Saturday, April 30, 2005


This cybrcafe is so damn dumb that this page took more than twenty minutes to show up. After I closed it around five times and tried again. I was a bit frustrated, but I shouldn't have been. I am in a different cubicle of the same net4u cybercafe of day-before yesterday, where half my matrix work was done. THANK GOD THAT is over. Really tiny keyboard, but my elbows are not in the shelf, mainly because the desk is not at chest level, but is still uncomfortably high. And the drawer wont come out fully. Anyway, huge day today, after the blog in the morning, from that tiny cafe in a small gully opposite tip top, I got tickets at the new ticket counter on the other side of thane station, the east side that is, and hauled my butt all the way to cst on a fast train, the 1157 or 52 fast I think. I got to marine drive, then the most amazing thing happened, the guy at sony world there had to remove a box just to recieve my submission. I was the first submission there, and today was the last day for the competition. This just gave me a lot of hopes. I walked out of sony world, gave the news to two of my friends who had participated in making the spoof, then sat on marine drive for a while. And took photos, mostly for the now somewhat discontinued world's most boring photoblog, with the theme, stuff amongst the tetrapods.
Actually first I sat on the wall, listening to a good song disorted by he sounds of a load of pigeons eating whatever they call their all day meal. The song was from a cheap radio of a taxi driver who was inching forward on the road. I think he had parked without putting it in neutral and had gone to sleep. So I took a few photos more for the heck of it than any artistic inclinations. The resolution was very high, and this dumb cafe reduced the colors when I reduced the resolution. Damn. So you will see very bad images, but what the hell....
This is sony world. It looks like this impressive shop from the outside, especially if you go past it in bus no 138, but on the inside, it is very disorganised and downright messy.

And this is a particularly good photo of the mumbai skyline which paintbrush has particularly spoilt

just view a mega-large and cooler version of this pic here

something just happened to this dumb pc and the angled bracks wont work anymore. Damn. I guess I will have to start mailing my blogs in instead of comming to this site and typing it...

anyway, here is the detail of the skyline from another picture

The spot I was sitting on was along the stretch of road that is overlooked by the NDtv headquaters. Damn, now shift does not work with v and t. this keyboard sucks.
I should have waved and asked someone to tape it. There was an idea for april fools day to get four vans to carry the message ndtv sucks and go past that place a few times, and it would show up on their channel.

Then I actually got down to the tetrapods

Which had a few strange numbers on them,

I wasn't concious of the camera here because the overhanging ledge offered a lot of screening from the street. Basically, no one could watch me, unless they climbed onto the ledge. Someone had thrown the seta of a sofa nearby, and I saw a lot of shit like teabags, slippers, sticks, grass, paper plates in plastic bags and even a bit of actual shit.

After that I zoomed into some cranes far away that I wanted to take photos of. The cranes had this really cool thing to lift up stuff, like four spoons were got together and tied up with apparatus to dilate and cotract them. Pretty cool eh?

After that I walked around a bit, with the hope of getting to that restaurant outside mittal towers, went past inox in the process, and also the place where gandhi and neheru statues are kept. Neheru looks a bit childish, the proportions are wrong somewhat.
but there was also JRD tata there, and Dan Brown should have a look at this. It looked so strange, the figures aroud him were not even remotely india. An angel is looking over him. I have to go back and have a closer look. Mebbe I can come up with my own conspiracy theories.

even the mumbai police headquaters has a pentacte and a white hand on top. The evil other than the illuminati eye. Viola. LOR connection emerges, th hand of saruman. I've got conspiracy theories for both mumbai and LOTR. Must write it once my pc is alright, Damn time is running out, and I have to type really fats now.

I also have to blog another short story, or rather the 9000 plus letters combo of five similiar short stories, i have to type one as I thin I have los the soft copy somehow.

Anyway, ummm... today morning, in the classe, there was a fantastic gd and two cae studies were given, like who will you save when an accident happens and you are allowed to save only one guy, like a poor breadwinner for the family, with a sister, wife, children and parents dependant on him, the son of a diamond merchant who is ready to give the hospital a blank cheque if his son survives, a politician threatening to raze the hospital if his son is not treated, an athelete good enough to win the gold in the next olympics, and an entrepreuner, with employment of ten lakhs people.
My answer was to save the diamond merchant's son, loads of money is the key, bribe the politician, or get him killed, pay money to the poor guy's family, set up a training center for atheletes, in that athelete's name, employ someone else instead of the entrepreuner, and used the excess money for the hospital to ensure this does not happen again.
Which was the wrong answer as there was no right answer.
Damn. The other case study involved a psychopath aping a girl and she realises she is pregnant, and what she should do with the kid. Damn. Most of the argument was whether or not she should bloody go give a police complaint. how dumb man...

and I came up with a solution for there being more pensioners than working people in India. ban teachers, force the old guys in the field to go through teacher training for six months, and have them teach. they can earn their pension and share their expirience with peopl entering the field, and young people can enter the field. This will also help solve the problem of so few people going into pure sciences.
Ah well, this is a forty minute blog now, its nine twenty six. I gtg, have to be home by nine thirty, though nothing will happen even if I go home at ten. Ah well... photos have hopefully gotten uploaded, will blog only on teusday now. I will tell you what I am going to do for the next two days. the harry potter bookathon that I had planned day before yesterday, Tommorrow mornig I am starting, and not stopping till I have read all five books. I will keep a hourly record of what I am doing. This is gonna be fun.
Ah well...
yep, the photos have been uploaded, my wrist is paining from all the typing. i will stop blogging now. I mean only for today. Will miss two whole days after nearly a year. Will blog next on teusday, a friend had called and we might go out on teusday, also I have to meet dope and we have to play chess at the club, and hopefully my comp will be repaired by then. So tuesday. I dont want to stop blogging... but

bad reception

talking to my friend on the mobile from a dinghy cyvbercafe again. Have just downloaded the matrix spoof from my gmail account and am going to burn it here and then going to marine drive and submitting it. This is a really cool keyboard and everything is comfortable, but the comp is open, and the cpu is naked in front of me. the a and s keys are worn out, but the e key is not. I think these two letters are in the password. The guy here just asked me if I have gone to some typing classes, and I think he is reading this right now. Anyway, I have downloaded the spoof and am going to send it. He is concious fo the fact that I just blogged it, he thinks I am sending a friend an email and he is no longer reading it. Ah well... Later. Heading over to marine drive now.

Friday, April 29, 2005

what the hell

One of my yahoo ids has been discontinue. Donno what to do now that I have finished blogging. If I was at home, there would be so much to do. Damn. there is no mail to check, no friends (or family) are online, i cannot remember anything else to blog... so I guess this is it, unless I download the matrix spoof and watch it. Yeahah, that is what I am gonna do.

Next time I could be on something or the other.

That was what bart wrote on the blackboard today... except I do not know what words were there instead of something or the other. Am in a dumb cybercafe again, but this one hs a comfortable keyboard placement, though I am awfully close to a big hairy guy who is moving a lot, and I am sure he is computer illiterate. I am trying my best to give him a complex by typing in hellspeed, so this line came and I may make a lot of spelling mistakes during this blog because I am typing really really fast. After I went home yesterday, there wasn't much to do because there was no comp around, so I just watched a bit of tv and argued about reality and bank policies with my mom for the heck of it. In fact, the discussion about bank policies somehow lead to one about reality. I just found out how bloody insecure the banks are. Some manager can give his son a bank pc to play on, and the kid could easily transfer a load of money...
Spent all of today waiting for the comp repair guy to show up, he said he would come in the morning, but he didn't. Dumb guy, so I spent most of the day watching tv. Watched some crappy movie or the other in the morning which I have alredy forgotten... some guy is looking over my shoulders and making me concious, hope he goes if he reads this. HOPE YOU GO IF YOU READ THIS. He went. Thank god, there is absolutely no privacy in cyber cafes.

Damn. the enter key got stuck, and I am not fixing it. Hope the backspace key does not get stuck. Saw dragon heart after that, cute girl, but she's a nobody. Not even a bloody pic on IMBD. might try wikipedia. if it is not there, it does not exist.
That's what lonely planet tells about the booksellers near fort. Am going there tommorrow to submit the marix movie. Imbd sucks. Even the guy who plays osric is not there. He would have done a good boromir. Hey cool... IMBD says the guy who plays Geoffrey has a brother in the seventies show. cool eh? Anyway, after dragon heart, I think I say kutting with Karan... only the ending, then went to sleep and got up at four thirty. Watched whose line, some movie about stealing stuff with natasha henstridge in it, which I really wanna watch again, but they cut a lot of scenes. I think it is called steal. Yeha it is called steal. watched the simpsons after that, the one where homer become krusty, and they try the bicycle stunt, which is really cool. Then watched the ending of steal, and caught the seventies show, the one where kelso wins back jackie. Then saw friends, the one with julia roberts and jean claude van damn. Pretty boring day. Missed the pantie bit, because my mom came home, and the comp repair guy also showed up, and hauled my monitor away, then I came over here to blog. Will stay here for a long time.
Ah well... will blog just before I leave.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

this is soo cool

I simply cannot believe that I finally manage to upload the spoof to the web. Worst comes to worst, I can send this spoof itself by coming to a cyber... any goddamn cyber now... yeahah. I am just so happy... that I am going to give the cyber fellow five minutes of my time and fuck off from here. Thank you god! Will blog this. Log off. Them I'm outta here.

instructions on the wall of my cafe cubicle

the spoof is getting uploaded, as I closed it by mistake trying to open up a jpeg file to pass a time, which opened up in the current IE window, and I closed it along with yahoo. Damn. Anyway, these are the instructions on the wall of my cybercafe cubicle... I am passing the time. And reproducing it exaclty as it is, bad grammar and all...

