Wednesday, December 28, 2011

omg found this in drafts donn wven

Its considered one of the moat impracticable weaponz in the world. Immean a Bayonet. In the tiem of crosswinders and heat seeking missiles, a rifle with a knife attached to the muzzle is not only fucking stupad, not to mansion anachronistic, but also utterly fails at being a combat knife or a gun. Its a just-about-not exactly-short-range weapon. A failure on all fronts but one. A signal, real word that will blast u. siachen.
the bayonets were instrumental in its conquest. Yor knife began with a gun. It was the best short range weapon evar. Whrn yjoo no choice , we dlashed.
The nets might be spread wide, but we bit our tounges and wait,. we tolerate pests.
THe IA farking pwns siachen, and the bayonet is rthte reason.

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