Tuesday, May 31, 2005

five point something

got hold of the book. solved the dillema of what I am going to read...
no pics available on google. Might try amazon.com

really funny book on life in IIT. Haven't started reading, but will now, so won't blog later tonight. Mebbe.

Have to fill up a form for BMM entrance too.

And am going swimming tommorrow morning. so won't blog then too...

Hippopotamatic musings

what is the plural form of the Hippopotamus amphibius

Possible answers include


now I am just stretching it too much.

the correct answer?

and, obviouslty, hippopotami

from another blog

I was browsing for DHTML countdowns, when just for the heck of it, I clicked on the blog link. This is the first entry and it was pretty fucking damn amazing.


thats the adress, or just click here if you are really interested.

I sometimes wonder where these thoughts come from. This one popped up between pondering whether there was anything worth watching on TV (no there wasn't) and whether or not I was hungry enough to warrant a snack (yes I was). Here's the thought:

It's popular knowledge that if the Sun disappeared in an instant, for argument's sake, that we wouldn't know about it for a little over 8 minutes due to the time it takes for photons to leave the solar surface and travel across the void to reach our eyes. After 8 and a bit minutes we'd suddenly see that the Sun had disappeared. The so far undisputed theory being that information cannot travel faster than c. So, it must also be true that the Earth would continue orbiting along its almost circular path for those 8 and a bit minutes too. It would continue to experience a centripetal acceleration towards the former centre of gravity.

The more interesting point though is that in large systems such as galaxies and galaxy clusters I wonder how this latency effects the dynamics of those systems? Consider that our Sun is in the region of 28-29 thousand light years from the centre of our Milky Way galaxy, that information about the centripetal acceleration due to the force of attraction towards the galactic centre and the direction of that force takes around 28-29 thousand years to arrive at the Sun. What effects arise due to this huge latency?

Mind you, when it comes to gravitational influences upon galactic disk members it's too simplistic to talk of the Sun orbiting the galactic centre in the same way that the Earth orbits the Sun as the inner parts of galactic disks tend to orbit with the characteristics of a solid — i.e. no distinct separate orbits but rather everything orbits together in a single amorphous lump. The comparison is still fair though for bodies at the far edge of the galactic disk, or perhaps not in the disk at all (not sure about that last bit).

I can't quite get my head around the idea of billions of gravitional interactions going on based upon the direction and magnitude of forces as they were several tens of thousands of years ago; stars and gas clouds reacting to influences as they were tens of thousands of years in the past, rather than as they are now. Still, it all seems to work out happily in the end since galactic disks appear to be quite stable and long-lived structures IIRC.

I don't recall anyone lecturing me about this latency effect at University at any point. It's one of those questions you'd really like to have asked at the time and not six years after the event. Seems like a bad case of treppenwitz!

now I know you are interested, so click here.

about today

Got up a bit late again, because I slept late obviously. damn, my mother was just telling me about ants getting on her while she was gardening, and then them going all over the living room. I was simultaneously talking to Sridhar, on the phone, and I was so distracted that I could not talk at all...
dumb shit.
Anyway, so i get up late, head over to college, the plan was to be at the station by ten, I wasn't tehre till ten thirty, got the ten thirty three fast, and got down at ghatkoper to meet nikhil on the overbridge. We got down, climbed into a slow that came soon enough, and on the line met Som. HE was this fellow who wanted to collect BMM forms as well, and a potential classmate. All three of us headed over to SIES, met Sridhar there, got our forms for a hundred bucks each. Then i stood in line to get a copy of dakshinayanam. some girl was saying that her marksheet was lost, and the pune asked her where. Both Sridhar and I burst out laughing...
Then we came out, Nikhil and Som had gone their own ways, Sridhar and I headed over to a friends house, where we played badminton and a crappy version of bridge.
Had food there, came back home at around six, with my mother, drew money from the bank, went back to get somethig to eat, headed over to eden woods to play badminton, none of my friends were there, fooled the watchman again, and played with some old girl instead, who played more or less like me. Both of us had fun, she works for a software company, and I don't know her name...
Later Asmita, Ashwin, Lubaina and I sat around asking riddles to each other. These were the funny ones...

1) there is a man walking in a jungle in South Africa, and he gets caught in a trap. The rope hangs him upside down from a tree, and there is a candle at the point where the rope is tied to the tree. The candle will burn through the rope, and hte man will fall down. the problem is, there is a lion there now, and he wants to save himself...
there is no wind, and the candle is too far away for him to blow out.

My first answer was that the man could pee on the candle. His bladder, apparently did not have the capacity.
My next answer was to pee on the lion, which would run away.
Which would infuriate the lion... an make it even more irritable when he finally came down...
But the infuriated lion would roar, blowing out the candle.
The objection to this was "how can he pee upside down"
Instead of explaining this to them, I thought along otehr lines. They told me I would get this with "logic".
So my next answer was that if the rope is strong enough to hold up the man, then the candle will take a while to burn it through, but by that time teh candle will burn lower and the rope will never be burnt through.
They told me not to challenge the quetion and answer.
Using logic.
I thought for a little while longer and gave up.
their "logical" answer turned out to be, the man shouls sing "happy birthday to you" and as a reflex action, the lion will blow out the candle.
But the problem with the answer is (as pointed out by the guy who asked it in the first place) that they usually sing happy birthday to you AFTER the candle is blow out.

The second question was, there are two ants in a swimming pool, and four elephants get in.
The ants can see only fourteen legs. How?
Without going through the painfull process of all my answers, I will tell you the requirements of the whole system
1) The ants are provided with all round vision
2) The ants cannot see each other's legs
3) The swimming pool is large enough to accomodate all the elephants
4) The ants are not disturbed by the elephant's entry

the answer is >>>> One elephant was doing a backstroke

my objections to the answer were
1) If the ants had all round vision, they could see all the legs
2) an elephant cannot do a backstroke
3) If it couls, all legs would be visible

Pretty dumb of Ashwin actually...

A bit.
Then came home, upgraded the side bar and am now blogging. The cool thing is that i am logged in to yahoo! messenger in one id and into geocities with another. cool eh?

I need jesus

Listening to inspirational music from net radio. I am experimenting with all kinds of genres I cant usually purchase from here. There is no ska station, though there is one of eclectic rock, which was pretty cool.
Anyway, worked on the blog survey, finished surveying 75 blogs, don't think I need to do anymore, unless I go all the way to the hundred. KEpt up with my own deadline of looking through 25 blogs everyday, so the task was spread over four days. tommorrows plans, as of today, are to go get forms, not go with nikhil from classes, and manage to end up in a friends house.
But Am going swimming tommorrow for sure.
Will read before I sleep. Don't wanna start moorcock, but am already bored of the guide. Wonder when it will release in India. MEbbe I am not going for Bunty and Bubli the second time around...
Listening to a medley now. Look what the lord has done mostly....
turning in now. When there are no more HP books to read, it becomes kinda sad. MEbbe I will plunge right into it and start reading hp5 again. Or mebbe I will lotr. Donno...
Not in much of a mood to read right now.
Wonder how many days till hp6 comes out. July something na... not much more than a month and a half away. Cool.
sleeping now.

Monday, May 30, 2005


Got up pretty late in the morning, nine thirty, and had the standard reaction of shit, I didn't go swimming today, and realised that it was a monday and that I couldn't go swimming anyway...
but I had to hurry a bit, which I totally failed to do, and reached sion pretty late. I ran up to cine max sion, and my friends had left my ticket with the collector itself. I got in, and the movie had just begun.
An amazingly boring movie.
this is the official site
There is a song in the beggining, where Abhisheik and Rani (Rakesh and vimmi) from Fursatganj and Pankinagar. I just recovered my post from blogspot after closing the window by mistake. Cool technology eh? Wonder how they do it...
anyway, so Rakesh is fiddling with this shower and is telling his mom about a scheme which will earn him a load of cash if he installs that shower in a public place and charge people to use it. He goes into details, which irritates the mother because she does not understand it, and she asks him to stop, saying that all this stuf makes her head pain. I really like the reply that Rakesh gives, saying that a as soon as anyone talks work in the country, people get a headache. His father comes home and scolds him for not turning up for an interview for the railways. His father asks him to do a dignified job, and Rakesh replies by saying that there is no dignity in his fathers Job as a TC anyway, because the railways wont close down if he dies, and a lot of similiar shit.
rakesh's father replies by talking about the respect he recieves from people who recognise him as the TC, and this humbles Rakesh.
The scene switches to Vimmy's house, where she is about to get married to this guy. She is playing around with cuttings of other famous actresses, and there were Sushmita sen in a saree, Aishwarya Rai, NAtasha Henstridge, Noami Campbell (She advises the pic of her to wear less lipstick sop that it does not look cheap) and Kareena Kapoor (she tells the pic that sexiness is not in the short skirts but in the eyes) at this point of time they show Rani with the best eyes ever... But her mother asks her to forget about all of this, says that she is mad, and thay she should grow up as she is about to get married. Her father is the same bad guy from ab tak 56. Her family says that she should get married. She tells them that she will run away from home, but they don't believe her.
It is nighttime, and Rakesh is shown climbing over a fence with a bag. the good thing is that at the end of the movie, he still has the same bag, with a place for a cricket bat at the side...
And vimmy runs from her place too, but they don't show it.
Vimmy goes to this place to enter for the Miss India competition, but they don't let her in because she is too late for applying for it. Some chick calls ehr a bitch for even trying, and asks her to return to her little villiage and start a beauty parlour. Babli replies, by asking her to do it instead, and talks about her bad figure and good makeup abilities to cover up her ugly face.
Abhisheik goes to this finance company and shows a very good scheme to the top cat there, who shoos him away by saying that the scheme is useless. rakesh and Vimmy meet dejected on the station, wher Vimmy asks him to accompany her to the toilet as it is on the other end of the station, and it is pretty dark.
They end up having chai together and boast about their own successes, and finally, they admit that both of them failed. Then they head over to lucknow, where Babli tries again, but the guy at that particular miss India competition makes a pass on her, she slaps him and gets out. Takesh goes to the head office of the same financing company, and they will have already got a very good offer - one from the manager of the branch in the little villiage, with the same list of 500 investors that Rakesh had painfully gathered over a year.

