yogi hills trek

this is what I call an almost real trek. Tooo bored to process the pics and blog them... will post only one pic which basically sums everything up.

We left Yogita's house at around five and dragged a reluctant Siddarth up the hill. First there was the walk through the garden, over the pile of stones, where this one guy told us to come around, but we went ahead through that way anyway (most of us did) just to display a little stuntgiri.
Then we climbed, up all those stones and stuff, which were pretty steep, to the first level, and walked beyond the electricity pylon. Then we climbed a few tricky areas and Noel and I seperated from the group, went ahead and followed the path of a dried up rivulet up the hill. We talked about swimming and mountain climbing along the way. The others took a different but equally difficult path thinking that it would be the easier one. This is what I will call the second level. Here i climbed on top of a tree and relaxed for a bit while the others caught up with me. Noel fiddled with my camera, finally learning how to operate it. The others came up eventually, atleast a good fifteen to twenty minutes after we did it, and the water got khallased here itself. I drank only one sip, and hope like hell I would have gotten more.
Then the others stayed back, while Noel and I went ahead. We climbed along another rivulet, all the while the path was getting steeper, and after almost falling a few times, we rested for a while on a couple of rocks. I took his hand band then, whoich turned out to be a good luck charm... and he took my cam. This was where the photo was taken. The view from here itself was breathtaking, but we were only three fourths the way up the mountain. We climbed a bit, met a man in a red shirt, who climbed a bit more with us, and then stopped, and asked us to continue. We did, and climbed up to the top. I was feeling very tired, and the only thing in my sight was the top - a bunch of really steep rocks. I went there, and found out that if you walk around it, there was a path leading further upwards. At this point we found a merrily singing band combing the top between two peaks.
They had sticks and looked liked what I imagined corbett's bush hunters to be like. This was a perfect beat. But i never found out who they were. We reached the top, exhausted, only the two of us, and the view was exhilerating. The highway, most of mulund, thane creek, powai and virar lake all fit into one of the coolest panoramas I've seen. Beats the one from yeoor top anyway.
I took a few pics, he took a video, and we headed back down. This was the difficult part. We had run out of water. My camera was a liability. When the ascent is tough, the descent is scary.
I almost fell a couple of more times, and noel was in front of me. WE met the red shirt guy hald way down, and decided to descend with him. He actually fell once, but nothing happened. After a bit, I let all remnants of caution go and ran down like hell. Crashed through the outer branches of a tree, and ended up with the rest of the group...
But there was still the long climb down.
Donno how I managed it without the water, but we met the red shirt guy chatting with another fellow on level one.
We came back to yogita's place, Noel and I purchased pepsi for everyone, we drank it and headed home.

I had lunch in the afternoon at tip top, a 150 thali, and I was suffering from a cash flow problem. the food was pretty good...
but my stomach almost exploded.
anyway... tommorrow am going swimming for sure. Just rememebred, I can't the club's closed tommorrow, damn.