The repaired fourth floor toilet

Ever since the ladies common room got a major upgrade, guys at SIES have been dying to get a nice place to pee in. In fact, this guy Saurabh and I used to go to the toilet every morning, to 'survey' the site, and report back the status of each stall to the guys in the class. The usual thing was wierd-loose-motion, cigerette butt, sticks (yeah really) and small lumps of whatever you can expect to find in the toilet, particularly the one at SIES Jr college, and particularly the one on the fourth floor.
In the rare occassion that the toilet had to be used, because of the 400 limitation on humankind's bladder, we had to 'disect' in one of the stalls. This is a gross thing involving the breakdown of faecal matter by projection of liquid with high urea, albumin, bile salts and glucose content...
Grossed out yet?
That's just half the story. The horror stories that surround the fourth floor toilet. You will never understand the stigma of using that toilet.
It used to stink worse than the public lavetory at Bandra, and not even a septic tank full of dead bodies in Waghle Estate smells worse.

In fact, this one guy was so whacked out by the toxic fumes, that he claimed that he had a twelve inch dick. Nothing like the guy in the Sydney Sheldon novel with the twenty five inch dick. where the fuck will he put it man? Anyway, back to the point - this toilet was repaired. Aashray asked about this. Seems that it is going around in the grapevine. Apparently it's a big deal.