They meet again and bunty and Babli are born. They decide to head over to Mumbai, and to get the tickets, they con the manager. Bunty goes upto him and tells him about an even better scheme. They take the cash, and use the backdoor in the bathroom to vanish, leaving the poor fellow dancing in the disco. There is another song now. Of both of them conning their way through stuff...
They get a load of cash, which involves selling off the Taj Mahal, very much like the guy who tried to sell the eiffel tower twice, the story of which is here and that hat Tanya from who dares wins. there is this shot when she is wearing this really sexy putfit which shows a lot of her ass which is prominanty shown against the window, and this guys keeps saying "don't look at it, don' look at it" when you ARE looking at her ass, and he is telling her not to look at the Taj Mahal...
Somehwere along the line, love developes and vimmy becomes pregnant.
Dashrath, Amitabh bacchan is on theri tail, and closes in on them. He finally meets them in this drunken dance in a club, which has a cameo by Aishwarya rai, and she looks her best yet, and has the same sexy gait as the Coca Cola ad. Amazing.
They rob the money, hide it, vimmy gives birth to her child, and they escape to a small town as things get too hot for them as Dasarath is on their tail. They decide to leave the life of crime, and that's when they finally get caught.
But there are a few boring scenes, and Amitabh releases them because they cry over the baby.
three years later, he comes back and either of these two endings takes place. Bunty and Babli join the police force, or Amitabh becomes a crook and all of them con happily ever after. I think its the second one...
But the movie was just tooo irritating. It was slow paced, the songs were dragged out, and the jokes became repetetive, especially one about there being two kinds of people in the world...
It was a bad movie and I don't reccomend watching it even opnce unless you get your hands of a pirated vcd. But I am going to watch it twice. damn.

six spyware

heavily infected. Just fixed a tempelete glitch. Some thing must have crept in ater all the heavy editing. Seeing if it is OK now... Nah. I think it has something to do with the links now. Damn. Will have to edit that post. Anyway, will remove the spyware THEN go to sleep...

et stuff

seeing this now. Have to keep a watch on this. Going to sleep now...

Interactive ET thingy

blog thingy

am gonna sleep now...

good nite. To whoever.

...hurrying along in his wake

finished reading hp5. Will read hitchhiker's next probably, or concenterate more on the sites and surveys. donno. No plans for tommorrow... oh yeah, just rememebred, have to end up in Sion, take a bus and head over to SIES, get the form and stuff, and then go and watch bunty and babli. Damn, for a moment there I thought I could stay at home and lazily watch tv all day again. but I need to start studying for the entrance tests....
will blog how everything goes. Will wake up pretty late in the morning I think...

was cheking out stuff on nationalgeographic.com around one and a half hours ago... It's an article speculating on the looks of aliens. Toned down a bit froma pic I have in an old issue somewhere. Might blog that pic sometime tommorrow. Or day after. Day after probably. The article is here pretty cool thing actually. Aliens.

Can make my own, using my own logic. Yeah, new thing to do : project imaginary biosphere....
will be fun.

yogi hills trek

this is what I call an almost real trek. Tooo bored to process the pics and blog them... will post only one pic which basically sums everything up.

We left Yogita's house at around five and dragged a reluctant Siddarth up the hill. First there was the walk through the garden, over the pile of stones, where this one guy told us to come around, but we went ahead through that way anyway (most of us did) just to display a little stuntgiri.
Then we climbed, up all those stones and stuff, which were pretty steep, to the first level, and walked beyond the electricity pylon. Then we climbed a few tricky areas and Noel and I seperated from the group, went ahead and followed the path of a dried up rivulet up the hill. We talked about swimming and mountain climbing along the way. The others took a different but equally difficult path thinking that it would be the easier one. This is what I will call the second level. Here i climbed on top of a tree and relaxed for a bit while the others caught up with me. Noel fiddled with my camera, finally learning how to operate it. The others came up eventually, atleast a good fifteen to twenty minutes after we did it, and the water got khallased here itself. I drank only one sip, and hope like hell I would have gotten more.
Then the others stayed back, while Noel and I went ahead. We climbed along another rivulet, all the while the path was getting steeper, and after almost falling a few times, we rested for a while on a couple of rocks. I took his hand band then, whoich turned out to be a good luck charm... and he took my cam. This was where the photo was taken. The view from here itself was breathtaking, but we were only three fourths the way up the mountain. We climbed a bit, met a man in a red shirt, who climbed a bit more with us, and then stopped, and asked us to continue. We did, and climbed up to the top. I was feeling very tired, and the only thing in my sight was the top - a bunch of really steep rocks. I went there, and found out that if you walk around it, there was a path leading further upwards. At this point we found a merrily singing band combing the top between two peaks.
They had sticks and looked liked what I imagined corbett's bush hunters to be like. This was a perfect beat. But i never found out who they were. We reached the top, exhausted, only the two of us, and the view was exhilerating. The highway, most of mulund, thane creek, powai and virar lake all fit into one of the coolest panoramas I've seen. Beats the one from yeoor top anyway.
I took a few pics, he took a video, and we headed back down. This was the difficult part. We had run out of water. My camera was a liability. When the ascent is tough, the descent is scary.
I almost fell a couple of more times, and noel was in front of me. WE met the red shirt guy hald way down, and decided to descend with him. He actually fell once, but nothing happened. After a bit, I let all remnants of caution go and ran down like hell. Crashed through the outer branches of a tree, and ended up with the rest of the group...
But there was still the long climb down.
Donno how I managed it without the water, but we met the red shirt guy chatting with another fellow on level one.
We came back to yogita's place, Noel and I purchased pepsi for everyone, we drank it and headed home.

I had lunch in the afternoon at tip top, a 150 thali, and I was suffering from a cash flow problem. the food was pretty good...
but my stomach almost exploded.
anyway... tommorrow am going swimming for sure. Just rememebred, I can't the club's closed tommorrow, damn.

more on gulpertripe

just realised, can put him here though

my pet!


adopted a tiger (named him gulpertripe) from bunny hop labs but couldn't put it on the blog because of the funny page structure. Will process the pics now. Continued reading hp5 well into the next chapter. Donno what to do first, read or blog.

It seemed to take Sirius and age to fall

This was when I reallised who was gonna diein hp5. The first time round I read it. It still sort of stabs you when you have read it around five times.
Big day today. did not go swimming, later went trekking, will blog about that later, then played badminton in eden woods with people I didn't know, lost all matches today. Pathetically. Damn. Guess i was just too tired.
Then talked with my friends and am going to bunty and bubbly twice, tommorrow and again on friday. Cool with it...
Then came home, researched blogs, ate food, talked over the phone to friends, and read HP5. Am actually reading HP5 right now. Will finish this chapter, research more blogs (5 to go), blog about the trekoid, and finish the book while I sleep...

Sunday, May 29, 2005


The first thing planned for today is not done : swimming. Got up too late, could've still blogged but stayed onine instead. Mebbe I will sleep again. Have to be somewhere to eat at one, and going up the hill after that.
Will probbly sleep a bit now. Will blog how it goes in the night.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

deleted blogs

deleted the test blog as well as the worlds most boring photoblog. So am left with this and the occult diaries. Conducted one fourth of a study on web logs, and the results will be out in five days max. Taking notes about twenty five random blogs everyday, and making a study of topics, languages and such like...
thats the hundred blog thing I wrote about in the morning, but did not exactly blog about.
Will read hp5 now, UD a bit, hungama is going on now, will watch the ending, then go to sleep. Big day tommorrow. will swim first thing in the morning.

feeling more depressed now

damn man. Today is not my day. saying that just made me feel better. Dont know why though.
so after confronting the sir, I came home by a shared rick, who was intent on "teaching lessons" to twowheelers who "cut" him on the streets. Then came home, blogged about my lousy (not so much now) day, and went and told my mom about it.
She freaked out and began to scold me, she found out that I have los the reciept, and scolded me for that too. Then she gave a long talk on the corporate enviornment, and all the dirty stuff that goes on there, that really depressed me. Dumbfuckingthing.
All of this was an attempt to cheer me up on my nervousness for the results, which are now coming on the seventh.
Somehow I came here and began to blog agian...

will go swimming tommorrow. Most probably.

will also go to et somehwere tommorrow.

will ALSO go up the hill again.

and if mulund aunty does not go for the wedding, will go to her house too....

so big day ahead. Aashray is online right now, but he is idle for some reason. Chatting with him might have cheered me up. damn.

bit sad right now

but will cheer up. If I have a heart of wood, like I am normally made out to be, then I won't feel so much like shit right now. and it's getting a little hard to take it philosophically either.

