not moblogging

Just founf out that mobile blogging would cost an initial amount of fifty bucks, then atleast ten bucks per blog... which is going to drain my prepaid.
The new phone is turning out to be pretty cool. I did not want to put in any games to save the memory space for "better" things... but I put in a few just to try them out because of a lack of free mobile software, and also a lack of cracked illegal software... and there was no shortage of cracked games... and the games are pretty addictive.
Finished reading black friday. Bland ending, but a pretty cool book nonetheless. there are many deadlines for various prjects - got one about media and sex. Will look that up now - if I will not tinker around more with my mobile. We also have to act something out - I have no clue as to what we'll do for the media and sex thing.
Typical day in college... getting into a routine and rhythm already. Made a few new friends today - have three years in front of us, guess will get to know all sixty or so people. Will have the keep count of the number of lectures I have sat for some reason.
There's going to be an introduction session for the BCl library services tommorrw - but I am already a member - dnno why I have to go there. But its cumpulsary. Reading too many books at a time right now. There's black friday, then born that way, then not in the genes, sex in the future as well as deception point. I am reading ALL these books at a time. Damn. Things are getting too complicated - shouldn't have started with deception point but I was alone in my classroom with nothing to do.
And HBP is just around the corner. Will drop into muugglenet I guess... but hP is already passe with a grave.