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Correct usage of terms.


Music videos/pr0n

The inscrutable Americans

Never satisfied

Mosh mania

Mosh mania

Draco dormeins nunquam titilandus

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sleeping politicians

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Dog eating fish

caller tunes


The unknowable room

The diary of Anne Frank

Desert island s60 downloads

Most endearing villains in hindi cinema

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Potter mania.

Golden rules of blogging

Underage sex

Screen cleaner

P2P file names

View from the top

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A friend, a teddy bear, and a coconut

Raining hippopotami and killer whales

Salman-Aishwarya tapes

Nidi Razdan's interview

The rains

coconut plant

More photoshop ghosties

The evolution of a terrorist.


feeling better... but still could do with a lungi

Im so sick

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ten meanings of the word bastard

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About today

"Severus... please"


abt ystrdy

Still getting over the death


No spoilers

Fresher's party



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Liberalisation will help liberate the indian economy