First, I went swimming in the morning. I was all alone in the pool, and was back home around seven thirty. Then I went to sleep, got up, and headed over to Mulund aunty's house. Somewhere around this time friends had called up to tell me that they were all meeting up at tastings. I told them i couldn't go, and took two ricks, searched fora bit and ended up in mulund aunty's house...
One of the first things she did to me was abuse me. told me I would go to hell for not telling her about our change of address...
But later realised that she was actually a very nice and kind lady who had a boisterous way of talking. A person from mulund after all, but on your side. Pretty cool actually.
So we talked the afternoon out, spoke about everything from the sub-types of languages around India, and how words like "sala" and "chutiya" were slangs not derogative terms.
Felt really sleepy... throughout. Remembered this old man whose family once babysat me, and the old man had an oxygen cylinder and a tube stuck up his nose. Its an image i can never forget. HE was wearing this white dhoti and a white shirt, with a speckled eard and small, moist eyes. The cylinder was brownish black, and the thing in his nostrils was a double pronged plastic thing somewhat like the inverted tooth of a cow. The small ones in the front...
While in his house, I had boasted about knowing my mother's office number, andhad given any old number to be dialed. It was at this point that I found out that a phone number has only seven numbers.

All this happened before i joint school, so i am not supposed to remember all of this.

But I do. After talking for a bit, I got some vanilla and chocolate biscuits outside thane station, headed over to classes where he thougt us PI, and we played a bit of rapid fire, a very quick form of antakshari, but you catch any word and start off...

But only the girls played. the boys merely watched on and ate.

After that everyone got their certs, and I didn't, and the sir left, asking me to remain and exchange addresses and phone numbers. I didn't do that. Not with a single person. I just gave a last glance towards the class, and left, as the door closed automatically.
That's why I'm feeling a little sad right now. Will probably never see them again. Will blog what little i remember of them even now.
There were the twins. Purva and something. something was shyer, the other was pretty much the opposite. They were one of the few cool people. then there was this girl who took the press conference. Spoke well... Jinal who became somewhat of a friend, but did not show up for half the classes. she wasa bit on the short side. Then there was rohan, an intelligent fellow, and spoke almost too perfectly, and gae all the right answers without knowing them beforehand. then there was pawan, the pani bhaiya, who went around distributing water on the previous eat while you learn session. Or was it the learn while you eat session? Anyway, he made ten out of nine matchsticks, and cracked a few backbencherish wise-ass comments. Only towards the end though, he was pretty quiet in the first few lecs. Then there was sanjeet, this massive guy who told us all about a ticketless travelling expirience. He was also in the Bmm class... but. Then there was Pearl, soft-spoken actually, and... donno. Ivy was short and dark... but pretty clever, but out "to jagadish sir thank you" or something similiar to that in quotes and changed the entire meaning. The meaning of her name was a topic in one of the lessons. Then there was pratik. Short thing guy, still in the tenth standard, and had really clever ideas. that's it I think. I can remember no one else, except this girl who smiled a lot, another one who advised all of us to buy mehndi only from a gujrati shop... and that's about it yeah.
I'm feeling really down now that I've actually blogged it.

After I left this crowd behind, without even a second glance, I confronted the sir and asked him for my cert. Turns out that my name was there by mistake, and he let me attend the lecs, but refused to take the money for the course, or give me a cert. The upshot of all this is that i get ot go next year when this happens again. Pretty cool eh?
When i signed up for BMM, if i joined at that time, I would get PD free. But this scheme was only for Hotel Management, and my name wriggled in somehow, that's why they called me when i missed the first lec.
To think I almost did not go.

the 100 blog thing

Already gone swiming. Next have to gomeet an aunt. More like my grandmother's friend...

also have to call friends to fix up plans for tommorrow
and be in classes by six thirty with something to eat....

will tv now for a bit and mebbe go back to sleep. Will blog at night now.

And Your Mother Too

that is the translation of Y Tu Mamá También, a movie by Cuoron. Seems to be a pretty cool movie according to the reviews and stuff I am reading. The most helpful was this one...

"Life has its way of teaching us. Life has its way of confusing us. Life has its way of changing us. Life has its way of astonishing us. Life has its way of hurting us. Life has its way of curing us. Life has its way of inspiring us."

just came back from swimming. The left shoulder blade is still hurting from yestrday. Wasn't hurting when I swam though...

learning a bit everyday that I go.

this is a quote from ya tu mama tambien...

Julio Zapata: Truth is cool but unattainable... the truth is totally amazing, but you can't ever reach it.

almost got blogged yesterday night

Finished taking caps of all the interesting scenes from hp3. Donno for what purpose, but still did it. The original trivia can be found on the on the trivia page for harry potter and the prisinor of azkaban at imdb

this is a highly reduced versions of only the trivia that interested me AND had capturable images.

Honeydukes "is floor-to-ceiling psychedelia" and includes Mexican skulls made of sugar. The cast was told that the Honeydukes candy was lacquer-coated, when in fact it wasn't, to prevent candy from disappearing between takes.
captured the scene, but the entire psychedelia is not shown in just one frame. Thinking of doing a small filmstrip with this one. Tommorrow. Have to sleep sometimes soon now.

Cameo: [Ian Brown] the singer (formerly of the Stone Roses) appears briefly in the bar at the start of the movie reading "A Brief History of Time". He was originally cast as the pub landlord, but the role was cut right down due to timing issues.

On the fountain in the courtyard exit to Hogsmeade, there are several statues of Eagles eating snakes. This is a commemoration to director Alfonso Cuarón and his mexican heritage, as the exact image appears on the Mexican flag.

When Harry, Hermione, and Ron are returning to the school from Hagrid's hut when after witnessing Buckbeak's execution, Hermione hugs Ron and Harry hugs Hermione - a reference to Cuarón's movie Y tu mamá también (2001).

... this movie was sexually explicit in nature. Eew. You can probably see that from the pic. This however, reminded me of Humraaz...

which in turn was inspired from "a perfect murder." And that movie does not have such a hug scene...

Director Cameo: [Alfonso Cuarón] the man seated holding two lit candles when Harry enters Madame Rosmerta's Tavern.

i spotted only one candle though

During the scene where we first meet Buckbeak the Hippogriff, just after Ron pushes Harry forward there is a shot of the animal pooping. The CGI team believes this might be the first example of a CGI animal doing this, but the Discovery Channel miniseries "Walking with Dinosaurs" (1999) had done it first.

I had to watch it twice to see it. Can hardly make out. Its like four pixels moving downwards for two secs. Mebbe a gif anim will help... but premiere is acting up again. Some fucking problem with the audio channels.

In the classroom scene where Lupin (David Thewlis) puts on a gramophone while the students fight a Boggart, we see a close-up of the gramophone, and on it is the word 'Thewlis'.

turning in now. Called a friend. definate plans for going up the hill on sunday. cool. Feeling hungry now. Might eat curd rice before sleeping. Going swimming tommorrow, and buying a enw watch.
SMSed a friend and the network is taking a lot of fucking time. Too late now anyway.. so.

cant blog now. Some sify problem. Will save this and do it tommorrow.

2:33 right now...

Friday, May 27, 2005

about today

Got up early morning and didn't go swimming. Listened to a lot of songs on winamp, and was listening to the bare neccesities from the jungle book a few minutes ago. I finally got the reason why some stations show up in winamp and others don't .I do not refresh the list. dumb me...

anyway, listened to a lot of music, read a lot of HP5, don't want the book to end. Watched hardly any TV. slept through the afternoon, played badminton in Eden woods, and got absolutely tired of it for the first time, and won every match. Cool...
but didn't head home after that. Went to audumbar and played carrom and talked a bit...
friends are doing a show in Suraj water Park tommorrow. Pretty cool actually...

anyway, and making screencaps for the hp3 trivia from imdb. Wanna do it for lotr too, but will take a lot of time..,

still havent figured out how to burn everything onto a cd.
Probably will work in wmv format, but that will cause loss of resolution. Wanna do it in avi, but premiere does not import dat files, and if I first convert into wmv, the resolution is lost anyway. Damn. Am thinking of downloading a vcd ripper... but.
Just letting that but hang there.. Donno exactly know but what.

While windows movie maker sperates the parts of the first half, I am going to have my food.

Screw the sidebar for now.

didn't go after all

Got up just a bit too late to go swimming, so i went back to sleep, UDed and Wikid a bit after getting up, and am blogging now. This was a very sick description of india that I found on the net...

A country filled with pussified vegan cocksuckers that simultaneously shit their pants when The US announced the sale of the F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan.
Bush: Manmohan, I've decided to give
the Pakistanis the F-16s.

Singh:diaper and his miniature
testicles ascending up in his
body> Whaaaa???

the net means UD....

But my description got a thumbs down too. 5 of em in fact, but there are two people who gave me the thumbs up. This can mean:
1) I am also a sick bastard who does not know what I am talking about
2) People don't have a good sense of humour
3) I think people don't have a good sense of humour because they don't like my definitions
4) People are too patriotic

Atleast in a blog you can say anything you want...