-Keep silent
-No porn surfing
-you are respinsible for if you are viewing these sites
-keep cleaniness (does that mean dont shag?)
-Any problem ask us we there to help you
-Do not download files from unknown persons
-you are always welcome here
-Basic courses for computer are conducted
-Mobile refills and VCC cards available.

Hope its done by now. Gmail did not do it. Some server problem time and again. Yahoo shows the status bar to be full, but the dumb flash animation is still running. Damn.
nope not done yet. Yess! Its done. How cool is that! Yeah . I have to make a spelling generatior for the word cool....
later. Right now, the matrix spoof has finally been uploaded. How cool is that? sendind the mail now. woohoo.
yess. Now I just have to delete the file from this pc. YESS!!! This makes me so happy. Thank you god. I love you.

Proud to be a blogger

I am unsure if blogger stands for anyone who blogs generally on the web, or someone who blogs only on blogger. You know, like proud to be a blogger. That's the shirt I want to buy... or yeah, fabricate. Will do that in some t shirt printing shop that I am gonna find pretty soon now. Funny thing just happened in this cybercafe that I am in right now, I saw someone, patted him on the back wondering why he didn't recognize me, and it turned out to be someone else, and not my friend. I knew this fact when I blogged, so I referred to him as someone and not as a friend ...damn this cybercafe is so wierd, the dumb keyboard is actually kept in a drawer, which makes it impossible to type unless you keep an elbow in the drawer. Damn. Am here for an hour... which is cool. Big day today... am gonna blog about that now. 2140.710069 megabytes (and counting) of free storage so you'll never need to delete another message.
thats what I am getting from the gmail server right now. Cool eh? anyway, about today:
Yesterday night, after I blogged, my computer died. It would restart every time I started it, and do this in a continuous loop till I decided to switch it off. I left that moody piece du compelete junk to rot for one night, and got up today morning, trying to...
damn this drawer. So bloody uncomfortable, now I am keeping the keyboard on top of the computer table.
its back in now. Someones knocking on my cubicle. Oh its just the drawer shaking inside in rhythm with my typing. Damn. there is no space for both my elbows in the drawer. No I am back to the old one elow in position...
The gmail server shows 718747 now. COOL. caps lock turned itself on. Oh yeah, I got up today morning and tried to start my comp up, but it was still misbehaving. I entered bios and loaded the fail safe defaults, after load in safe mode, and load with the last settings that worked modes did not work. Then the monitor wouldn't start at all, but from the green light on the CPU, I figured the comp had come back alright. I think there is some problem with some power source... the battery or something else. Anyway, the plan was that I would kinda go to the library, and send in a CD with the movie in it to sony world. An ad came for this in JAM, and it did not have the size restriction. Since my comp did not work, I took all this philosophically, and went to classes, where there was a short pseudo-lecture of TOR, where he basically told us that we can call him up for any kind of help. I asked for the prof's number after class, and he gave it. The paper must be somehwere around. Anyway, after that there was the usual hour long break, where it wa meant to be only fifteen minutes, so some guys and me (fuck you if you notice the bad grammar) went to the terrace (no one was bathing there this time) and basically climbed up to the water tank, played king kond with a piece of thermacol, then played football with an old fevicol can that had a stick stuck in it that would not come out for a long time. Damn the drawer is making funny noises again. I can muffle it by pushing my chest against it though. i M IN A REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE POSITION. dAMN. AND CAPS LOCK TURNED ITSELF ON AGAIN. dOUBLE DAMN. Anyway, after that, I went out for a long walk on my own, purchased a moser bayer cd after being unable to find A sony CD, and got a mid-day and came back to class, to find the Sir already teaching. We had a group discussion, and I had fun, though I did not do as well as I had hoped. Initially, the apparent stupidity of everyone else around me gave me confidence. But stupid people turn out to be very confident after all, and not so stupid in the first place. Apparently, the confidence makes you look apparently stupid. so I was basically screwed, when the pretty stupid points were put forward so confidently. And that was what was exactly required for a bloody fucking topic like "men are from mars, women are from venus". I talked some rot that can be basically summed up into "men and women have a different psyche, and a different emotional approach to situations but as far as capabilities are concerence they are equal"
I so want to be a chauvinist.
Anyway, after that they had another discussion about capital punishment, and the thing veered off topic, where people were arguing that he should not be given an easy death and made to suffer. Capital punishment is apparently the easy way out for them. Damn. There is gonna be a case study on saturday. Will blog how it goes. aM UPLOADING THE VID IN GMAIL RIGHT NOW.
Dumb caps lock.
anyway... kahan tha mein? Yeah after classes I went to a cyber cafe nearthane station, and he had a cd writer, but the cd wouldn't open in his system. So I thought the cd had not been written properly, and I went to CST, got onto a bus, went to british council, got some moorcock books, namely corum and something else. As well as some dumb random book that I will blog about tommorrow. Then I went back to the station, and this lady was chiding me and asking me not to jaywalk, and to cross responsibly, and not to jump off the bus. I did not want to hurt her sentiments even though I was irritated, and I got off the bus very properly, (tho at a signal and not at a stop) and used the subway, and did not jaywalk, even though she could see me only for a bit. I crossed the subway, and gave the hundred bucks to that guy who soild me 3ds a few days ago, he was happy that I was sincere. Being sincere to a thief really pays off. he shouted a thank you when I was walking away from him. I dont think he expected me to pay. Ah well. I am a good soul.
So came home,. PC was still stubborn, I called up the PC repair guy, but the phone did not work. So many frustrations, and I still took it all calmly. see... spiritualism really helps. Screw anyone who says it does not. I was still frustrated, but I was hellbent on somehow sending the spoof to MTV before the deadline. Actually, I AM hellbent on doing it even now. that wasn't capitalization thanks to the automatic caps lock. I did it for emphasis. I was frustrated waiting for the train in the morning too, when I talked to sridhar and told him about the matrix spoof being erased. lost to civilisation. forever. He didn't exactly get it. He seemed to take it philosophically too, but he wouldn't have. Though he is a spiritual guy. Anyway, people were using the tracks to cross and ferry these boxe of mineral water and empty cold drink bottles. So many times they came so close to dying. I should go there with a vidoe cam. I DESPERATELY NEED A HANDYCAM. that was also emphasis.
Yeha, I was at home, watched tv a bit, went to the shop and asked for the repair guy to come over. He is doing that tommorrow. Cool. Hopefully he will fix it though he says the monitor is screwed.
came home, wtahced the episode of simpsons with the metor in it which burns up in the atmosphere, and really funny stuff happens, the seventies show after that where that song what is it good for comes, which I noticed came in rush hour and jack as well. Cool eh? I like that song. Was midway into watching the friends episode with the joey-stalker, the hottie who thinks the nut is actually a doc. Or rather the nut who thinks the hottie is a doc. Theres a baby in this cafe somewhere!
Anyway, after that i headed over to oswal park, he did not even have a cd drive. Screw i-ways. Went to double click in amrapali, that ashole did not have a network. I was still not frustrated... and still was determined. So I came here, found this dinghy cafe, and am blogging now while trying to upload the file. will see if I am successful. Will blog about that...
the blog started at 8:05, its 8:45 now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

sorry.. YOUR browser is unable to perform this operation

What the fucking hell.. cannot forward my matrix animation to friends. damn. Damn. DAMN. Have to send it to MTV somehow, so will do that tommorrow, by dropping off a cd at the marine drive walla sony ka showroom. Will check out its exact address tommorrow. The light is flickering a lot, so the current is likely to go sometime soon. No classes today, thought I would start the Harry Potter bookathon, bu couldn't do it. Read the first few pages, then saw Jack on telivision, amazing movie, have seen it before though and it is the ONLY movie with Jennifer Lopez in it that I really like. (And I don't dislike only JAck and Anaconda) After that Srihar came over and I showed him the matrix spoof,then we made all my friends sing the oye bubbly songs. Found out that my friends think I am a psycho capable of binding and torturing other people afterall, or I may just be too paranoi. I am not too bothered by this, didn't want to get hurt. After that, I watched the simpsons episode where they show te birth of maggie, and I like the way the sperms bump into each other, go d-oh and the one that gets in goes woohoo.... cool eh? Saw that seventies show, friends, the one with the lesbian wedding. Then was trying to upload the damn video like hell... might start the bookathon tommorrow. Got the readers digest cd and book thing finally. Ordered it weeks ao. Someone need to pay me a hundred and sixty bucks. Cool. will have a load of cash for tommorrow then. Woohoo. Ah well. No thoughts, hurt feelings, poetry, or any other such crap to blog today. Just another not very normal and not very boring day for me. Have classes tommorrow. Will go.


Damn, there are classes tommorrow, because of which I will lose a lot of hours for somethig I am trying to do. Its a harry potter bookathon where I will try to read all the books in as little time as possible.... will try to finish within twenty-four hours, but I have already made the mistake of telling my mother, so I will be scolded. Might have to do it some other time. Anyway, more or less a good sleep yesterday, but the matrix movie was not converted to mpeg for some reason. Damn. The computer just switched itself off. I downloaded webshots and will do that now... and will leave the cop absolutely alone. There is no prayer for the computer not to hang, so I will make up one.
sometime later...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


click here for info about the tachistoscope. Cool concept eh? Can even do it on home videos, like, this is the greatest ever. I think such a thing was used for... lemme see... buffy and the vampire slayers, that movie. It was shown in a direct fashion though. Are all of these just conspiracy theories? the tachistoscope exits, but I do not think they will not use it if it does exist. Bringing into focus a very important thing. Does the time scope thing what was it called by Asimov exists. damn unale to recall. HAd a cool name. Forget it. Will either go to the british council library tommorrow, or read a LOT of Harry Potter... ah well. Will blog tommorrow then. HAven't read today's papers yet...


