Friday, December 27, 2013

Trek to Taramati

So went into SGNP with two of my oldest school friends. Was a lot of fun catching up. We went by bus number 101 from Pawar Nagar to 16 Number, where we grabbed some vada pavs before walking up to Ayappa Mandir. From there it was a short walk up to the top. The view was marred by smog, but we did climb very early. Then we went down to Taramati, and that was it, came home by afternoon.

Yeh, we doing this a long time. Found a picture from 2006, from 7 years before this picture was taken. Same bunch of people, similar place. We went into Yeoor instead of Taramati, the Yeoor place is no longer as easily acessible, there is a police chowky now, security stationed there, and the gate is no longer secured by a broken badminton racquet.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Get Flash right now

you: need to get a keylogger into a system. we contracted it out, we got a plugin. nobody downloads a plugin.

stranger: use an exploit in flash, everyone has flash

you: dayum

get flash right now


This is an outline, fleshing out the story later.  Havelock vs Puck. It was the biggest event in sports entertainment, ever. Millions...