Added a load of stuff, and now the sidebar looks pretty cool. I am thinking of adding a pic between each section of the sidebar. Would be a cool...

thinking of making my own timer, instead of using someone's from the web...

definately going swimming tommorrow. Very tired now... listening to Jazz music. Will go to sleep reading potter now.
Will UD in the morning if I have the time...

stuff and stuff

this is the eowyn sabre scene

I made rendered her with a lightsabre through most of the fight sequence, but the dumb shit flickers.

Fuck rotoscoping.

and here is a cap of the vitruvian werewolf from HP3. the dumb CD could not be copied. BEcause the dat file is 752 megs. I donno how it fit into the bloody CD in the first place...

modifying the sidebar now.

Already added myself as a southpark char holding a lightsabre. Dumb marginw was giving me problems.

Will add a bebel.
And a couple of timers.
and probably a counter. Mebbe.
and a few other things...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

ack to square one... again

Chose this original tempelete again... was the only one I really liked. Will modify the sidebar heavil though... but this tempelete is more or less here to stay. Tried a load of things, but nothing worked. So this will be it...

will blog a few pics now. Different lightsabres. Black andwhite havent been tried yet...
and a cap of what I did with eowyn.

anyone know to rotoscope sans the flickering? >>> anorion@gmail.com please.

RIP: Sunil Dutt

Sunil Dutt's death is a bit of a shock. Still hasn't gone in yet... poor chap. Pretty cool guy.
Sunil Dutt didn't lobby, or use his political influence at all... pretty cool guy. my mother is telling me how he handled Sunjay Dutt's jail term after he got caught with AK47s after the mumbai blasts. He only said let the law take its own course, but still supported his son...

can't get out of that. Sort of in a bad mood. He shouldn't have died.

ah well..

Feeling sorry that he died. Dumb fellow...

1929-2005 I think. As much as I can remember from the papers today....

headlines in TOI.


on the phone

was just on the phone talking with my father. Donno when he will come back. Have to take the TDS cert from the bank tommorrow. Just checking a few wikis. Got up, did not go swimming, and spent a whole day unfruitfully trying to render lightsabres that didn't flicker, then ended up in classes, and finally playing carrom with building friends in the building, before coming here. Will call up a few people now...

almost back to square one

tried many things and finally settled on a different color version of my old tempelete. Damn. Will copy the text of this tempelete and study it with care when the connecion goes. And will hopefully make a tempelete before tonight, along with a nice background.
Ashwin's parents are coming home today... probably already have, so I can't head over to his house. He has a big test today. Aashray has probably taken an off, that bastard. Just sent him a msg asking him not to, if he has that is...
so will UD a bit right now... as long as the net lasts. Then I donno what. Thinking of an innovative way of bringing all the elements of what i want on my background without them clashing with one another.
will see. Jam will be out nytime soon...
and my results.

unlearnt lessons

damn. Hanging around comps for around eight years haven't taught me enough to SAVE REGULARLY. Was half way through a fucking great background when the dumb thing just closed itself.
ah well...
omkara swarupa.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

back to square one

damn. Selected my old tempelete again. Lost my sidebar customizations in the whole process. fucking damn. Going swimming tommorrow for sure. will also bathe later for sure. Will learn swimming tommorrow for sure. Will register adobe premier for sure. really. Don't know how, but will do it. Plan to do it anyway.
Thought of asking yellowwonderwall. blogspot for his tempelate, but decided taht I would instead... i donno... customize my own. Mebbe. Will see....

template changes

have republished the entire blog around ten times now. Will do it a couple more times. looking for the perfect template.

this is not a favorites list


but I am using the blog as one. Much less trouble. Amazing artwork. Using it in the background I am about to make.

wierd thing

changed the tempelete. My mom is saying that we'll try to buy back the old flat from audumbar. cool idea according to me...


Just for the record, these are the release dates of the movies I am interested in, along with box office collections.
I don't know what record though.
and all of them have sequels or prequels or whatever. Yeah, all of them are a part of a series.
Basically, looking for Harry Potter, Star wars, x-men, Lord of the rings, spiderman and the matrix movies. 3 hp movies, 6 star wars now, 2 x-men, 3 LOTR, 2 spiderman, and 2 matrix. So that's eighteen movies.

2005 Star Wars: Episode III - revenge of the sith $158,000,000
2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban $789,458,727
2004 Spider-Man 2 $783,577,893
2003 The Matrix Revolutions $424,000,000
2003 The Matrix Reloaded $735,600,000
2003 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King $1,129,219,252
2002 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones $648,200,000
2002 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers $921,600,000
2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets $866,300,000
2002 Spider-Man $806,700,000
2002 x2: x-men united $406,399,599
2001 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring $860,700,000
2001 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone $968,600,000
2000 X-Men $294,100,000
1999 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace $922,379,000
1999 The Matrix $456,300,000
1983 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi $572,700,000
1980 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back $533,800,000
1977 Star Wars: Episode IV - A new hope $797,900,000

gfg () () () () () () () () () that's the remainder from all the editing. will see how much all these movies have made together. The figure is 13,075,534,471

about today

Came from swimming early morning. Made friends with a lot of them, and one was particularly enthusiastic about teaching me to swim. I learnt to swim on my back, and pretty much how to kick to propel myself forward.
But everyone else told me I wasstaying in the same place.
Looks like I will go back tommorrow and learn to swim without paying for it. That's cool.

had a bit bout of nerves about my results. they are around the corner. thank god it started so late... I couldn't bear with the tension.

Came home and watched a lot of TV. firs watched edward scissorhands. Watched it from when things began to go downhill. Missed or have disremembered this quote "Forget about holding her hand, man. Think about the damage he could do to other places." I thought things would get better but they didn't. Damn. Or they got better in a way I didn't appreciate them to be better. I didn't buy the snow part.... which was pretty lame. I remembered that the actress was from that vampire movie, but I didn't know her name. Yeah... Winona Ryder. Damn... forgot her name.

After Edward scissorhands, I watched EDTV. Pretty cool movie actually, but he really should have performed with hurley. Cool. Another movie with ed in it. Very much like the movie I saw a few days ago with... um with... jim carrey in it. Thw truman show. yeah.
Liked that movie.
Then called sridhr, planned to go over to his place, got cancelled because his cousins were coming over. I slept then went and played badminton with my new raquet. Played well, but still lost... a lot. and won a bit. Won the last match.
I wanted to stay over for a bit at Ashwin's place, but Mom wanted me to come back, so I am doing this now.

my speedos

just tried out my speedos. work well, but are a bit too tight. Going to sleep now. Definately going swimming early tommorrow morning. For sure. No way I am not. will go at six thirty and be back by seven thirty.
UDied a lot of definitions, some of them at least are bound to show up by tommorrow. Will check one last time before turning in.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

pure graphite

the green gleam towards the bottom of the shaft of this raquet shows that the shaft is made up of pure graphite. Thats so damn cool. This raquet was totally worth half a grand.

couldn't resist again

couldn't resist blogging a huge view of my new raquet. I think I will blog a life size view. Or mebbe just give a link to it. The file will be huge though. Anyway, here it is:

This is a photo of our doodles. hte dragon took a lot of time. Everything else took under five mins.

and this is a pic of sumedh I took in retaliation to a pic of me he took for my img to come up when I call him.


scary. Really scary. Not in the good way, in the way that the film will torture your soul and take you into hell for the infinity that it feels like, and not provide you with one iota of thrill or entertainment. Drags you along the horrendous journey (for the audience) of this blind girl getting sight.
First they show an accident where her eyes swallow up this piece of glass (you must see this one to know how) which is actually impossible, because the eyelids will push the piece of glass out, or atleast the glas will jut out from beneath the eyelids.
Neither, she goes blind, and a still born child in gujrat suddenly gets life at the same time.
Same old, twenty years later, she gets an operation that gives her sight, but the transplant is from some chick who can look at dead guys, and the supposedly scary stuff happens - all the while torturing you.
This sort of troubles her for a while, and she ends up in India looking for her donor, finds her, finds out her stupid story, and you get to look at a whole new perspective of chicks rolling about in hte mud. Naina gives some hallucinating little girlie ghostie mukti by making her mother say she loves her daughter. Naina gets back to London in the arms of her hubbie... and all ends well.
then the torture starts off again. SHIT. she watches more people die, and her eyeballs swallow more glass, and the solution is that she goes blind again.

And those dumb peope are opposing this saying that it is against eye transplant. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Naina is against every goddamned thing you can think of. It rapes every sense that you possess, it assaults your intelligence and leaves it wimping in narrow scary dark places, it rips out your soul and makes you wish you were a dead ghostie with no other problem then to haung that bitch who keeps seeing dead people.
But it doesn't end there, and starts off again just when you thought the torture stopped.
To sum it up in one very cool word. Naina is a fuck.
Between getting a lucky pierre from a rabid gnu with mottled skin hordes of gnats, and a stinking hippopotomus that is simultaneously ripping your headoff your neck, and watching Naina, I would take my chances with the gnu and the hippo.
At least I don't have top pay to get fucked.

