Things normalize

The I'm "thinking" blog went out of hand today when Ashwin called up to ask why there weren't new strips posted. Dumb guy actually told his friends to look into it. So now, it has assumed identity of its own, and there are strips there that are not appearing here. Maintining four blogs at a time is no joke, and I don't know when I will lose the impetus.
And not that I have entirely abandoned the occult diaries...
Already things are getting out of hand - but they've somewhat normalized now. I atleast filed my notes, and prepared everything for tommorrow so that I will not be late again.
The articles are still not written, but I'll have time to do them tommorrow for sure. The e-mail is still not sent, but I will do that now before sleeping. The inbox is still not read, but I have marked everything as read and solved the problem.
That's about everything I guess. Ok - the articles I have to write - s60 software and chaning face of the internet... have to remember that.
Plans for tommorrow include going to phoenix mills for a treat that friends are giving for showing up in the merit. And I am in a course that used to be taken up by girls who wanted an interim education till marriage.
Biggest risk in my life - hope BMM pays off. And to do that, I will write that godforsaken e-mail and go to sleep.
But I also have to download mobile software before that. Hell, things really ARE going haywire...
ah well.