Monday, May 12, 2008

10 irritating things about computers that will never change

10. If it is available in the market, it is out of date. Give it a year or so, they will be selling computers with twice the storage space, processing speed etc at half the price.

09. Focus stealing - every single mail server, or software, or website, will always think of itself as the most important thing and steal focus from the users. This leads to problematic errors like entering a password in an unmasked field, or clicking on a link you don't meant to click

08. You can never buy a computer, you can only buy half of it - the other half will be accumalated over the years in the form of upgrades, till you trash your machine for a better one.

07. Utter lack of intercompatibility. Each manufacturer will try to force their specs onto the market. Because of this, if you want to plug a micro SD into your comp, you have to put in in a mem-card adapter first, plug that into a card reader, and plug the card reader into the USB drive. The proliferation of the flash memory has allowed manufactures to make portable memories of all sizes and shapes, most of which require a specialised reader for the comp.

06. All research has one fatal assumption, that will rise up after the market is full of the technology. For example, people assumed that there wouldn't be a point where the wavelength of the laser in the CD-ROM would matter, till the blu-ray disks came out - or else the DVDs came out just as the markets in third world nations were flooded with VCD readers.

05. China can always make a cheaper version and flood the grey market with it. There is no accountability for the unsuspecting consumer.

04. Name any software, it will be bloated with a hundred features nobody ever really uses.

03. The world is stuck on the windows GUI. The competition must make something similiar to it, or bite the dust.

02. In the good old days, anyone who operated a computer knew everything upwards from the binary. Most users were proficient in a code language or two, and each computer had a purpuse specefic to the user - that is how they were designed. Now, everyone uses their machines for the same old bullshit, without understanding a single bit of logic behind the eye-candy on screen spoon fed to them.

01. There will never ever be enough RAM

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