All throughout the movie only two thoughts were going through my head.
1) When the fuck will this end
2) 70 fucking bucks.

about a fucked up today

Notepad blog. 9:45

building politics.
Just spoke to two of my friends, sumedh and yogita, and all of us are most probably going to watch Naina. I know the movie sucks... but still am gonna watch it anyway.
Sumedh convinced me to go by telling me about his building politics. Such things haven't happened in a long time. Actually they have happened just yesterday to me, as I just came to realise. Anyway, in Sumedh's case, judging from the parts that I listened to AND understood, I figured that a fight caused a rift between the girls and the boys, and another rift caused a rift between two groups in the girls, "the bitches", who are crass and stupid, and the "high funda log" who "talk in english and all." Damn them. the high funda ppl came back to the boys, and another rift happened, and all the boys but my dumbass friend ran over to the bitches. Now all the boys but one dumbass and the bitches apparently went out for a killer birthday party (by friend's former best friend's b'day) and now my friend and the high funda log wanna go out for a movie to pay them back.
I don't know how the hell it will, but that's their philosophy.
And my dumb friend want's me to haul my butt all the way from Thane to sion to watch a movie that I don't like, with a bunch of people I don't know, just so that there is equal gender representation in he people going to the movies.
So i asked yogita to come so that there is equal friend representation in the movies, but apparently that also tips the gender scale, so most probably she isn't going to make it. But I fored her to come with a little tricky emotional blackmail. I think.
Since I have nothing to do for a good half an hour, and am a bit frustrated with HP5, I will blog all my old building politics. As much as I can remember em.

I remember long ago that we formed the lucky leven club (leven is eleven) which consisted of, I don't remember all members now, but definately involved the first gang back there in audumbar. We used to play lagori, atiya patiya, and a bunch of other things. People came and went and the core group hung on. This is over a span of fourteen years. The core group is still there, with an addition of one asshole of a guy. Ashwin went away for like six years to ghatkoper. Another one went of to Baruch and is still there... one left for london. One went to gujrat or somewhat for four years. We are pretty much scattered now. I hit one girl with a belt when i was a kid once, and everyone in the building scolded me. damn. I don't want to blog about this... getting too uncharechteristically nostalgic, and this isn't funny anymore, like his building charechteristics. Damn. Atleast to me that is.

after the final blog in the morning, I UDied a bit, read the papers, some contovorsey on Jo Boley so nihal. damn fucked up sikhs can't even let a movie be. It's a crappy movie, but the same thing happened with Meenaxi, with the usage of noor-a-la-noor, the light of lights, which is usually used to describe allah, damned MF hussein described Tabu with it. I think. The phrase was definately used in a way which angered the muslims. I need to get my hands on a pirated version of it. Atleast that protest was peaceful. Damned sikhs bombed a thatre in protest of some stupid religion. that's why any religion of any kind should be banned.
Too many people have been killed in God's name. Will give the old fool a bad name.
That bastard. Set things right will you. just come down here and kill all punks like us. You were supposed to do it in 2000, and chickened out being the scardy cat bastard tht you are. Take me first. I don't care. Hate veerything right now. Too bored to type sense that's why I am doing this.
Phat slugg.....

present tense now. Exactly 12 hours later, as coincidence would have it. after blogging, got ready and went over to cine planet. there was some confusion involving cousins and who would actually watch the movie. I figured sumedh's dumb plan out, which was basically, to send his cousins off to watch kaal, while me, him and his friends would watch naina.
Bad move from step one. The cousins turned out to be little kids, one of whom lives in my colony and frequents the club house. Apparently swims a lot. We entered the thatre after sending his cousins off to watch kaal. Still hadn't exactly figured out his problem. Actually, still havent. Don't care tht much about it. So we watched the movie, will blog about just the movie seperately. Throughout the movie, these two guys were passing smart aleck comments from the row behind us, and followed us for a while after the movie hoping to get introduced to Sumedh's friends. Freaks who needed help, but who were otherwise really nice guys. I hope. so we ended up in Sumedh's house after the really bad movie, and we played some crappy racing game version six, which played only upside down on his comp. got bored of that and played pinball instead, got bored of that too, hogged a bit of his chocolates, and started drawing on his whiteboard. Pics of everything later.
Played table tennis for a bit, and headed back home. HAd something very much like pepsi on platform number five, after catching a fast train from kurla, after catching a slow train from chunabhutti, which had a dried up condom on the overbridge.
Ended up in gunpule and got swimming goggs, as well as a really cool raquet for 500 bucks. Pics in another blog.
Nothing new on UD today. By me that is.
After that went to classes, and we had this game where we were blindfolded and had to make a square out of a lenght of rope. Was utter chaos.
came home, via a really long traffic jam, and am blogging now.
Mum was not too hppy about the steep price of the raquet, but I got her convinced that raquets usually cost that much.

just got up

the monitor is appearing very bright right now. Don't remember the dreams, but remember the stuff after the dreams, as I lay awake. I gotup in time to swim, at around six, but went back to sleep, not out of laziness but out of boredom. PLans for today
1) Not blog any more (till evening that is)
2) go to cine planet
3) buy the raquet
I just remembered at this point that I have already blogged my plans for today. Damn.

am turning in now

this is just too damn late to be awake. But I am not sleepy. Just terribly bored and frustrated that all the rotoscopind didn't pay off. UDed a bit, going to sleep now. May go swimming tommorrow morning. donno. will see.
Good night.

I am adressing the blog whenever I adress anyone. Except for this line that is.
Oh good, feeling sleepy now.
Guess you feel sleepy when you realise how late it is.

need a new idea

tried making a lightsabre scene between elrond and aragorn. Damn. Thing was flickering again. I either need to cut copy paste the sabre into every single scene in such a way that it is almost the same but not quite. Donno. Too bored to process it in photoshop and put it here...
Read HP5 while all the rendering was taking place. Basically am ditching the idea of the return of the king - return of the jedi thing. Damn. Was a good idea. I lost paint on my comp. Need to find it somewhere. Donno where it has gone and hid though.
Put a few definitions on UD.
May go swimming tommorrow morning.
Will see.
Sleeping now. Didn't watch the ending of k3g after all...

Monday, May 23, 2005

trust your technolust

piracy forever. DAmn people caught someone called pravin dhaliwal for audio and video piracy. Assholes.


cool tutorials. Tried it just now on a pic I took in Dombivili.

turned this

into this

nah can't blog the pics. Are too fucking damn large. Later. Tommorrow. Mebbe.

decided against writihe article now. Not in the mood. Will wait for some real topics to come up. will watch what is remaining of k3g now, and go to sleep, or read or whatever. Might even do a bit of rotoscoping. Donno.

but first I will look up a few definitions on UD. No is defined as the word that turns sex into rape.

but it flickers

finished making the witchking lightsabre thing. This is a still. but I have made a HUGE mistake in doing this.

for one still, it is ok, but when the entire video plays, the lightsabre flickers as if its the flame on a candle, like my mother just pointed out.
will have to make the whole thing again, using lines to draw the sabres. Will work better than this are any rate. silly thing is amazingly, the save as filmstrip option goes away to limbo once you save it as a psd and open it up again. Damn.

Tommorrow's plans:

1) Not buy a new watch.
2) but buy a new raquet
3) go to watch Naina at cine planet with friends
4) go to classes.

Will not happen in that order though. will probably happen in 3-2-4-whenever the hell order. Will check out a lot of SW stuff now, or make another lightsabre thing. Don't know which. Will register premier for sure tommorrow. YEah I think I will write that piracy article now.

This is the badminton raquet that Ashwin broke.

abt tdy agn

Got up early morning, and went with my father to dombivili. Got my LOTR cds from bala, and my watch got filched on the way back. I reached there in the 9:45 local to kalyan, and caught the 9:45 local back to CST, and my fast track watch got filched. I wrote a complaint at thane police station, and he asked me stupid questions like "why didn't you catch the thief." I wanted to reply with a "That's your job" but wrote the complaint down and came home. Fortunately I wasn't scolded for this, but I got an hour long talk on how to be careful, which is OK...
Then headed over to Ashwin's house and messed around with his comp and played a bit with a laser pointer, came home, made myself some popcorn, are vanilla ice ceam after that, and a whole bowl of mangoes after THAT, all the while reading HP5. Then I went to sleep, got up and worked on a witch king lightsaber animation, which I finally completed, and now I am here.
K3g is going on right now.
No new mail.
Will blog pics of the witch king animation and mebbe stills of all LOTR chars with lightsabres later tonight.
MEbbe that's all I will do. Donno.
I need to do something FUNNY. If only an idea strikes me...

Gol gumbaz

Just remembered the trip I almost went to. Have to go to baruch someday. Just finished eating ice cream. Vanilla flavor. was checking my blog to see what were the two JAm articles I wanted to write. Now I have to write oneon microsoft antispyware. Will start it tommorrow, and finish it too. Have to go to sleep now. will start winamp and tht kill winamp thing. Will listen to only my favorite songs now. No mangoes for me today. Might make a few spoofs tommorrow...
Ahve to register adobe premier sometime soon, otherwise it will expire. Oh yeah, can write a JAM article on hackers too... and piracy. Apparently the first guy was apprehended for downloading songs. So they have started doing it finally.

