Friday, April 23, 2010

Old office

This was the bay I used to work in for what I believe were my most productive work period. Anyway... thing is going. I never take a bw photo straight of the cam, prefer to do that shit in pp, but for the first time evar, not like evan I care, but yeah, this is the first time that I felt like clicking a pic in bw. Ah well. Goodbyes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No one will tell it this way

So many stories from the Indian mythology are dumbed down for telling to children, and introduce a "magic" element to explain away sex-related activites, and sexual deviation. The best example of this is the "mantra" that Kunti recieved from Durvasa, to conceive babies from any "celestial force". Let's just say a sage met a young woman in the woods, and the woman had some kids. If someone asked, the children were fathered by celestial beings.
Anyway, there is an absolutely amazing story about Shiva, which is told often, but never like this, which is what the story very clearly means.
So Vishnu and Brahma, two of the three aspects of the Supreme Godhead in the Hindu Belief system* (Shiva is the third). These are all parts of Trimurti, but Vishnu and Brahma had an ego-war of sorts. Vishnu wanted to prove to Brahma that Vishnu was more powerful, whereas Brahma wanted to convince Vishnu that Brahma was more powerful. Basically Brahma and Vishnu had a face-off to determine who was the greatest. At that moment, Shiva revealed his dick across the three dimensions of space, hell, heaven and earth. Brahma and Vishnu ran around the cosmos, looking for the beginning, or the end of Shiva's massive cock. Then Shiva spoke to them, and told them that even my dick has more power than the two of you, and from now on, to prove it, humans will worship my dick and hold it at higher esteem than either Vishnu or Brahma. From that day onwards, whoever worships Shiva, worships the Shivlingam. Infact, the true Shivbakth (Shiva-worshipper) will know that worshiping the lingam (dick) is the preferred form of Shivbakhti (Shiva-worship). True story, and the reason why Vaishnavites (Vishnu worshippers) and Shaivites (Shiva-worshippers) cannot stand each other till this day.
However, the matter was between the Gods. Apparently, Shiva needs you to worship fossil stones found on the bottom of some river, as a sign that you also worship lord Vishnu, who is said to reside in these fossil shells.

*Ok, A Hindu belief system, some Hindus still worship elemental forces, or a female supreme Godhead known as Mata Devi.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some things never change

About ten years ago, I remember reading about this illusion that foreigners had about the India. The belief was outlined in an article in Reader's Digest on how others percieve India. One of the defences for India ran along the lines that "Elephants no longer take part in the traffic" or suchlike. The exact words were something entirely different though. But about a decade on, Elephants, and even Bullock Carts are not uncommon where I stay, in Thane. Most of Mumbai, including the pansy ass idiots in Navi Mumbai consider Thane a gaon. Fuck you guys, Thane is a sheher, and it has pachyderms in it, trundling down the road, disrupting the traffic.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The total works of top authors in computer memory

Carroll, Lewis 1081 KB
Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir 4100 KB
Twain, Mark 2096 KB
Dickens, Charles 12812 KB
Austen, Jane 800 KB
Shakespeare, William 9366 KB
Verne, Jules 2709 KB
Aesop 93 KB
Wilde, Oscar 960 KB
Wells, H. G. 3310 KB

Not everything is as straightforward as it may seem though. For example, the biggest contribution to Lewis's tally, is "Symbolic Logic", at 490 KB of plaintext. This was a maths book he wrote for the queen. Mark Twain's tally ignores letters and non fiction, just because too much of his shit ended up being published. The tallies for all authors do not consider translations, derivative works, variations and most importantly, original works in any non-english language. Charles Dickens was a monster, and if he had a good QWERTY keyboard and a word processor, he would surely outwrite the rest of the top ten on his own. He almost does it as it is, if you kick Shakespeare from the list, which is another thing I almost did as he is a loser midiveal jurrassic playwrite, and fucking outdated.

Now for some awards.
Most bang per byte - Jules Verne
Most historical bytes - Aesop
Most garbage - Charles Dickens

Dream Diary preview

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