Went to classes in the morning, where there was only one lecture in which the Sir talked about GD, and our body language and stuff. He told the bried biography of Abe Lincoln, and it turns out that he used to drink cactus flower syrup to stay alive. cool.
Anyway, also told a load of stories about lincoln's practice, will blog about that later. Damn... anyway, after that headed over to the dumb bus stohane station, climbed on to the borivili bus and went to waghbil naka, where I went to Sid's house mostly for taking the last scene for the matrix video, which is now compeletely done and only needs to be converted into mpeg format before being totally ready. Amazing movie...
anyway, went to Vijaynagri, and played scrabble, and watched a bit of yuva. Had a nice time, and Sid experimented with my camera, and took this pic of what he says was a nice expression on my face....

after that I played around with the cam too, having had one floppy free... so i took the photos of the view from his house...

and we caught the bus very similiar to the one in this pic when we left his house...

which was around an hour later. Damn focus stealers! Ok, then came home, and watched a bit of TV, (the same episode of will and grace around ten days ago, where grace is trapped in by karen). some wierd law in the murphy's law book was right afterall. If you watch a show you rarely watch twice, it will be a rerun.
However there is a show that I watch frequenty, and there was an episode that I hadn't seen before. The homer simpson video with the masonry society....

Who controls the British crown?
Who keeps the metric system down?
We do! We do!
Who leaves Atlantis off the maps?
Who keeps the martians under wraps?
We do! We do!
Who holds back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?
We do! We do!
Who robs the cave fish of their sight?
Who rigs every Oscars night?
We do! We do!

Basically illuminati crap. It was a cool episode... before that, I had headed over to a friends house, almost an hour and half after I was called, with another friend, and we came back because that friend was playing cricket, and we had left too damn late. Was finishing the matrix movie, which as I said, is done. used Satriani's song for the background score... anyway, will blog about some illuminati machine called the tachistoscope, which I came up across in the intro to a novel by kluntz.

no mail

No new mail in my spam-free e-mail adress. Damn. Just got up and am ahving my breakfast. My father is asking me to get ready, I have to leave for classes soon, as they start at eight. am in no mood to go and learn body language... because I am so bloody exhausted. Lwet's see if he fiures that out using my body language. Had a very uneasy sleep, and need more of it. Want to read some of my exam time blogs, as I was worried about the results in the train ride yesterday. the matrix movie is almost done, one scene is left, which I will somehow have to shoot today by calling Sid and using someplace near the station. Cablenet has begun to seem slow too, now. Anyway, making two versions of the movie, one for TMV, and another for two paisa worth films. Will have breakfast and download weshots wallpapers now. HAven't done that for one and a half days. Will blog in the evening...

sleepy. Missed a day. And damn.

11:57 25/4/2005

guess I have to notepad blog for a few days. Downloading and installing sify again, but the same bloody fucking error BB101 is coming. Will call them if I cant blog tommorrow morning. Anyway, huge day today, went to mtnl, oh... SIFY logged in. that's so cool. Will blog in blogspot now...
damn. Missed blogging for one day by one minute because of this dumb sify. YEah... huge day, went to mtnl, paid the bill, she did not chide me over anything, thankfully, which is a new record. After that, went to some wierd place near court naka to book my uncle's ticket to Bijapur, and unfortunatle the bus started from sion. We came home, and played cards, I showed a few tricks, and then I went got carrom men, some powder, and two strikers and the carrom board was brought out, and it worked just fine. It was pretty smooth. Finished most of the matrix animation, but I am wondering if it will be restricted to the 5mb size limit in mpeg format. damn. Anyway, after that went with my uncle all the way to sion to drop him oiff. travelled by second class... haven't done that in a long time. came back, the guy at sion did not have JLT. Waited for almost half an hour befoe koknipada showed up, and the journey home was very pleasant. My hair was getting stuck between the metal and the screw... and there was a slight drizzle around makhmali talao, the water creating small ripples was very poetic. Damn. Was sleepy then, am very sleepy now. came home, worked a bit more on the matrix vid, though it was almost done... its a vid, did I call it an animation before? anyway, I am so tired I simple have to collapse and go to sleep. tommorrow then... oh yeah! I haven't missed a day afterall, I blogged in the morning! cool. anyway, gotta sleep now. Classes at eight tommorrow. Will recharge the cam. MEbbe download tommorrow. Sweet dreams to me...

Monday, April 25, 2005

I know what that was....

Read JK rowlings site. Thought it would not be updated as she is busy. But she has been updating it, and the site is funnier than all the books put together.

I’ve already answered this in FAQs, but as this rumour is still cropping up in fan letters I thought I’d reiterate here that there will be NO chapter called ‘Lupin’s Papers’ in book six, nor will there be chapters entitled ‘Pettigrew’s Pamphlets,’ ‘Sirius’s Circulars’ or ‘the Pocket Crosswords of Severus Snape’.

I know what this was. Dumbledore sent a message to hagrid using his wand in book 4.Yessss....
The Order of the Phoenix communicates using chocolate frog cards
This is such a great idea that I was in two minds whether to shoot it down; however, a chocolate frog card, or any object that would have to be remembered and carried on the person, would always be vulnerable to loss, destruction or trickery. The Order communicates in a way that requires nothing but a wand. You saw the Order’s method of communication in use even before you knew about the existence of the Order; it was employed by an Order member.

cool. Went to hpana now. Nothing much apart from that. HAd a nice sleep, with really wierd dreams that I don't want to remember... orange just gave me rs 25 additional talktime for some wierd reason. I think because of the large refill I just put in. Cool...
ok, downloading a link that gmail classified as spam... so will blog later. If need be. reading the site now...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

matrix thing finally gets done

shot videos for the matrix spoof, and forgot to include a mega important thing in the middle of it all. damn. Anyway, the rest of it has come off well, and I tried to do the dodging bullets thing, and it came out pretty good too, am rendering a scene where a marbel is shot (or is it a marble) nowwhile downloading something or the other from somewhere or the other. Whatever. So the matrix shooting gets done, only editing and compiling is left to be done, and am making two versions of it, a long version for two paisa movies and a short version for MTV. My uncle had come over, but not my cousin, and I was secretly hoping for this. Better to have one relative at a time. Anyway, couldn't talk much to him, was busyt with the movie, but he will be home again tommorrow. So this is going to be fun... woohoo. Anyway, working on the spoof now. My friends were really co-operative, and pulled of the thing well. we played bluff and stuff in the morning (including a bit of badminton) Nothing much to blog, I am eager to get back to work with the matrix thing. Rendering the ammo racks right now, or mebbe a marbel shot, anyway, here is a demo pic.


i am for some unkown reason, still connected though It is a minute past my net time. pretty cool. The last pic had to be rendered+lighting effects + MegaLarge omnied in photoshop before anything showed up. If I used flash, then the image on the pc wouldn't come. If I didn't, then It would bloody fucking not show up at all. So I had to disable flash, then use photoshop lighting and hoped the darkness would materialise into something remotely useful. it did fortunately, but gicing a very clinical lighting atmosphere. Ah well. will post this, and stop. cant expect the damned net to hold on any longer. Stupid people. Its nine three already. No wonder those guys cracked into the system and stole more than one and one third of a crore...

rubber band box

i started with half an hour to go before my net runs out, and now there is three minutes to go. I donno If I can type everything that happened before the net runs out. the page for the uploads of the images is loading in geocities right now. Damn two minutes to go. Ok, so I took photos, edited and turned them in photoshop, imported them in bryce, and made the virtual representation of the rubber band box completed two minutes ago. the bryce thing had to be done with fifteen minutes to go. Damn. One minute to go now, and I dont know if I can paste the links and save this blog.

This is the actual picture of the box

this is the 3d model of the box

and this is the picture of the box beside my comp. More later

time has actually run out. i just hope I dont get disconnected before I post this.

India is so dumb

Apparently India has not yet made a 2d film, and the first one is going to be hanumn. when I grow up... damn! I am already an adult! Shit. Hits you so hard right now... like anything you wanna do, you have to do it right away... I can no longer plan to do anything "when i grow up." Damn. I need two more years. Why the hell did I turn 18? Ah well. It has already started.. I am an adult for twelve days and I already want to be younger. Hehe. ANyway, will have my breakfast now, and try to make a 3d representation of the rubber-band box. will blog it if it is not nine by then...
Spoofing the matrix today. Finally. Yesssss.....

brainwashing articles

These are the only ones that I found. There are more, less direct ones, like one about amisha patel being a bookworm, one about da venus code, which was supposed to be a report on the transition of venus a few months ago, and another one about the interpretation of the code by some wierd guy... all of this in a span of a few months, in inappropriate places. Like the amisha Patel article came in a page where they print all the latest gosspip about the film industry, and that's like the first page most people reading BT turn to. Do this ever a matter of a few months, and suddenly a very mediocre book gets so damn popular, that people ae swearing by it, and calling you stupid for saying that there are books better than da code.

bloody brainwashing TOI. its has the biggest circulation in the world...

you subtly get the message across that actors are reading these books... and people will read them too. It happened with amisha patel too, but i am unable to find that article
as yet
An actor by default!


Ritesh Deshmukh, in person, comes across as a simple guy with a ready sense of humour. A very down to earth person he admits he enjoys making other people laugh. In town recently, dressed in denims and a cool cotton shirt he seems ready to take on the summer. A welcoming smile and a twinkle in his eye complete the picture. When asked to describe himself in three words he promptly says "Patient!" then after a few moments of thinking hard and much creasing his forehead he adds, "I guess I'm also a simple and level headed guy."

He has created quite a standing for himself in the industry with five films already out and six more to come. He seems to have had it all a little easy. So did he always want to be an actor? "I became an actor by default," he justifies adding, "I always enjoyed watching films, but had never really thought about getting into them. If I wasn't an actor, I would have probably been an architect. I'm still trying to practice architecture as a profession."

