mouse potato

Apparently a net addict is called a mouse potato. that would be chuha batata in hindi. I dont understand how the couch potato became a potato in the first place. anywaym here is the picture of a very significant couch in my life

On this couch - I had stapled myself, cried overit, and was given milk as compensation. I have slept here, eaten here, and explored the dark depths between the cushion and the seats.
And this is not even at my house. It's at my mom's old branch...

Good day at college -realized political correctness and plain correctness aren't good bedfellows, learnt that people in mizoram ate dogs and stuff like that - that's about it.

then headed over to the british council library, another typical marketing effort, we troubled a load of people in the library, and I spoke to an unkown guy thinking he was a friend, but he wasn't too annoyed thankfully. Finished reading born like that, but xeroxed the cunclusion because I had not read only that part. will blog the good lines from the book anytime.

When I had gone to british council, I exchanged it for the makin of starship titanic, with the preface by A. Parrot. totally hilarious...

That's about it I guess.
stats are back on, and I think I will have to delete one or two more blos soon. Donno which one though - all are very important and very unique.