Wednesday, December 28, 2011


U R 2 yea₨ l8 2 d pRT. 2 d def pRT. U mieght b i㎜ortal & aᄔ, bt dun git tᅇ kicked. dey essentiaᄔy cut off a㏄es 2 heavN n 2007. U nEd a Œrtificate 2 git n there, & itz not EzalE forged. git Usd 2 d fact ㍲t ther R multipᇉs of U. U arent aloN. ther R DITTORCARBONXCOPX of U


you are two years late to the party. to the death party. you mieght be immortal and all, but dont get too kicked. they essentially cut off access to heaven in 2007. you need a certificate to get in there, and its not easily forged. get used to the fact that there are multiples of you. you arent alone. there are DITTORCARBONXCOPX of U

omg found this in drafts donn wven

Its considered one of the moat impracticable weaponz in the world. Immean a Bayonet. In the tiem of crosswinders and heat seeking missiles, a rifle with a knife attached to the muzzle is not only fucking stupad, not to mansion anachronistic, but also utterly fails at being a combat knife or a gun. Its a just-about-not exactly-short-range weapon. A failure on all fronts but one. A signal, real word that will blast u. siachen.
the bayonets were instrumental in its conquest. Yor knife began with a gun. It was the best short range weapon evar. Whrn yjoo no choice , we dlashed.
The nets might be spread wide, but we bit our tounges and wait,. we tolerate pests.
THe IA farking pwns siachen, and the bayonet is rthte reason.

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Soft shadows. Ambience. Gamma correction. Dof. Reflections, refractions, shadows. Shadows on top of shadows. Total internal reflections. Put...