He says the film industry changed his way of thinking. Says he, "Like I said, I have always been very level headed. I always weigh things, but I tend to weigh out the negatives first and make a decision based on that."

Ram Gopal Varma, he says, is one person who has had a huge impact on him. "Ram Gopal Varma's way of thinking impresses me. I find just being with him very inspiring." His idol in the industry seems to be Shah Rukh Khan. "I wish I could have done some of the roles he did, but I'm not sure I would have been able to do justice to them. It is after all the actor who immortalises the role," says the young actor.

How does he go about tackling his roles, without the support of any formal training? To this he states, "It is upto the actor to give his best and that is exactly what I do. I do the best to my understanding and ability and hope it is good enough."

Apart from his new found passion for acting, like any youngster, he likes cricket, carrom and pool. He also enjoys interacting with people and reading. It is fiction that holds his interest and his latest favourites, like most other people, are the Da Vinci Code and the Alchemist. He also like travelling. In India he thinks, Goa is the most beautiful place as it doesn't jump at you, letting you be yourself. He also likes making trips to New York.

This was a frontpage headline in BT. very recently. I am wondering about its purpose.

Tracking Da Code...


21-year-old student Neha Sharma is very excited about her trip to Paris this summer, which will be followed by a quick trip to London and Rome. "I am going on a Da Vinci Code tour!" she excitedly reveals.

32-year-old web designer Mehul Shah too is equally gung-ho about his upcoming holiday, as it will set him on the trail of Dan Brown's lead characters Robert Langdon and Sophie Nuveu. "I had no notions of Paris other than the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. The book gave me ideas of what I would want to check out this time."

Neha and Mehul aren't the only ones planning this kind of a vacation. Dan Brown's successful novel is opening up a niche market for Europe-wide tours that retrace the entire course of the Da Vinci Code.

For many a visitor, touring the cities mentioned in the Da Vinci Code offers a novel angle through which to approach already well-known destinations. And city tour operators claim that they are inundated with inquiries about such tours.

"There are many who hope to figure out whether the facts in the book add up to Brown's astonishing claims and see whether they can get cracking on the similar codes," says Mahim-based tour operator Nitish Nagrani, who reveals that they get around 11-to-15 queries every week.

Who's afraid of Dan Brown?


...Not India at least. Because, unlike the West, India has always venerated the sacred feminine. Delhi Times on why the bestselling author, now facing the ire of the Vatican, would have had no 'mythology' problems in apna desh...

Even as the Vatican launches a crusade to ban Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code , fans of the book are outraged. The book deals extensively with Mary Magdalene, her 'marriage' to Christ and a child with him. It also promotes the Holy Grail as a quest for the lost sacred feminine and undermines the patriarchal roots of Christianity. Delhi Times on why India can understand Da Vinci's code -- and Dan Brown -- so easily...

Was this report about the conclave or the book?
Brown and the red hats

[ WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2005 03:57:05 PM ]

The Pope is dead. The papal bedroom has been sealed, his ring destroyed. The world mourns. Cardinals have arrived from across the globe to huddle in conclave (from the Latin ‘con clave’, literally ‘locked in with a key’) and choose the next
Pope. But wait a minute, why does this all seem like deja vu? Oh right, because I’d read it all in Angels & Demons, the Dan Brown book that preceded the record-smashing Da Vinci Code.

Let’s just hope life doesn’t imitate the book too closely. Because as the conclave gets underway in the book, it becomes apparent a time bomb is ticking away inside Vatican City, powerful enough to blow both the city and the assembled cardinals into oblivion. Then the four frontrunners in the papal race are all kidnapped and start turning up dead in various parts of Rome, with mysterious brands on their chests...

Of course, the real-life papal election is unlikely to be anywhere near as eventful as Brown’s imagination. But re-reading Angels & Demons right now
can give you goose pimples, especially if you’ve just been seeing pictures of the faithful grieving for John Paul II. The Church rituals are elaborately described, there’s a fresh perspective on ancient traditions and, if nothing else, it’s a great guidebook to the wonders of Rome.

Acolytes of Dan Brown will find the book interesting for at least two more reasons. One, it marks the debut of the character who also stars in Da Vinci Code—the enigmatic, ruggedly handsome, 40-something symbologist Robert Langdon. (For some reason, whenever I read about Langdon, a picture of George Clooney flashes in my mind. I guess it’ll stay that way till I see Tom Hanks in the movie). Also, as you flip through the book, you can almost see Brown perfecting the formula that worked so spectacularly in Da Vinci Code.

Both books follow almost exactly the same format. A gruesome murder to kick off proceedings, an ancient, secret society, a breakneck trail of tantalising clues involving ancient, priceless artefacts.

So why did Angels stay relatively unknown, while Code became a monster hit? Maybe because the central theme of Angels isn’t as controversial. In Angels, Brown postulates that science and religion don’t have to be enemies, that ‘physics is God’s natural law’. As ideas go, it’s certainly intriguing, but for sheer shock value, it’s hardly in the same league as being told that the Church hijacked the teachings of Jesus Christ, and that the Holy Grail is actually the remains of Mary Magdalene, whom Jesus married and had children with.

The next Langdon novel is reportedly set in Washington and features the Freemasons, another secret society with which Brown is visibly fascinated. But the publishing industry clearly isn’t about to let go of the Code so easily. Having tasted blood, it’s sunk its fangs into the book and will not go till every last drop of lucre is extracted. Hence OUP’s new book

Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code by Bart D Ehrman which aims to separate fact from fantasy and show up the gaffes.

Brainwashing paper

A few days ago, BT had a headline "following the da vinci trail" for a report on tourism. Today, on the report of the first BPO theft, cracking finally wakes up in India, the report had a side column saying "secure the digital fortress". This is just brainwashing shit. A big hullabaloo about the whole arms deals thing is there. Dumb paper toay - nothing interesting. willread the supplements now. Making the spoof today, people are coming over for the movie, but the timing is a little inconvinient becaise relatives are coming over (from different camps): my second cousin on one side and an uncle whom I have seen only around four times before. Nice guy. Never remember meeting the second cusin, though I chatted with him a few days back.
Getting the supplements now.
Nah not good ones. Will probably blog news articles that are meant to brainwash later... where dan brown's book is called into the picture without any need for it.
Actually will do that now and blog about BT later...

Saturday, April 23, 2005

tears for fears

Thats the song I am hearing right now. Its by shout. Listening to sky fm from Internet radio. copy = pasting a notepad blog right now:

Notepad blogging again. was so damn bloody fucking bored today that I had to read the entire newspaper in the classes. downloaded webshot in themorning, then headed over to the classes where i was exteremely bored for TOR and the LONG break afterwards. read the paper during and after TOR and the temple of the stars immideately after TOR. Read the temple of the stars after the newspaper, and AFTER THAt just got the hell out of the class and went to the terrace, which is a pretty good place to shoot for the matrix, but ran into someone bathing there, and then went to the other terrace, where we contemplated staging a drunk dharmendra scene from sholay, and this friend whose name I don't know, but whose cd player is in front of me right now, cracked a good joke by saying, "basanti in kutton ke sabme mat nachna" and a few street dogs were roaming about below us. cool guy. Anyway, after that, went back to classes and had this really good lecture, and i must really save the notes as they are written in a haphazard manner. good notes about stress interview and stuff, with really good questions.
After that came home, admired my spidey spoof from yesterday, watched abit of khakee, which is an amazingly good movie, then headed over to this dinghy place to get costumes for tommorrow. But I didn't need the coats as I found a windcheater which will do just fine, and found really good wigs, one bald one for morpheus, and a hairy one for trinity. Had to wait for a long time, but the guy was really polite, but mostly had costumes for kids. He however, had a spiderman mask, which is an amazingly good thing, and i thought of making a video spoof of the spidey kissing scene. Damn. Mebbe next time. remember mtv's LOTR spoof from last year... hehe.
Came home, tried them out, look like a total girl...
waiting for the dumb page to load so I can post the pictures. I am not emberassing myself too much by posting tiny pics this time. Peter godwin, baby's in the mountain going on right now. yeah, the blog is live from the beggening of this paragraph. i desperately need to spell better. ok, they are done: now while the page loads, I will blog the cool sayings I got in TOI today...
Can't find them now.
I'm so dumb, I forgot to upload the picture, and uploaded the pics of something else Idid today, but was about to blog later. Anyway, I'll do that now.theres a scene in the spoof where smith blows a marble at neo, and the camera follows the marbel. funny thing... was checking to see if the marbel would look out of plac in the rendering, if I mix it with real world elements. So I photographed my hand with a real marbel in it:

then I photographed my hand without the marbel

and then I went to bryce and experimented with very few options for the material of the sphere primitive, and didn't play around with the ligthing too much, and I got this:

I would have got it better if I had experimented more, which I did later in the evening (all of this was before going to the costume guy for the wigs) and i got better results by placing the marbel in the middle of the depression in the hand, that is why id does not look so very real. Actually, the sphere is half embedded within the pic. Cool eh?

Ok. This is me. supposed to be trinity. The spoof is going to be funny afterall....
waiting for the page to load while I search for the saying in TOI...

you are allowed to laugh at me. but not too much...

Kabhie Kushi Kabhie gham is going on right now. If i had the vcd I might be able to make a spoof of it without any filming by me... ah well. found the sayings. i had confused them with the sayings on sunday's paper, and thought they would be bigger, that's why I was unable to find them.

If A is success in life then A equals X + Y + Z where x is work, Y is play, and Z is keeping your mouth shut.

that was said by Albert Einstein. Cool guy.

reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesen't go away. - Philip K dick.

