feeling more depressed now

damn man. Today is not my day. saying that just made me feel better. Dont know why though.
so after confronting the sir, I came home by a shared rick, who was intent on "teaching lessons" to twowheelers who "cut" him on the streets. Then came home, blogged about my lousy (not so much now) day, and went and told my mom about it.
She freaked out and began to scold me, she found out that I have los the reciept, and scolded me for that too. Then she gave a long talk on the corporate enviornment, and all the dirty stuff that goes on there, that really depressed me. Dumbfuckingthing.
All of this was an attempt to cheer me up on my nervousness for the results, which are now coming on the seventh.
Somehow I came here and began to blog agian...

will go swimming tommorrow. Most probably.

will also go to et somehwere tommorrow.

will ALSO go up the hill again.

and if mulund aunty does not go for the wedding, will go to her house too....

so big day ahead. Aashray is online right now, but he is idle for some reason. Chatting with him might have cheered me up. damn.