The first thing I read as I opened today's paper was not the front page godhra attack, but the reversal on the ban of smoking in films.
Dumb people should at least decide their minds.
Anyway, college already falling into the routing, somehow managing to maintain all the blogs, though I am lagging in internet work
1) Not replying three people's e-mails
2) Not reading all creativegarh e-mails
3) Not blogging as much as I used to
4) Lagging back on site works
5) no anaglyphs yet.

Suddenly need twenty four hours net. I am spending the breaks hanging out in the reading hall, which is a really sad thing to do. Two days into college and I am reading randezvous with rama in that geekhouse. I probably called it a geekhouse in a previous blog when i first entered it sooo long ago.

The thing with the rama series, is that the last three books form a triology of their own. Each book, was written without thought for a sequel. So although the illusion (like the structre of ramans) are created, clarke has made sure nothing is certain. Clever guy.
I HATED the ending of the series though - totally sad one.
AS I am reading this book, and I know what is going to happen in the future in the book, so basically reading the book is not as boring as it would seem to be, but even more interesting as I recollect how the author managed to convulate trivial things into something bigger in the later - unintentional works.
Pretty cool.

Must add a thing in the sidebar showing what I am reading right now...