Yeah ok, but what if you aren't allowed to stop believing in it??

this is a really cool one by Karl Kapp...
If there had been a computer in 1972, it would have predicted that by now there would be so many horse-drawn vehicles that the entire surface of the earth would be ten feet deep in horse manure.

my mom is all exited that i am making a movie. dumb person, ITS JUST A BLOODY SPOOF. Anyway, have to call bala and fix it up now, caled everyone else. they ae coming... bala is doing pranayanam right now. Probably for the test tommorrow....

ah well. More later might catch a bit of k3g while my father works on the pc.
stopped winamp while it was playing I love you by yello from 1983. Hey vande mataram scene in k3g. Gtg. Later.

spidey stuff

worked on the kissing scene spoof yesterday, and finished it too, so now it looks like this.
the title is: what lies beneath the mask

my father walked into me with awhole bunch of the kiss scene caps on google. HE thought I was looking for porn, so he immideately went away, and I hd to show him this later to convince him that I wasn't. Though a load of porn came up (search for spider man kiss, you will get some wierd fetishes) ah well. Went to sleep after that, there were loads of dreams that I have already forgotten now. Having breakfast, will then head over to classes. Fifteen minutes to go for that. Finished downloading webshots now.

Friday, April 22, 2005

tdy abt backwards blog another not

Good day. almost blogged the whole thing backwars again, but if it is chronological order, it is easier to remember. Got up early morning, and forgot to download webshots stuff but instead downloaded movie editing software, which I haven't tried out yet, and as of now, don't know if they are free. There is wrong grammar in there somewhere but screw it. Saw whose line today morning, an episode that I didn't remember watching, though now I think I have, but I was sure I hadn't in the morning. It was the one with the cop striptease. dead poets society was also going on, but I did not watch that. Worked on the matrix thing a bit, drew up the scenes I had to film:

neo dodging the bullets
smith dodging the bullets
trinity "dodge this"
trinity and neo gun rack
morpheus tortured by smith
neo opeining jacket loaded with rubberbands
rubber bands falling near neo's feet
tank "someone's out"
smith "someones out, this is going to be fun"
smith tackling morpheus to the ground
trinity "we have to save him"
neo "do we have weapons"
trinity "tank, we need some weapons"
tank: "right away"
neo's turnaround as he dodges bullets in slow-motion
morpheus holding out the pills and asking neo to choose one,
neo ripping out cello tape from his mouth and eating both pills

then made the start page, which said matrix on a really low udget, and it pretty much came out like the real thing...

after that i headed over to classes, being very late as it was getting very frustrating to get it just right in photoshop. the effect was almost coming, and either the text wasn't clear, or there werent enough chars in the background. Finally, I worked it out, the trick was to keep a medium vertical grain, a negative neon glow, and a small outline glow. good effect. After that headed over to classes, where it was very late, (met an old building friend in the bus, though we did not recognize each other at first. He was the son of my old baby sitter. Cool guy. works for nokia now) and I went just as the lecture was over, so I stopped, ogt my marks, which were AMAZINGLY low (43) as compared to 72 and 65, but still I have got the overall highest, which is pretty good. As soon as I entered the class, there was wild cheering. The classes will o on indefinately now... which is good. From tommorrow, BMM classes will start. Since class got over, and there was nothing else to do, and the bus wasn't due for another twenty minutes, I headed over to the sir of my old classes, and talked to him about god as usual, and told him the story about revelations. He appreciated it, but it got late, and it was one, and I had just missed the bus. So I had to climb into powar nagar, and thge bus that I had missed reached vasant vihar just as I had walked all the way from gandhinagar to vasant vihar after getting down from powar nagar. slept a bit, actually a lot, after that, saw bitsd of a crappy movie with aishwarya rai and anil kapoor where anil kapoor adopts the illicit children of his father with his (father's) secretary. The movie was going on before I went to sleep, and after i woke up too, though no one was watching it. Then headed oer to blesson's house, took a rickshaw, and lsitened to his music. his floppy drive did not work, was trying to get fx from him for the matrix movie. but I took a few vids and 2 photograph of his amazing keyboard work.

After that we went out for a walk, and walked all the way to some crappy gate that lead up to yeoor. it was closed, so we went instead to a cyber cafe, on a dare that a mutual friend had entered a garnier competition. I was right, he was wrong, but he thought I had made the whole website just to show it to him, saying that I was mad. from his past expirience with me, i would say he was justified. talked a bit with jabberbot, we both laughed, it was this dinghy cyber cafe that had a really slow connection, and people go there only to make out. the cyber was way too slow.
after that one hour, we took a long walk as he had to purchase stationary, and I had to give a few negatives in. we talked about our old school days, and he told me that I was a wretch. he remembered things that I don't. Like there was this time long ago during a great annual day function, that This guy (Tully) and I empited the books from the bagd of all the children when they had gone for the PT class. We were idiots back then. But that was not what he said, I remembered that because of something that he said and i don't want to forget that. Anyway, what he said, I have only vague memories of, there was apparently this time when i got him into trouble in the sixth when I was talking, he turned back, and JAquiline miss caught him and gave him a remark for talking .for some reason I have forgotten, he also got another remark. Probably for back-answering or something. I donno. he didn't show it to his parents, and the next day he got a third remark for not signing the first two. the next day, he lost his calender and got a new one. then there was this fatso called nitin (fulcao sir had actually called him one) who put him into trouble by complaining to the teacher and he didn't have his calender, so she said that she would give him two the next day. he went home, told his mother about it, got scolded really hard. Went back to school the next day, and the teacher had forgotten about all of this. He went back home, his mother demanded to see the remarks, he lied that the teacher was probably scolding someone else, his mother scolded him again for paying so little attention in class that he didn't know if the teacher was scolding him or not.
I remember this time when this sir walked into me jumping like crazy on the gym mats after band practice. He almost gave me a remark, but I pleaded like hell and got away... Ok too many school stories are being remembered right now. so I will stop before I get too nostalgic. Have to call people for the matrix now. Anyway, came home after the walk, just in time to recieve blesson's mother's call enquiring the whereabouts of her son. he is gonna get a scolding today also, and again, I will be to blame. We live up to the tradition of schooldays. Came home, and saw all the vids I had taken, the floppies are tested for the big matrix filming... and I made this

the movie is gonna be so coool
Ok. calling people now. also have an idea for a spiderman kiss thingy... same competition. Later....

morning stuff

Just saw an episode of whose line which I hadn't seen before. Dead poets society is going on, might watch it before classes, but i am too bored to do that. Cool movie, need a site with all the poems in it. downloaded a few video editing software from a crappy site which did not state if the software was free or not. donno what will happen today - think there is a lecture. Need a friend to play out trinity, I am downloading the matrix script right now and reading through it for increased accuracy of my spoof... this is going to be cool... if only I get a trinity. Damn.

Untitled story

Wrote it long ago, but hadn't blogged it. Inspired from a long chat with friends.... no title yet...

