This appeared around ten years ago in a newspaper called business standard. For some reason, my fahter clipped this piece and kept it.


The principle, apparently a lady, of a school in the capital ahs put this oit in a newspaper to an insolent junior colleague. If this exalted prose does not strike terror in the hearts o parents who hithero sat back complacent in the knowledge that their progeny were in scholarly hands, we don't know what will:
A text of Memo:
Mr Pandey
TGT Maths
Astoday in the Morning you do not behave properly, YOur way of talking and behaving hards putting into your pocket in my room is not up to the mark of a teacher.
yesterday you do not come to know the data you signed on Sundau. The reason for marking have on that working day should have been cleared. Instead of saying sorry you started:
* madam, gaai-bhains kee tarah at samjho
* Keep the register outside;
* I am a man.
these type of words should not be repeated by such or expirience person. Behavior will be good future. I do hope so feel sorry for what you do.

"Madam ghai bhains kee tarah mat samjho" means "Madam don't treat me like cattle"

Back then cunsultancy to co-op banks was a new thing for some reason. I can read some of this is the print of another article close by. This is from a paper dated 12.08.95.

What strikes me about this that it was considered impolite, just ten years ago, to put your hands in your pocket.
It was also impolite to ask someone for a pen, impolite to wear a cap in front of ladies, and impolite to wear t-shirts.
And that's all I can remember. I was around eight when this came.