the expiriment which failed for unkown reasons

The rains are lashing out at my curtains like… well like monsoon rains in Mumbai do, and you cannot really compare that with anything else. Half an hour ago, I was under the arch in Jogger’s park, discussing luck and God with Aashray. We conducted a small experiment to verify the existence of god, by openly proclaiming to the lashing Mumbai monsoon rain that if it stops in two minutes, we would acknowledge the presence of a God.
Two minutes later, the rains showed almost no sign of abating, which can mean only one of these two things:
1) God in fact, does not exist
2) Even God is powerless against the influence of the Mumbai rains.
However much we would both like to agree with the second option, we had promised that the first was the way out if god did not listen. But now, that I am actually thinking about this, the rains ceasing to stop can any of these things:
3) There are various Gods, and we failed to invoke the particular deity responsible for the Mumbai rains.
4) Even, if we did manage to invoke the particular deity responsible for the Mumbai rains, judging his malevolent character by the nature of the rains, it would be extremely unlikely that he would be willing to subside the rains even for a little time, and would, at the most, resist the temptation to make it rain even harder (this is what appears to have happened).
5) God is a self-confident conceited bastard who does not need to prove his existence (he is, in fact a bastard, for those few who are willing to take the energy to disagree, find God and ask him who his parents were)…
6) God is this stupid fellow who kick-started the universe, but it ballooned out of proportion ran amok beyond his control, now the most he can do is watch with sadistic pleasure.
7) God has his reasons for making it rain, and probably more devoted farmers asked for it.
8) God has taken a personal aversion to Aashray and me for reasons he refuses to divulge.
9) God WANTS people to believe that he does not exist, or at least maintain some kind of neutrality over this, again, for reasons he is unwilling to divulge.
10) God does whatever hell he pleases, and any prayers or invocation aren’t enough to make even slight changes in the great grand plan.
11) God only listens to the REPTILES. (Shh… don’t tell anyone I actually said that)
12) We did not have enough faith. For some reason, faith is needed to see God. According to me, sight is more necessary for faith.

Actually, I happen to believe that I know the actual reason:
13) Two minutes was too short a time for God to execute the order.

And we woke up… the summer shining in my eyes.
Summer wine.
Ok yeah, today was supposed to be my first day of college right? Knowing my college, it was pretty damn typical to postpone it, after the students take the efforts of hauling their asses over to that goddamned institution. Anyway, after all the anticipation… college turned out to be pretty much a downer in the first day itself.
So came back, slept and listened to music all day long. Then had illuminating conversations with Aashray about camels raping bandicoots. Don’t ask.

14) God was angry because we talked a lot about weird sexual activities amongst humans, animals, and both.