The 12:25 local to Thane local arrived more or less on time. Shivshankar ran in before it had fully come to a stop and grabbed a window seat. His friends followed suit and all of them cracked a few jokes on how childish he was and sat down around him (no one took the window seat facing Shiva just to prove that they were not childish). Shiva, Pramod, Nitin and Kartik made themselves comfortable before the train pulled out of the station. The local was pretty empty, there was only two other people in the first class compartment, and both of them were more or less asleep.
Shiva and his friends were soon covered by a crisscrossed jumble of wires. Three separate handsfrees had to be hung around necks, and the headphones of three different kinds of music players had to be stuffed into the ears with blaring music. Nitin got the old derelict walkman, held together by pieces of rubber band. Kartik and Pramod shared the earphones of a diskman between them. But Shiva was the real technogeek. He didn’t even remove his iPod out, but skillfully operated his mp3 player by sliding his hands into his pockets.
Nitin, Kartik, and Pramod soon began to nod off because of the heat and the hazy light streaming in through the dusty windows, and the slow lounge that they were listening. But Shiva got out a book and began to read. It was a little known book written by an Indian professor named T Padmanabhan, called “After the first three minutes”. It was a book about the evolution of the universe, and Shiva was into such things. He was mid-way into the book, and was now reading something about density contrast in the universe. He was incredulous as to how the education system’s textbooks had managed to portray absolutely amazing things like the basic fabric of the universe, in such a boring way. Something he read made him ask himself a very fundamental question, about the shape of the entire universe, and then on further contemplation, its purpose. He closed the book and Gazed out of the window thinking about it.
He snapped out of his reverie when his cell phone began to buzz and made it uncomfortable for him to sit. Unlike the others, he had not removed it from its pocket. He was in the awkward position of possessing a mobile phone that was too inexpensive to flaunt. It did not even have a color display, or a browser let alone a camera, but on the other hand, calling a mobile with all these things a phone was like calling a computer a typewriter.
He looked at the display of his Nokia 1100, and a very weird message was being flashed at him, “God calling”. Before he figured out what to do, the call stopped. The signal bar in the phone was really low. Shiva figured that some friend of his had changed his name in the address book to God, and was now calling him as a joke. He slipped his mobile back to his pocket, as the train approached another station, and was feeling very tired, and the heat had finally gotten to him. He stretched out his legs to relax, and it bumped into someone else’s. The seat opposite to his was no longer empty. A short man with very large mane of tangled hair was smiling at him.
“So” The man asked, in a very slow, gruff voice. “You want the real thing?” Shiva was in somewhat of a stupor, and so he did not find this all that extraordinary. He began to accept things without being too curious about them, like in his dreams, where amazing things go by unquestioned. “What thing” he asked wondering where he had seen this man before… looked like a professor. The man sitting next to him considered him for a moment, with an amused expression in his eyes. “The shape, and maybe, even the purpose of the universe.” Ah. Shiva thought, another fanatic with his view on the cosmos. There were nutcases like these all over the place, and every one of them had a unique perspective of the cosmos.
So Shiva sat back and weakly said “give it to me”. “Really?” said the man, “OK then, I don’t do this to everyone who asks, you know… but some are different. You see, the universe can either be finite or infinite, you have to agree to that right?” “Yeah Ok” Shiva nodded. “Now, if it is finite, what is outside it? – Another bigger realm, you would say, and there would be another one at the end of that - and suddenly you have an infinite progression of universes capsulated one inside the other which would make it an infinite universe anyway, so you end up with an infinite universe. An infinite universe would mean infinite energy, that would mess a load of things up, like your electricity bills will be zero, you will never have to refuel your car, and you will have the technology to make ships faster than light, and all the laws of physics will go haywire… just to begin with. So the only way for a universe to actually exist, keeping its set of laws intact, is to… is to have no way out.” He finished somewhat lamely.
Shiva had not understood much, and the man seemed to fidget, looking for a way to explain it better. “Give me your mobile” the man said, as if something had struck him. Shiva, almost like a reflex action, gave the customary response for this question, “No balance” he muttered very curtly, and hoped that the very odd conversation was over – why was this guy demanding his mobile all of a sudden? But the man seemed to have guessed what was on Shiva’s mind. “No, I don’t want to make a call with it; I just want to play a game.” Shiva was now irritated. An old man, almost thrice his age, was calmly asking for his mobile to play games on. “Battery low”, the other standard response. The old man looked more amused now, and said calmly but sternly, “please.” Shiva reluctantly got his mobile out (not using it as much as his friends, he had more than the regular amount of both balance and charge) and handed it over to the old man. That face was definitely familiar…
The man took the phone, and relaxed. An odd shiver shook the compartment. The man turned the phone around, and the world around Shiva warped. Beams of twisting, contorting light were traveling from him to his mobile, and he was sucked into it like dust gets sucked into a vacuum cleaner. Shiva was not only somehow trapped in the mobile, but he was the mobile. He could feel the electricity running around his circuits. He could hear from the tiny slit that represented the mouthpiece. He tried speaking through the earpiece, but only a shrill sound came out. Where was he anyway? Where was the mind of the cell phone? The processor? The sim card? Where was his real body anyway? Suspended between dimensions, somewhere in Hyperspace? He did not know the answer to these questions, but he could see the man who caused it all to happen from inside the mobile screen, with the word “menu” written in its mirror image. And he finally recognized him.
Quickly learning how to go about it, (it was actually very simple) he manipulated the electricity around his various circuits and managed to show the words “who are you??” on screen. Although, he already knew… but Albert Einstein was dead long ago. Albert Einstein laughed from outside and said in a loud booming noise, “I am God.” Shiva replied “Are you… Is Albert Einstein God?” “No, I am God, but I had to take a physical form to enter your universe, and an illusion of this Einstein man is a very fitting avatar for what I am going to show you.” And Albert Einstein/God began to press some buttons. Shiva knew what was happening from his logic gates itself, and didn’t need to see the words in mirror image on the screen.
God-Einstein pressed the menu button, and then navigated till an icon of a space-ship and three revolving alien somethings appeared, with the words ‘games’ on top. Was God-Einstein really going to play games? God-Einstein passed by space impact and stopped on snake II. And selected it. Shiva was confused, but fortunately his brain was addling itself in hyperspace, and it didn’t bother him too much. A large animation of two snakes intermingling and snapping at each other played before him. Then a small, pixilated representation of a snake began to move across his screen. The snake moved from one end of the screen to another, and when it reached the end, it merely started over again. All the snake had to do was search out for four dots in the form of a diamond, which was the mobile phone equivalent of food, and that was his only objective. He was looking at the classic game from a very weird perspective, from the inside, but there was one thing missing. There was no ‘food’ to consume. The screen was totally blank save for the snake. God-Einstein looked at the mobile-Shiva and asked him, now, tell me, where is the snake. He had figured out the earpiece circuits by now, and said in a small, squeaky voice, “rectangular.” God-Einstein laughed. “Everyone thinks so – Ok then, what is the length and breadth of that rectangle?” Shiva looked around. How was he supposed to answer this? His circuits did not contain the pixels to centimeters ratio in them, so he figured he could use old fashioned maths instead (helped considerably by his circuits, of course). The snake went across the screen once every three point two seconds… and he was on level nine… that meant…somewhere like three pixels a microsecond… he calculated a little further and…“something like two point two by one point eight?” “Fair enough” replied God-Einstein, “now, suppose I make you the snake, and the screen is your universe, will the size of the universe still remain the same?” Shiva thought about this for a while. He couldn’t see where this was leading, but the answer seemed obvious. “Yes” He said. “The size of the screen would obviously remain the same, how would it change if I were the snake?” God-Einstein merely smiled. No one ever got this right. “Alright, tell me the size of the screen, and your universe, after THIS.”
And for the second time that day, Shiva became something far lesser than what he was. From being the mobile phone, he was suddenly reduced to the snake, and he could see (after all God-Einstein dictated the rules of all universes, including this tiny one), not beyond the screen, but within the screen, and then it hit him. He could move, he could feel his velocity hurtling through space, he could turn around, contort and perhaps eat himself, but in whatever direction he went, he went on and on forever. For him, he looked like he was in an infinity. He realized that from his perspective, there was no knowing when he had reached the end of the screen and started over again. God-Einstein’s voice echoed from somewhere in the distance “What is the shape of your universe now?” Shiva knew there was no answer. The realm of the snake was truly shapeless. Like some bizarre planet with a smooth surface and absolutely no landmarks, which he kept circumnavigating without any way of knowing when he was starting again had suddenly been stretched out into the mobile phone screen. There was no beginning, there was no end, but it merely repeated itself after… somewhere. And as if to answer him, a single fruit appeared above him. And now it rushed past him… once every three point two seconds.
God-Einstein spoke from beyond “That is how the universe is, limited but without a definite boundary. It gives the illusion of being spherical like the screen gives the illusion of being rectangular. If by any weird freak of science (there are many amazing ones that you don’t yet know of) any of your people in your spaceships manage to travel into the deeps of space in an endless and perfectly straight line, their voyage will end, much to their perplexity, back on earth.”
Again the light contorted and convoluted, and he was sucked out of the mobile. He was back in his precious window seat now. All this was wonderful… but there was something beyond the mere shape of the universe. Now that God-Einstein was answering questions, why not ask the more significant one anyway. “And what is its purpose?” God-Einstein considered Shiva for a moment “I cannot answer that question” he said “you will have to find out for yourself. I have already shown it to you today. Maybe someday you will realize…” “Why” Shiva asked “are you not answering this question?” God-Einstein replied “you would lose trust and faith in me. The purpose would considerably reduce the significance of your existence, and… your egos would refuse to believe me… you might begin to hate me… and maybe find troublesome ways to disobey the grand game plan…” Shiva was beginning to lose thread of where this was going, and God-Einstein seemed to understand this.
His avatar left the universe and Shiva was left alone on the seat. He picked up his mobile and spotted that the snake was still moving. He cut short the game, and slipped the mobile back into his pocket. He was amused by the idea that God had played games on his mobile… and then it struck him. The purpose… of the universe - God was simply playing games. And the people inside it were too dumb to comprehend, to understand, to believe or to even think of the beyond. Man was on the inside; going round in circles, and God was out there pressing all the buttons. Shiva realized that what he did for the rest of his life would be totally meaningless and utterly inconsequential. It was too much for his ego to take. And all of a sudden it was very important for Shiva to live his normal insignificant life, and forget about all those questions about the universe and the thing beyond… only the food was enough for the snake. The station drew in, and Shiva decided it was time to wake his friends up.
-Aditya MJ

matrix script

the matrix on a really low budget

the frame shows a picture of balaji with covering sheets taped to his head to give the appearence of being bald. he is holding a red pill in one hand and a blue pill in another
morpheus: just choose a bloody pill

the frame shows a picture of sid, with his mouth taped over, and he says
mmmm.... mm.... (rips out tape), grabs both pills and swallows

morpheus: I will not get into complicated discussions about such paradoxes

Aditya as trinity
shows a picture of me smiling in a supposedly sexy manner
aditya: what are you looking at?

sridhar as agent smith:
someone just got out of the matrix. this is going to be fun....

(scene where agent smith runs up to morpheus, tackles him to the floor)

trinity: We have to go rescue morpheus
(catches ear and): i need weapons here

(the famous scene of the arrays of guns coming in fron, but only it is full of boxes)
trinity: we have to rescue morpheus

neo: lets get loaded

(vid of pockets being stuffed with paper pellets)

(rest of the video has pockets filled with paper pellets)

morpheus being tortured by smith, shaking head vigourously while smith sings to him the elvish song, by enya

neo comes into the picture, opens his jacket, and they are full of rubber bands

(trinity runs up to morpheus and rescues him from the chair)

action sequence begins

(scene of neo stretching and releasing the rubber band)
(scene of rubber band going to agent smith, while he ducks, camera follows the paper pellet)
(scene of paper pellets falling on the ground from neo's pockets)
(scene of agent smith dodging like hell)
(scnee of neo panting in exhaution)
(scene of agent smith removing out catapult)
(scene of agent smith firing table-tennis ball)
(scene of neo dodging table tennis balls in slow-mo, and 360 degree spin)
(scene of neo dodging table ennis balls like hell)
(scene of trinity holding up a rubber band to agent smith's head)
trinity: dodge this!
(rubber band hits agent smith hard)
(agent smith swears : abbe chutiye)

Neo: hey cool! But I am the one. Let's go.
(all three run and jump off the building to fall down hard)
Morpheus: Lets get out of here!
(calls a number: Is route ke sabhie line vyarth hai)
end movie
endingg credits....

face on mars

this is a picture of mars from webshots, I found a face of what looks like an afro-american kid on it. Jsut a trick of the contours....

this photo, and this is the face in detail

cool eh?

ah well.. just wrote the matrix thing, will blog it next

Thursday, April 21, 2005


have to leave the pc now, father wants it to check mail, though there is always the usual 198 new messages in his spam filled inbox, have to blog the pics of another face I found and the height of accuracy. Mebbe tommorrow, if I feel really sleepy...