We will find a way.
Trust your technolust.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


didn't find a good enough template, so am gonna make my own killer template. Yeahah. But after food. My mother is scolding me right now, and asking me to eat the food. Damn again. Slept for four hors atleast today, and am still sleepy now.

testing HTML headers

heading level one

heading level two

heading level three

heading level four

heading level five

heading level six

heading level seven

I just added a comment to my pic and republished my blog. Looks too big. Damn.
The pic is of me in a mumbai local.

will probably change this template

Looks like this is the most popular template on blogspot. Will probably change this template, and include a background sound, or an audio stream if I can manage it. This blog is about to get a new look...
anyway, got up early morning, and went swimming. I already blogged about that. Then fooled around, and slept a lot, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. Played badminton like hell in the evening, and lost as many matches as I won. More or less. Definately more on the won side. Lost three matches and played at least seven. That was in eden woods. Sumedh called up and asked me to see naina. Saw half a interview of someone who had watched it, and he said "it was pathetic" in a very emphatic manner. But I am still going on wednesday. Tommorrow morning I am going with my fater to the station, and going over to dombivili station to get my LOTR cds. Bala is going to vellore on tuesday evening. Noel and sid are currently in bangalore. cool.
Everyone's somewhere, and I am stuck here bloggind. Damn.
Will take a snapshot of this blog. Will call it the before pic.

just went swimming

Just came back from swimming. Only three or four guys were there when I went. they were diving and swimming in the far end. I floated a bit and tried to butterfly but couldn't. In fact, I could swimless than last time. But i learnt a wierd kind of dog paddle, where I half-swim but still skim along the floor using my feet for extra leverage. Works well. I could travel as fast as some of the more kiddish swimmers. Then those guys came around and we hunted for coins. They lost one and gave up, which I found, but couldn't pick up from the floor, so I kept it under my leg and dragged it till the shallow end, when a kid came and took it from under my foot. Asshole.
Came back now, and donno what I am going to do today. Probably write an article on hard drives or something.

Going swimming

Just got up. Found simpler way to stop songs automatically instead of using kill winamp. Just remove the looping and repeat buttons, which I haven't done till now from the time I was using winamp2.
Just realised theat wikipedia has become the new google.Should've included that in the article I sent to Jam. Writing at least two more articles to the computers section for JAM. One involves how to transport your hard drive, and the other one on microsoft antispyware. Listening to he's got the whole world in his hands right now. Will most probably be going swimming, but I don't feel like I have the energy to do it. I go blind when I remove my specs, can't see or recognize anything. Donno how my father does it.His number is around six or seven. Twelve is blindness right? Whoa. He'll have to be careful. He's a bit of a smoker actually.
I downloaded lego star wars yesterday, am going to check it out later. Listening to why does my heart feel so bad by moby right now. He is Herman Melville's grand - nephew. Cool...
Had a very wierd dream yesterday. I mean today. Friends came over and stuff happened.
Going swimming now.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


am going to go swimming early morning tommorrow, so sleeping now. Will download a huge game, pronbably the demo for lego star wars. Will download a fwe star wars demos I think while I am asleep. Will use kill winamp. Was listening to pink floyd, comfortably numb, the rare live version. Am now listening to another track by the same group - run like hell. Listening to only classic rock tonight. Will blog tommorrow, if I get back from swimming before nine. Will look up dog paddling....

Still not over padme's death

Got up early morning, surfed a bit, blogged a bit, cleaned teh fans in my room, there was a hell load of dust, read HP five for a while, headed over to eden woods and hung out with Aashray and Ashwin, and made popcorn for them, even though they were a it skeptical. Then played carrom, and learnt a new game called mongoose. Damn thing. Went top classes next, had the session of eat and learn where everyone were blindfolded and had to serve everyone else.
I had taken cake. Ate a new thing alled khadvli or something, which was totally my idea of what squid would be like. It was apparently yellow, I thought it was white. I was blindfolded.
Still not over padmes death in ep III.

What happened ah well



looking up star wars message boards that I like. Have to save the links or will lose track. Damn.


that's the directory. cool.
Time getting done now. Will blog and leave.

And i saw the millenium falcon

I SAW the millenium falcon in one scene. I am sure of this.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Revange of the sith

War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku. There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere. In a stunning move, the fiendish droid leader, General Grievious, has swept into the Republic capital and kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine, leader of the Galactic Senate. As the Separatist Droid Army attempts to flee the besieged capital with their valuable hostage, two Jedi knights lead a desperate mission to rescue the captive Chancellor.

I particularly liked the dragon treature, and the grievious - obi wan sabre fight was just fucking amazing.

But padme cannot fucking die. the entry of her in the star wars databank has been erased. That's jsut too fucking damn bad.

I am damn sure I saw the millenium falcon in one of the scenes.

Man I just searched for my old cds for the original document of star wars databank for the padme entry, and I being the stupid asshole that I am have copied only the first part. Damn. this is so fucking damn depressing that I am going into bad grammar.


anyway, the movie was pretty cool actually.


only half an hour to blog

Half an hour before that dumb virus kicks in. Ripped chemichal brothers yesterday night. Wait a min, theres a notepad blog somewhere about this.

notepad blog:
7:48 now. Just ripped an uncopyable CD. Must've taken six hours, I donno, I was sleeping through it, Idiots, spend money on it and we can do it anyway. Had to get a hackerish name for various activities. Not hacking, but still... played around with a few thins. I frogot what I initially tried, settled on something else, but cyber$8@n is pretty cool. Oh yeah, I had saved it in a file. It was $@fl38. Even $8@n is cool. Five hours until star wars. FIVE HOURS UNTIL STAR WARS. People have already seen it abroad thoguh, but I will be one of the first in India. will blog how it goes if I get a connection, am not getting it right now. Damn.
the plan is that i will pick up a few friends on the way there, and then we stop at kurla, eat something at McDonalds near VT station, then we go to Sterling and watch STAR WARS. IN FIVE HOURS.
Listening to born to be wild by steppenwolf. Gave my Firo - B tests yesterday. I should be less impulsive and more affectionate to others. I am going to do that now.
Will be ripping Yanni while I am away. And MAtrix reloaded will come this night, am watching that too. So many things to do today.

Yeah, so caught uop with friends at triveni, went to kurla to pick up another one, and ended up in McDonalds near VT. Meat Fernandis there, never expected that, talked a bit and then went to Sterling. Friend lost tickets on the way, and there was this interview going on. we talked a bit, and then decided to enter the thatre when we realised that the tickets were lost. WE went back and it was just lying on the freaking road! first day first show tickets for revange of the sith were lying on the bloody road. At first only one ticket was found. I obtained it, and silently thought that i am going in for sure. then the other three were found, so we all got to go. The movie was just too amazing but a bit depressing. Will blog about the movie seperatly later. I still have to get over padme's death. She's NOT supposed to dies. Anyway, came back home, played scrabbel, then played a bit of badminton, then finally watched the matrix reloaded. Like the ending. The one survivor was so cool man...
Anyway, am here now. This was a pretty quick blog. Ah well... will blog lte rif I have no virus problems.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

about today

Did nothing all day watched a bit of tv, ripped a supposedly uncopyable cd, and then watched a movie called try seventeen. The girl there was hot, and ashwin called sking for movies with hot girls. I gave him a few which the cd rentl guy did not have. when asked for an adult movie, that guy thought adult movie was a name of a movie, and said that he did not have that too.
HE also thought english movie was a name of a movie.
But full frontal (which has nada) was on on zee studio.
Try seventeen was a good movie. Later that evening I went to classes, and came back home (after eating a v-pav) to find my net defunct again. damn. Fucking damn. Hope it works when i go back. So I am at the cybercafe again, mailing in my ud definitions. I was at first in a comp that wasn't even in a cubicle and totally had zero privacy. Now I am in the cubicle with the cool keybord. Ah well...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Got up in the morning, watched tv till twelve, I think I watched parts of a movie -yeah it's coming back to me now. watched the mask, then called a friend who twisted an ankle playing football so he couldn't come with me, but I headed over to Vt anyway, alone, in the first class compartment, got a good seat in a fast local, searched for sterling a bit, found it finally, ang GOT TICKETS FOR STAR WARS EPISODE THREE. Yeah. As I was heading over, a train rushed past the bridge I was standing on, I called up ameya and asked him to come up with a formula for adjusting the frequency of the horn in such a way that a doppler is not heard.
Then went to planet M, talked with an assistant about the rearranged positions of the cds, he didn't have the new IM album, so I got push the button from chemichal brothers, and the best of Culture Club, which amazingly enough does not contain bow down mister. then headed over to BCL, got von bek, master of the time streams, and world facts, headed home, watched a bit of tv, parts of dumb bollywood movies, headed over to play badminton, lost a few games pathetically, and won a few spectacularly.

