the bone collector part II

I seem to bump into cattle bones wherever I go. the first time I went to yeoor, I found a part of a femur in the fields after siddachal. Then I bumped into an entire cattle graveyard in dombivili while visiting the gaondevi mandir with balaji. Then, recently, when I went to yeoor with Aashray, I found these hardly forty meters from the road:

these are photos taken with my new cam

From expirience, three visits to the dombivili graveyard, and two to yeoor, the bones that are most likely to survive, in that order are:
1) teeth
2) lower limb bones
3) girdles
4) upper limb bones
5) vertebrae

I have not seen a single rib until now, or a skull. I was always hoping to bump into a skull somewhere...

Anyway, the new mobile is really exciting, and most of my time is spent in finetuning it. The dumbest part is the difficulty in removing the programs. Found a few good sites, will blog my bookmarks later - too busy to do it. i have managed to store six good songs on my phone inspite of the 32 mb memcard. I think i will buy a new one, especially since they are really cheap now. Wonder how much a five one two memcard will cost. Other areas are being neglected - I am not blogging properly, am still lagging in my effort to finally wade through my inbox, and the number of unread messages are mounting. Also the two articles for JAM - s60 software and the changing face of the internet have yet to be started. Also, I have to submit the ban on smoking thing really soon - atleast i got one article through into the notice board of my college, and there is still the creative corner to attend to.
On priotity though, I must file my notes. I think I will stop blogging and do that before things go even more haywire.