A blog backwards

Anyway, right now I am having some text on the clipboard and I have the fear of losing it, so I will paste it right now. Need to coin a word for that...
That's the competition I am going to enter with a matrix spoof called Matrix: on a really low budget. Friends were both serious and excited when I told them about it. Sid is Neo, bala is morpheus_takloo, Sridhar is Agent Smith. And I am Trinity. Have to use tennis balls. Damn.
anyway, all of them ared, and were enthusiastic, spent an evening calling them up. Building friends would have laughed at me for sure. Atleast i think they I'll have to film the movie and I'm ready. have a rough script ready, need to type it out. Need to ensure that all the ideas come out...
Anyway, tried calling up the asshole called Aashray, anc couldn't get across to him, he is busy on his work for Indian Express and has been coming home late for two days.
BEfore calling all these people up, and adding a little color to their boring academic life, I was talking with my mom about the death penalty, because I saw the death row oprah in the morning. She says that Mohammed Deedath, the guy who wrote a book comparing islam with christianity, and said islam was better, was the guy who changed the sentance to "hanged unto death" from "to be hanged at the gallows" or something like that because of the amount of curruption there. People used to be hanged, they used to survive, and they used to walk away. So ridiculous. the conversation lead there because we were talking about my grandfather who was a lawyer, and he believe that the death punishment shouldn't be there, because 80% of the people in Indian prisons are paid to go there, and are not the real culprite, if not, they have been beaten and threatened into a confession. Pretty much what the guy said on Oprah in the morning. "If the law system cannot decide if a person is innocent or guilty, it has no right to decide if a person can lie or die" i agree too. Obviously, an eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind. Before all of this, I was in classes, and this guy troubled me purposely, and everyone else left. He said we troubled him, so he would trouble us, the dumbass. there was a revision lecture in the evening, and I went for that even though I did not intend to. i am running out of marbels that the nimesh guy gave me, and they are being thrown about all over the place, better take a photograph of them before they run out compeletely. Scored pretty high marks, like 72 and 65, and the best of the rest getting things fortyish. pretty cool eh? i am surely the highest. there was a hush in the class as i read out my marks, which I assure you hasn't happened for a long now, except mebbe when I have gotten really low marks. I am so damn fucking bloody happy.
We live in a century where we swear even when we are happy. Fucking cool eh?
Anyway, before that i was at home, back from the first session of the classes in the morning, but only for a little time, I was writing a note detailing my expenses, and covertly trying to get more allowence... basically saying that i needed moey.
BEfore THAT I was in the shopping center, getting a refill for my phone, and a bunch of floppies for my cam., Found out that sony inventerd the floppies in 198 something. Cool eh? Got sony floppies, though they were costlier than the amkette floppies of 118/- (the sonies cost 130/-) But the old amkette ones that I had are currupted now, and only the single imation one works, and now I have a whole bunch of sonies.
Before that i was in this bank, where they didn't allow me to draw a cheque adressed to nice collections/bearer. damn assholes, whats the use of the bearer eh? Anyway, mom says they were right in taking the precautions, so had to pay for the floppies and the refill with some of my own money, hence giving rise to the opportunity of coverltly getting more allowence.
Before that I was at home, sitting and watching will and grace and some other such programs. Saw the same episode of will and grace for the second time that day, the one with the governor's party and shit like that. where one is a female jew who does not like blacks, and the other is a gay guy who thinks "if god didn't want some people to be poor, he'd give them money"
Both candidates suck, but they don't know about the black guy. Anyway, I want to know the meaning of xbox as karen thinks of it at first. Might look it up in wikipedia.
before that, was in the classes toilet, taking pictures of a live demonstartion of the height of accuracy. there was this really corny sms forward that i got from a friend long ago, which went like this...
"what is the height of accuracy?
a pimple on a nipple"
This guy had a pimple on a nipple and I photographed it... ah well... will blog that later.
Before that was sitting and writing the really long test with loads of maths in it, and was copying a lot, because I was unable to finish stuff in time. damn. Damn. Mebbe my marks will go down after this test... ah well, we'll see. there was a boring TOR lecture in the morning, which I didn't really pay attention to. No wait, there was a maths lecture which I didn't really pay attention to. i was sitting behind this girl who was flirting somewhat with both the guys on either side of me, but was talking seriously to me.... ah well... not that its a bad thing. rather prefer it that way actually....
anyway, before THAT I was... lemme see, in my home, watching the same will and grace episode for the first time that day, the death row thing on oprah, and whose line is it anyway, the same episode I watched yesterday evening, the one with the ICEHOLE. Let me say that once again, its an ICEHOLE. And that guys fingers turn blurry. HE is an Icehole. An Icehole. Ryan is a stick with a nose. colin meant that he was an asshole. Thats an Icehole. ah, a show where the family can get together and laugh at... good.
Before that, got up early morning with some wierd dreams where I was in this huge classroom sparsely populated by different groups of people, each groop sitting in its own place in the giant classroom, and suddenly, each group became a different friend circle of mine... and the I was moving about unsure where to sit. wonder what it means. Mebbe that I cant decide who my real friends are, or I cannot stick to them. Anyway this guy said something unnatural, like "tol pol" I think that phrase was a mixture of tol mol ke bol and t'pol from enterprise. ah well. Vivid dreams, and I remembered because i wrote them down. Defeats the purpose of writing them down, but I probably wouldn't have rememered if I hadn't.
Before that I was sleeping.
Before that I was blogging, which is the thing you will read next if you really want to...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

buffallo and stuff

Not sure how the word is spelt. Got up early morning, watched agent cody banks, and Angie Harmon is pretty hot. Then headed over to classes after a quick bath as a friend was already waiting below to take mt there. Classes were pretty boring, did well on a test, and there was this dumb GK test as well, where I made a few silly mistakes, and hadn't read all the options carefully. Damn. Came home with the same friend. Don't yet know his name, but have talked to him so much that it would be emberrasing to ask it now. In such situations, I just pretend to have a misconception about his name, by calling him any random name "by mistake". Anyway, came back with him, but he took me through a small detour that had a load of buffaloes in one place. He went for some work, he didn't say, I didn't ask. I took photos of the buffaloes....


my mom just said there was a queue for the 9:15 CST local in front of the ladies compartment. Obviously, they got on haphhazardly at mulund. Mulund so totally sucks. anyway, after taking pics of the buffalos (I couldn't take one of a bird on a buffalo's back as we had to leave) Came home and watched something or the other on Tv, and worked on this video I am making. Also, a few spoofs are in the offing for some contest by MTV. Damn. NEED FUCKING MORE RESOURES. If I win the competition, then I might get a handycam. That would be pretty cool.
then saw FRIENDS, todays episode has hootie and the goldfish, though they don't actually show up. Pretty boring episode actually. After that... well actually dont remember. sat around doing nothing I guess. Ah well. Webshots downloads tommorrow. Nothing else to blog. Signing out. . . . wikipedia here I come.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

new pope elected

Nice german guy with a NAZI past...
looks good though, does not look like he is over seventy... and google did not show up any pages with the new pope in it. Time is a constraint for the internet afterall... Pope Benedict the sixteenth, formerly Joseph Ratzinger. Cool guy...

this is the hsitoric moment.

the bells are rigning right now

and the white smoke is coming out of the chimney. I am listening to "imaginary" by evanascense. No pope on the balcony yet. got a few projects in mind. There were plans about going to goa that were stopped today, because of my dumb BMM schedule. Watched a load of funny movies that I had downloaded yesterday. Damn focus stealing is just too irritating. Ok, projects I have in mind...
-foolscape movies/ classroom movies/ 1 min spoofs of hindi movies...
-big home video on things done in boredom and extereme perversion
-ah well...
downloaded webshots in the morning. Starting up the download manager, flashget i think, dumb adware, then going an watching the new pope...

Monday, April 18, 2005


Your basic boring day today. There is some confusion as to who gave whom the birth cert and the painting between the telivision and the papers with regard to Gen. Mush and the big turbaned dude. Am in a bad mood today. Friend came over, and we exchanged "games". Ah well. Thats it, I lost a hell load of animated material. Damn. will do them better now or abandon it. The friend said I had his full support for the UFO thingy. Good. Will work on that now. And will browse for hoaxes. A website is coming up pretty soon... but I need some free hosting. damn.
Signed up for wikepidea.

Dumb yesterday

ten blogs in one day. I must stop doing this. Stumbled across which is the blog of jam ka editor. Ah well.. downloaded a few star wars meshes, didn't get any ideas on the sp animation, the current has gone three times since 6 in the morning, managed to get up early, and now my foot switched on the radio. GMM! have eight minutes to visit the msg board before the time for the net runs out. Will play a lot today, am in the mood, or will render. Good sleep. Played holi in my sleep with friends.
I never have wet dreams, I walk away from them even in my dreams. Damn.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


From the dancers at the end of time. A very apt ending, though I was inclined to stop when the time loop started, which also would have been a very apt ending. Unlike long books like LOTR, Silmarillion, HP5, moorcocks has the knack of satiating you compeletely. You are not bored, ever, but you never hunger for more. There is always more... the tale of the eternal champion is so huge, that you are bound to forget a lot and start reading over. the thing is, he satisfies everything properly.
And for once, unlike other moorcock books, the little sex that is there is absolutely essential for the plot. No "art", and no cheese. Its apt, and necessary.
And non vulger, as well as non-sensual. Very hard to do.
have to search for the marked moorcockisms over 400 bloody fucking pages...

about the inhabitants of our world and time
"... do you know, Lady Charlotina, that many of their passtimes are not persued from choice after all!"

" if they dream perpetually, moved by impulses of which they have no objective understanding..."

"I have no brains. Merely imagination."