Venkatraman uncle died today. He was this old man who used to live in my old building. Some train accident that no one knows the details of crippled him for life. he lost both legs, and experimented with different types of crutches for the rest of his life. HE was this khadus old man actually, and one of the earliest memories of him that I have is him playing out the role of Dr. Jeckyll and MR. Hyde in a competition in the society. I did not fully understand it at that time, but he did a good impression of changing from a good guy to a monster. HE moved arouund and put black polish on his face. I also remember a dassera thing that his wife had made, and the very bitter-sweet south indian prasadam. His wife uased to look after him in old age. he wanted to encourage me when I made tha dumb mag for my building called audumbar weekly. Tht was total shit. He didn't pay for it, and I moved pout of that and lost touch. We still used to borrow his VCR to play some tapes a few times, but it didn't work the last time around.
That's about all I remember of him... except that he also thought I had a perverted mentality, which was not entirely untrue. Feelind a bit sad that he has died, and that I will never have the pleasure of looking at that mean old smile that he gave whenever he had indirectly insulted anyone. Damn. HE shifted between two flats towards the end... and nove he has gone. Damn. Really miss him.
His daughter always used to sing Monica oh my darling in the ganesh utsav.

Called up ameya later and he gave me the derivation.

velocity of train = v
frequency = n1
velocity of sound = V

n = (V/V-v)n1

new frequency n2

n = (V/V+v)n2

(V+v)n1 = (V-v)n2

He couldn't figure it out at the point thoguh, the momentary transitionfrom n1 to n2.
Will use it somewhere. I think.
But Raman uncle died today. That's just shit.
Spending a lot of time uding.

I learnt what a ployzoon is

don't say it as poly-zoon but like poly-zoo-On. Poly zoo on. Tiny crits that form colonies. Have to save this page, and look into it frequently, and use it frequently. hope my printer works.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

why piracy is good

-galactica, user thingy increased. go into detals of the torrent thing.
-say how having the most downloaded thing made stuff popular
-low quality makes people buy their own copies if they like it
-legalise p2p and make them adware.
-p2p is already legal anyway
-have you ever borrowed a book from a friend? The cover prohibits that. do you listen. tell why?
-xp having holes in the security update pack 2


Mulund hill somewhat of a trek

will accelerate it in terms of which photos I am going to blog. Will include only the important ones.
so I took a photo of those yellow things

actually screw it. too bored to write. we went half-way up a hill and came back. done. cool. talked a lot of destiny and stuff on the way.


That's the number of the cab in it's a guy thing. watched the movie this morning. This fact, is by the way, not there on IMDB. It loses out on trivia for all the smaller movies.
got up early morning, more or less, downloaded a bit of I don't remember what, watched tv, it's a guy thing, and almost finished reading hp4 throughout the day. then headed over to classes, and came back, and read a few things on imdb. trivia and goofs for it's a guy thing, charlies angels 2 (it was almost named halo), both the MI2 movies, and eyes wide shut. See what they notice.

Continuity: In the orgy scene, as Bill (in a mask) stands and watches, a masked man and a fully nude woman (also masked) enter behind him. But in between shots, the woman's pubic hair changes.

It's just pubic hair, for god's sake.

but they noticed this in that scene.

Crew or equipment visible: Reflected in the bedpost during the love making scene.

damn. Blogging about the hill trek next, and then mebbe why piracy is good.

hope no virus today

seems that the virus comes in everytime i use the word 'virus'. Not today. Cool. I need to blog about the trek, otherwise it will get too late. Damn. I also need to blog about the train thesis. was reading blogs just now, actualy imdb, and jsut my blog, there are a lack of mundane i did this and that blogs, instead, you have blogs in italian, spanih, tax dollars, enviornment, and nude pics of fat women.


things I need to write within the next two days

1) Short tory on time travel
2) Article on MOMs
3) Article on editable stuff on the net [today]
4) the dictionary

Will start work on that blog today. Now.

abt ystrdy

Never had that one.
Yesterday morning, I got up early, went to Thane station with my mother, and got off at the place where you get the pass, but had to go to east because the room was full of people in queue. East also had a pretty long queue. donno why yesterday was such a popular day for getting your passes renewed. I caught a fast train... the 9:31 one and landed up in VT. Caught a bus, went to churchgate, waited patiently as it rounded the corner and followed oval maidan, so I got off at the next stop, walked back two blocks, went to KC, went to the officle, they directed me to the ground floor to buy the forms. The people in the ground floor did not have change for 500, so I went back up and asked the cashier, who also didn't have any. So I wondered around KC college hoping I wouldn't get lost, and got the cash from this petrol pump down the road, and then headed back up to KC college, paid the guy, got the forms, and walked my way towards Jai Hind College.
Had to ask a fwe people, including Aashray, who told me it was next to government law college, asked directions to that from a police officer, and reached government law college which was on a corner. Aashray had said the college was two buildings away from GLC. I didn't know whether to take a turn or walk straight ahead. I turned, on a whim, and kept walking. After around four buidlings, that were all aparpents, I went into one, where the watchman was playing with this half full waterbottle, by rolling it up and down the cement railings for the steps, stopped as I approached him, and pointed at the college. It was around eight buildings away from GLC. I ended up in Jai hind office, asking where it was, I heard "Baju mein desk hai" In the desk beside. I searched the cgroundfloor, ended up in the cafeteria, and canteen and many places but no desk. I contemplated calling a friend who used to go to Jai hind, and then did it too, but the call wouldn't connect for some reason. I thought my cell phone package had expired. I checked, and it was alright. I went back to the guy at the office, and asked him where it was. He said that it was on the NEXT BUILDING. Jai Hind college, I found out, were these two buildings joint back to back with a compund broken in between...
I went around twice THAT building, all the doors were locked, and the IT department's door was open, and the main door was open which was empty and intimidationg.
Finally I noticed a small sign on the IT door. It was a handwritten thing on paper. "BMS BMM entrance forms only after HSC results"
Went back out, caught a cab after many people refused to take me to Xavier. Had to walk it up from the subway because of rotten directions from Aashray. I was in touch with him on the mobile. I went to Xavier, took the side entrance, and walked into this bunch of kids playing football on this huge ground. I signed the register, entered the office, and a lady there also told me the same thing that the BMM forms were available only after the HSC results.
Good for me.
I headed back outside, when I saw this board outside with the breakup for the entrance tests. HSC marks were only 10% of the tortal waitage. So why make us wait for it?
Mebbe for selection from round I to round II.
Anyway, so I wrote that down, and got a call from a friend who also was in VT, saying everyone was meeting up with Bandra. I knew right then that everyone, was a very twisted term. Never used rightly. I told OK, brought digital fortress and deception point for 140 bucks. Stole them more like. Caught a train to sion, called up a group of friends making their way over to VT, to get books, guitar strings, and because they had no other work. I asked them to wait at sion while I go back to the college and get the forms. I headed over to SIES, Aashray called saying he would be reaching Vt, we could meet up and do stuff. Friends were just leaving mulund at this point. Didn't know whom to hook up with after SIES. went to SIES, the office was crowded, so didn't get the forms, and they asked me to come later for Dakshinayanam. Sy and TY admissions were taking place, this complicated procedure...
Anyway, after that, I headed back to sion station, making calls everywhere. Lost a balance of almost a hundred and fifty bucks yesterday. Used the mobile bvery indiscrimately. Reached sion station, friends were at vikhroli, and Aashray was in a fast train past bhandup.
sat down in sion station reading digital fortress, when I saw Nikhil and Nimesh from my classes in a train. They said they would come back and get me, they were headed the other direction. I asked them where they had gone, and theys aid that they had gone to SIES, and wouldn't get the forms till just before HSC results. I told them OK< and was too dumbstruck with the prospect of contemplating plans with threee groups of friends at the same time, so I wanted to tell them to carry on. As the train drew out, they asked me to stay where I was and that they would head over.
I decided I would get into the train with Noel, yogita and Sid, and then I would got to Vt and then decide. I was reading, and they were sitting on this bench two benches away and we hadn't noticed each other. Damn. I headed over to them, we caught the next train, and I sat reading, Sid fell asleep... and the other two talked.
I was talking with Aashray in the fast train right then, and when we were in Chinchpokhli he was in sandhurst road, or the other way around. The point is we ended up in VT at the same time. I was walking out from platform 3 and he from platform 5. I introduced my two groups of friends, and we set out. We met again a few seconds later at the pepsi place. They headed out, and we too, used the subway. We were going to CGSI. That's some consumer place. We walked to aazad maidan to realise that we were walking behind my friends. We took a turn soonb, and it was this dinghy office. Aashray was doing some story on the shops charging a rupee surcharge.
Looked through files of consumer complaints, seems Raj travels has recieved a load of complaints. they had cross checked and verified everything. Good job... Apparently the action was taken by the weights and measurements department.
Listening to Jugni right now.
At around two, I headed back out, contemplated hooking up with friends in VT, at churchgate, but took a fast train to Dadar instead, and then bought a ticket after changing counters as usual, with totally misleading directions. Hey! i just found a cool way to handle frustration - turn it into humour. Like I was frustrated at the confusing directions for the tickets, and I thought I would write about it... cool eh? Anyway, after buying a ticket, I jsut missed a train with one of those new bogies, and caught the next one to Bandra. By this time, the everyone had dwindled to five people for many reasons.
I reached Bandra at around three, and Had food in McDonalds with a few friends who had managed to come (2) and then headed back home.
I was home at 05:05. I read digital fortress, watched tv and a bit of simpsons, headed over to Eden Woods to play badminton, was thwarted by karate kids and wierd badminton players. PLayed doubles eventually, one match and lsot,the other team laughing and my fucking partner not understanding the simple rules and doing all sorts of nonsense and asking me to shut up. She didn't switch sides while I ws sering and was calmly standing behind me.
This is one frustration I can't change into humour.
Not yet anyway.
I walked off, they all had to go to watch some stupid serial. I have to go all the way there for one hour that I don't enjoy anymore, and they have to go back to watch serials...
I came back home and wanted to blog, but the dumb virus wouldn't let me. I listened to music, and read digital fortress. Amazing book. I was right Every book of Dan Brown I read is turning out to be better than the previous one. It turned out to be different than what i thought it would be...
and it was all a hoax. The proposal was fucking amazing. couldn't blog all this yesterday, so ome details may be missing. will download webshots wallpapers now...

