So i get up early morning, and there is this insane raging discussion on where the entire group should go out to.
The choices included, but were not restricted to:
1) Marine Lines
2) Bandstand
3) Worli Seaface
4) Pizza hut
5) The homes of three friends
there were other, even more innovative ideas;
6) Dhobi talao
7) Planetorium
8) Talao Pali
9) Dombivili
and crap like that. In the end, from a group of around fourteen, three of us went to marine lines.
We walked around south bombay after visiting the library, then had food at kamath's. then to gateway of india, where there was this wierd pressure phenomenon when water washed up agains the wall, it wouldn't wash back down, but would spring out of the cracks as if there were taps in them. Cool thing to see.
Then I headed over to SIES, took down the timetable. So BMM is going to start. Yeahahah.
My roll number is twenty six. Cool.
The timetable has two days with two hour lecs on introduction to computers. I am going to ace those classes atleast. Tommorrow, I am reading up on landmarks in 2oth century history... to see how things are.
Then came home, and slept off after sending away Aashray in a somewhat rude manner. Dman.

maybe Iill start a new blog about being a BMM student.