"...'I expirienced something, Lord Jagged, but I am not sure I learned anything.'
'Well, that is the best way to learn, I think.'

On the lack of time machines in our time
"In a world where time is so important, you'd think there would be more machines to manipulate it"

"... time can never be codified as space can be, because our very thoughts, our information about it, our actions based on that information, all contribute to extend the boundries, to produce new anamalies, new aspects of Time's nature."

was this before or after, and with or without knowledge of, shcrodinger's theory?

"...(time is) numinous - unknowable - perhaps truly metaphysical. time is a dream - or a nightmare, from which there is no wakingup..."

one of the many wheldrake poems in the book (wheldrake is another characheter, a poet from another book, stormbringer)

For once I looked on worlds sublime,
And knew pure Beauty, free from time,
Knew unchained joy, untempered Hope;
And coward, then, I fled!

"...madness may be an expression of ordinary emotional confusion."

In a different context, not meaning what this says, but still cool
"...but time will remain the same, even though it seems to change."

"... Is the prisinor a prisinor because he lives in a cage, or because he knows he lives in a cage?"

a description of a type of government
"...Saint-Claude dictatorship (under which every citizen had been enjoined to supply three distinctly different explanations as to their psychological motives for taking even the most minor decisions)"

this is a nice para, and am blogging the enitre thing
'om' said the post.
"eh?" said Jherek, startled.
'Om' intoned the post. 'Om.'
'Did you detect my thoughts, post?'
'I am merely an aid to meditation, brother. i do not interpret.'
'It is interpretation I need. If you could direct me...'
'Everything is everything else,' the post told him. 'Everything is nothing, and nothing is everything. the mind of man is the universe, and the universe is the mind of man. we are all charachters in God's dreams. We are all god.'
'easily said, post.'
'Because a thing is easy does not mean that it is difficult. BEcause a thing is difficult does not mean that it is easy.'
'Is that not a tautology?'
'the universe is one vast tautology, brother, yet no one thing is the same as another.'
'You are not very helpful. I saught information.'
'there is no such thing as information. There is only knowledge.'
'Doubtless,' said Jherek doubtfully. He bade good day to the post and returned. the post, like so many of the city's artefacts, seemed to lack a sense of humour, though probably, it would, as otheres here did - claim a 'cosmic sense of humour' (this involved making obvious ironies about things commonlyobserved by the simplest intelligence).

with that last line, the SOB just designified every word that I have ever written. And even every word that he has ever written....

took a long time to type... but there is more. I will probably get sued for this... nothing to be stored electronically, but this is a small part of the book...

"Fitting reward for a dead Hindu! but I am a live christian"
a compliment and a pinch to both religions. Touche!

"...he hates sanity"

on spending eternity with a lover...
"... '...what is love without time, withouth death?'
'it is love without sadness, surely.']
'could it be love without purpose?'
'Love is love'

"... it is always the way of women, I I was discovering, to regard men as some sort of blank creature into which one woman or another has instilled certain charachteristics.'

Sue me.

railway station renderings...

Had done half of it yesterday. compeleted it today, and this is what it looked like, no texturing and a terracota ground...

Pretty detailed actually, you cant see it, but there are stairs, with railings, and posts with sidebeams et all. Basically, a porper railway station, which lacks paper-stalls, signboards, clocks, and posters, but has the basic skeleton. My comp couldn't handle any more complexity in the scene. wanted the coruaggated sheeting to have more faces, this one has only four or five, and still it turned out smooth in the final rendering, though it was very unsmooth in 3ds. Basically, it is a placne with a bend modifier, and copied pasted many times.

thats the sheeting in close up. Pretty good eh?

And this is the final rendering... with as much complexity as my computer can handle (i was about to give twenty faces for the sheeting, which would have scrrewed me up big time, as it is the comp hung around three times, and the power went once. this is becoming a huge problem.

finally, it is done. But, would have liked to touch it up with stalls and such... ah well. When i make the detailed scene... mebber. But I will have to include the entire platform, actually more platforms if I have to truthfully render thane station with a local train, as i intend to do. I simply do not have the resources to model the interiours of the train, as well as the detailed exteriors of a station. Along with all the people! and poser exporting such polygon heavy figures! nearly impossible. I simply have to get more ram. damn.


found a face in some kathakaliish dancer from a wenshots photo, so cannot blog the photo itslef, but here is the knavish face, reminind me of Jherek Cornelian.

the face appears in the middle/bottom part of the picture. will blog the picture if I find it, I have a large webshots collection, and donno where it is...

About today

Finished reading dancers at the end of time. So as promised, the moorcockisms are coming up in a new blog. Didn't work on the photoblog, but instead worked on the animation. Am determined to finish it tommorrow. MAde asmall scene with jordan twirling this book. Will get up early tommorrow and start downloading star wars meshes from sci-fi 3d hosted by TFN. A funny movie with kiddie star wars chars is in the offing. Mebbe a very small one. Mebbe a one minute one. But will work mostly on the south-park animation. Still hungry for an idea for the last group of friends, am not getting anything. Friends birthday today - the guy who lost my watch. will wish him tommorrow. ah well. If he ahs vidyalankar, I might as well go there and wish him personally. Will take my cam. Mebbe. did a load of modelling today, and finished the railway station. Seperate blog for that. Having ice-cream right now. strawberry flavored. burnt a mini-cd in mp3 format today, for listening in classes. Have to get a diskman. shit! ice-cream melted on table. damn. Damn. Now its on the spaebar! shit.
Drank a lot of pepsi today... more than was good for me. Though i drank it in small installments. Ok, did the modelling, went to sleep (sleep diagonally now, in my own room, because did it for a few days in the living room with a bed too small for my body) Stopped blogging, kept the ice-cream back in the fridge, and wiped it off my table, even as kareena is wiping devgan's face in Yuva right now. Not a clever movie, Oberoi did some pretty crappy dialogue delivery, and I am sure it is because of the director. Ah well...
anyway, got up from sleep, and worked on the animation, did a pretty good virtual version of our college entrance. Agter that, felt a bit nostalgic about college days...
then began to blog, check the mail. Woke up to the internet... But there was ahuge virus attack. Now everything is normalized. donno what to download today... probably re-download shareaza and install it. or a large game. donno. anyway, still got loads to blog now... the rendering, and the moorcockisms, which will take a while.
Forgot something.Sonali Bendre is in a kannada movie, a remake of darr. Pretty crappy movie actually, but intense. Ah well...

Kashmir solution

Came up with a solution for the Kashmir porblem. There was this huge article in the times about it. Make Kashmir an independant state, governed by a body with representatives from both India, Pakitsn, and Kashmir. All the profit from the tourism should go to Kashmir itself, but taxes and such should be shared between India and Pakistan. The day-to-day governance and the minor administrative and policy decisions to be taken by this body, of elected representatives, and the major decisions should be taken only after agreement of both governments. the most important part is for the Indo-Pak border to become somewhat open, like the canadien-american border, and trade should be started. This will be mutually benifitted, militants should be eradicated, by contribution for Kashmir's security budget from both countries.
This is a very bold step, but will ensure peace.
a combined military mebbe?
ther is no way for the issue to be settled in the short- term, and even in the long-term future...

cool thought

cool is no longer a cool word.

Things to blog today....

loads of things to blog today... thought I would make a list first
the cool thought
solution to the kashmir problem
about today
virus thing - already done

what the virus did

another virus attack. I was composing a mail in notepad when it happened. deleted some of the mail though.

b//- b//- b//-b//- b///- b///-b /b//- n//- b//-b n b//-/- b//-bn b///- b//- b//- b//-/- nbc/an I/ type now? wits still going on . this is so bad.
- nb//-/- n//-nb/- nb/ nb/n nb/b/iour race ar/yan/s/r/anlk/;kl;kl; dumb thing came again. comes suddenly. Was typing a letter right now, came fro two seconds then dissappeard. this is shit.
gers c nb/ nb/-nkl,klklkl cool eh? nb- nb/-nb/-nb/-nb/-knb/-cool. y
and a/n ol/d na/ked /woman. Around sixty, In bot-h. nb////
nb/- nb/- nb/- nb/-yhghgh does it type now. menbe nhel---lo b//gggggggg nb/
please tell me everything is alright now...
is everything alright now
i really hope so.
just typing another line to be sure
I think it has normalized
but you an never be too sure
seems to be fine now.
ah well...
just giving it more time.

No antivirus seems to work, includingavg and mcafee. Damn.

abt ystrdy slp

good alien language. Was so tired, I went to sleep. Have to stop sleeping in the living room and clen up my own room - atleast enough to sleep in it. Will probably do that today. And compelete the story i started yesterday. and model/render a bit. Will compelete modelling the station. downloading star wars meshes now. Will use that in a funny animation, which is taking a vague shape right now. Darth Vader turns out to be the father of a load of people....
The electricity went again this morning, and I was just beggining to wake up. Damn.... read the papers, musharraf coming over, but other than that nothing interesting.
Ah well. evening then.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


adulthood is not all that different from childhood. Either that, or there isn't a sudden change fater your eighteenth birthday. I always knew things would be pretty much the same. didn't even get excited before the big birthday... and now I am an adult. Not that different from childhood...

railway station stuff

forgotten something... started to work on a railway station model as well... but stopped halfway for some reason. This is how far I got before stopping

I liked the fence, which uses a pyramid, and three boxes fused toget 3ds.

The top part, with the wavy sheeting is the difficult part. will probably use something on the web, find a tutorial, or extrude a spline. donno which.... but tommorrow and a little of today will be interesting. I donno whether I should read moorcock or render. Read probably... ah well.
will see..
No photos for world's most boring photoblog today. Not time....

Dream Diary preview

Soft shadows. Ambience. Gamma correction. Dof. Reflections, refractions, shadows. Shadows on top of shadows. Total internal reflections. Put...