hope there is no virus now

Big day today. This virus is driving me nuts. Got up early morning, headed over to station and went to get the pass but th/ere was this huge /line, so I we/nt to the other end of the station, and there was -th/-is hugeline nb/-here too. nb/-Ddammn will blog tommorrow if the virus continues. nb/

Monday, May 16, 2005

fock you and die

Ah well./ nb///-/DF w/as a/ rea/lly nice book... and there is this virus nb//-form nb//-hell nb/-/ nb/-nb/-/-nb/n- b/b-/
Virus from nb/-hell. nb//-//
damn. I hope it has nb/-gon-- now B n/ n b/

without wax

Why do all da brown b//-nb//- n//-nb//- nb//- nb//-nb//-nb//-nb//-nb//-//-nb//-

We started singing...

american pie... towards the ending... and
This time I have a ring.
Dan brown is fucking amazing. I was right. Every successive book I read is better than the previous one...


was there when i decided to blog. reading digital fortress and listening to words right now... the music has suddenly stopped. Big day today. will blog later tonight. After I finish digital fortress. they may suck, but Dan Brown's books have one quality... unputdownable.

I discovered urban dictionary

Short for weblog.
A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as "homework sucks" and "I slept until noon today."

I am already an editor. what the hell. got up, am heading over to different colleges to collect the forms. So will have to leave now. Had three wierd dreams yesterday. First I was cheated by a book-shop fellow in sion (I wass actually cheated by him once) then i faught with him about it (Like I faught the guy in the toilet) then he kidnapped me (no such expirience in real life) and lived in this small cement house with a daughter in a bakery (Dharavi slums) and was about to give me poison and kill me when i ran to the road opposite sion hospital, and shouted for help, but people looked at me like I was mad, and my father had becomea police officer with a gun came and shot the guy (Like marge becomes the police officer in the simpsons)
And i have forgottne the other two dreams already, but they were equally wierd. Going now. will write articles to Jam about MOMs and editable stuff on the web... would be cool.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Up the hill

Just around the corner of my friend's house, there was this wall with a hole in it blocked by stone. The same thing has happened in yeoor too, but only they have put a solid cement wall with barbed wire on top. the worst thing about the whole thing is that you can jsut walk around the wall if you take the trouble.

we didn't.

mostly because we didn't know about that back then...

Then we contemplated going over it, which we eventually ended up doing, I was the first over...

...because i wanted to get a pic of everyone else making it over.

But while I ran half way up, they were still contemplating how to...

and I looked around while everyone went over... and this was the view.

And I noticed this really cool path which had those trees with branches that loomed on from eiter side... like a tunnel of branches. this was the road we were about to take.

or so I thought...
there was a remote sense of adventure somewhere... so the preferred path was straight up over rocks, and I ran up again to get pics...

All this rot about not getting people to pose, gets you really bad photos. Or I shouldn't use the aim and click thing anymore... with moving objects.

Jordan raced up behind me and he basically does that all the way up...
like in this pic

and this

AND this

but the rest climbed up

And we climbed really higher and reached this...

and this

and this

around five minutes after I took this... sumedh and sid came over and asked me to take a pic of that...
I am ahead on that one track.

Listening to totia manmotia by Rabbi while blogging this...

so the plateau or stable, or whatever they call the geographic feature for a small piece of even land midway up a hill sloped down in threee directions and rose in one. To the right were shrubs and rocks, to the front was the way back down and there were small trees to the right. Sid decided to explore that part...

But he was called back and we continued to walk, and sumedh wanted to take a pic of this flower, the same is in my building, and some guy photographed them a few days ago. Might blog my pic of that tommorrow...

damn. I hung explorer. Will blog the rest tommorrow. really have to sleep now.

Aout today

Got up early morning. Actually wanted to get up early morning, got up late, because I slept late, because I was reading HP4 into the night while eating popcorn and some wierd fruit. Got up at around eight fifteen, was in the pool by eight forty. Can't believe all that happened today. Big day. Anyway, got into the pool and struggled to learn swimming. came to know that the difficult part is not propulsion, but amazingly enough breathing. I learnt the butterfly stroke, and could go as far as I could hold my breath. Finally learned to swim somewhat by kicking my legs, and keeping my neck bent backwards to a great degree, and flailing my arms. this suddenly failed a few times, and I ended up taking in water.
Came home, had really good dosa with white chutney and headed over to a friend's place. Was the first there. We all met up, actually I was the second.. but...
anyway, so we played UNO, wierd rules, non-new-zealand rules, then had food, then a game of bluff that lasted way too long, I didn't lose, and then we had lunch, the food was just starters. Ice-cream and fruits followed, then we went on a small walk up this hill...
which is going to be one hell of a blog, am going to do that sometime later. LOADS of pics. Came home at around eight, headed straight to eden woods to play badminton, which they didn't, so came home and am doing this now. IE has crashed, so I want to download slim browser. Had dosa with green chutney while listening to classical music over the net... and reading HP4. want to listen to classic irish celetic folk. Cool genre. Anyway, will sleep now, or blog the up a hill blog.
Have to go tommorrow to get forms, so tommorrow is in all probability also going to be a big day. No progress on the best seat thesis, but I will have photos to back me up tommorrow. Probably buying a pass, which is good, and will work for me. Also, there are plans that we all will meet up tommorrow too... and in the evening I have to go play badminton at six thirty, but I wanna watch all of simpsons at six. so we'll see. Ameya called up this morning showing interest to make a star wars spoof. I will have to come up with a script for that now. Damn.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

what the hell...

another one of those posts. went to dombivili again, early morning, submitted the things I had made, and both bala and his father liked it, so good for me. Then bala and I went to play burnout, and played for two solid hours. Thumbs started paining like hell, and we stopped, and I came home. I totally screwed bala at the game. I was scoring things like 10-2. 10-4 and even a 10-0 once. he got a couple of 10-6s but that was still ok. Came home, saw kofee with karan, the Hemaji and Zeenatji episode. Was a pretty cool one. then headed over to classes, where they made us play this game of bulding a stack of matches blindfolded. Pretty cool game. Lost at that by one matchbox. Came home, did not play badminton, am going to go to a friends house for lunch tommorrow, and probably trekking after that. Will probably learn a new definition of "trakking" tommorrow. I am sure it will just be a climb up a stupid hill...

so damn sleepy

not even reading going straight to sleep. Just checking if the stats are back on. Hope they are....
NOPE. what the hell were they doing....
ah well. nighty night.

the bone collector part II

continued from part I obviously.

But Bala was still interested in gathering bones, so he got a load of em.

At this point an old man began to walk purposefully towards us. I thought he had come to tell us off for picking up and photographing bones. Instead, he asked us to count his cattle. He wanted to know how many bulls and how many cows. We told him, he told us there should have been more, and went off to do his business....

I took a pic of him as he walked away...

thats him herding the cows...

that's how all this really looked like

and another totally useless pic...

and wait, there is another, not even with cattle in it. It was taken while waiting for this train, we heard it coming around five minutes before it actually came, which was pretty cool...

And then it actually shows up, which was cooler.


At this point the cowherd came back and asked us what we were doing, answerred his own question by saying that we were just roaming, smiled at his own cleverness, advised us to go to the temple to hang out, then disappeared somewhere.
But a very interesting piece of grass caught my eye.

Donno what's interesting about it? Take another look.

the thing went along with the wing... but hopped just a little bit.
Still can't see it? look closer.

Mebbe this will help.

Cool eh? Even cooler? i managed to catch it... somehow. With a plastic bag that was nearby. Have it in my bag now... hope it will die and I canphotograph it tommorrow.

We climbed the mound of the tracks, and looked around us...
hey even better way to put it. We went over the mountain... to see what we could see.

The tracks

Even the sewage in India is beautiful. But stinks a bit (...too much)

A goods train showed up, bala waited for it to pass...

I hurried up and took a photo as it went round the giant arc. I should have been quicker or sensible enough to zoom a bit.

then I dared myself to climb the signal post... because it wasthere. it shook so much with the wind. Imagine a heavier man, standing there when the train goes by. COOL.

The picture is not too clear, so I couldn't stop myself from doing THIS.

After that, we finally went on top to the mandir, on the way drinking water from this charming little farmhouse, with an enormous rooster that bala didn't see and an enormous cow that I didn't see...

this is the view from the top

You can see the edge of the tank on the bottom half of the pic...

This is a hill nearby being bulldozed. Wont be there in a few months time.

this is a goods train that showed up...

And this does not convey everything, but two trains meet, and this stretch was really cool, because the trains gleamed somehow... but it didn't come out well on camera.


This is an outline, fleshing out the story later.  Havelock vs Puck. It was the biggest event in sports entertainment, ever. Millions...