end, some time in the future, maybe when we are all farming galaxies. Hey one can dream right? they say the first immortals are already born. OK home. Whats next? hmm Speed test. Yeah that was from back when I used to warwalk. Quite a few police chowkies with unprotected wifi, you can just get in and browse. Hmm and Safari, the rest of the screen is blank. Sliding finger. Woo, this is where all the good stuff izzz..

Orbital, Groove coaster, Dark Nebula 2, Warzone Anomaly, Protoxide, Fractal Combat, Need For Speed Underground, World of Goo, VS Zero, Minigore, Star LEgends, Plants Vs Zombies, ASP, UMk3, CK Zombies

ok all of these are excellent, above par games, some of the best pieces of digital craftsmanship the world has ever seen. Except the last one, that one sucks, that one I just downloaded because of an offer. I dont bother with any of these games anymore. In fact, i havent even taken the trouble of deleting CK zombies. I used to obsessed with how each pane looked, not anymore, idc, becozzzzzz im gonna fire up the hottest fucking bitch of an app, the planet can burn itself in hell, if this was the matrix, then I would do what cypher did, sell out everything I have irl to get in.
Star LEgends

currently playing as ponyslayer level 35 half purp half plat gear (the set benefit for the custom purps can go fist itself in the ass), mildly hybrid build, uh i have to jump in a map to help a dude, hold on.... uh he left, its just the boss and me in the dunjon now lol, its ok I can get him... Done. capped it. Got to go into uh... 800AAAWhatvr and get it... there done:

had to rotate it as well

anyway, where was I? yeah level 35, bandit's blade fins is my weap, and I got 158 dps... think about that 158 damage per second... now im gonna party, and you guys can carry on


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