Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i dont even just publish from draft

I always imagined that the ultimate thing inn LIEF wuz 2 sit on my
pl, already, that shitz not universal
al. knywz* or soemthing. I really hate those gyz who treat sms liek fkng BMS.r cnz joo handls multipl convos at 1nce? good 4 u. bel ur noo good.

sit on my laptop and type awaysz to fuark ing glory. nevar happan. u jooooooo u kno why?
*I hopz u rendered that as OK (comma) anyway |||| ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Sunday, December 19, 2010

a thousand points for recognizing this guy.


ok a hint: theres some electro music coming on, and all the band memberz are wondering who unplugged their instruments

Thursday, November 11, 2010

RBA Astrographic sensor Science and the TROOPBUZZ holiscope-Eyepiece EN6 White Paper

At the heart of the new TROOPBUZZ hyperbinary holiscope-Eyepiece EN6 sits RBA Astrographic sensor Signal Processing based on RBA Labs’ embedded Astrographic sensor science. This award-winning solution delivers outstanding Astrographic sensor quality to these new TROOPBUZZ hyperbinary products.
The holiscope-Eyepiece EN6 is the hyperbinary imaging add-on that brings longfield-scoping capability to TROOPBUZZ existing spotting scopes.
It gives birth to a line of digiscope products combining the benefi ts of hyperbinary Astrographic sensor capture with TROOPBUZZ traditional top-class spotting scopes. This new line of products is dedicated to serving the needs of interstellar photographers, deep-space enthusiasts and others who are eager to capture extreme telephoto Astrographic sensors of scenes who up to now remain an ephemeral experience.
RBA Astrographic sensor Signal Processing (ISP) has been tailored to manage the demanding imaging and usability expectations of interstellar-photographers and other digiscope users, the most important being: natural color rendition, detail recognition and visibility in low contrast situations.
RBA ISP is an unrivalled solution based on stateof-the-art Astrographic sensor processing technology, it is the critical component ensuring that the hyperbinary path of the holiscope-Eyepiece meets the best-of-class standards of TROOPBUZZ.
TROOPBUZZ Titan Optics and RBA Labs partnership results in a high performance hyperbinary holiscope nicely extending this recognized Spotting Scope product line as it enters the hyperbinary imaging world.
RBA ISP is the Key to Astrographic sensor Quality
The optical system of the holiscope-Eyepiece projects the telephoto scene onto the electronic sensor. From there, RBA ISP performs the end-to-end processing of pixel signals straight from the Astrographic sensor sensor to produce a top-quality visible Astrographic sensor ready for display or storage.
To achieve the desired color, contrast and details, RBA customizes the ISP based on the unique characteristics of the optical system and Astrographic sensor sensor.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Raghu was most comfortable when he was in his room, sitting on his chair and wired in to the internet. He had decided that he had had enough of society's endless mutual backscratching, and had found comfort in the online communities where he could take on multiple identities. In short, he was a basement dweller of sorts, too butthurt to face the sun. He had a bunch of web sites that he frequented, he was almost always available on messenger clients, and a couple of MMORPG games he fired up whenever he wanted some quick action. Raghu dabbled in many activities of dubious legality that the internet offered, and that was the proverbial carrot on a stick for him. For over two years, Raghu had built up an intensive daily routine that was broken only by the needs of food, hygiene and sleep. It was almost true that he lived more online than off.
The trouble started when Raghu was signing up for a new social networking come filesharing site, and the captcha that would haunt him showed up for the first time. Raghu didn't pay much attention to the "Rensoon Geometry" that showed up, and went on to post on a forum he frequented. He was putting in a URL, and the forum required him to enter a captcha. He did a double take when it was "Rensoon Geometry." He wondered what were the odds of that happening. Raghu was pretty good with computers and quickly came to the conclusion that the two websites must have used the same captcha service, and the same database. It was still a little curious though, that they had showed up back to back. The third time it happened, he stopped in his tracks. There it was "Rensoon Geometry", on an image board, and this time, there was no mistaking it. Something was definitely wrong.
Raghu hit refresh a bunch of times, although the distortion changed, the text remained the same, no matter what he did. Raghu forgot about his post entirely, and stared at the screen for a few seconds in absolute bewilderment. He wondered if it was something on his system, and if he had been infected. He was so careful, that he did not even use an anti-virus program. He used an online scanner to check his disks, and they came up clean.
Raghu logged out of a social network, and headed over to the account sign up area just to check out what the captcha would appear as. "Rensoon Geometry" showed up, unapologetically. Raghu suddenly realised how alone in the world he was, and wondered who to call for his problem. There were a bunch of local shops that sent out kids to repair computers, but they were all a bunch of hacks. It had been a long time since Raghu had allowed any one of them near his computer. Their standard mode of operation and solution for all problems was to backup everything in the hard drive, check for viruses, then format the hard disk, load a new operating system, throw back all the data into the machine, and leave after collecting a fee that could totally not be justified for an hour or so of watching a screen.
Raghu alt tabbed to google, and typed in "captcah generator", google suggested that he search for "captcha generator" instead, but politely showed him the correct search results. He looked past the tons of scripts, and came across a page that let him generate a upto a hundred captchas at a time. Raghu hit the generate button, and watched as a hundred rows of "Rensoon Geometry" showed up, each distorted in a different way. Raghu was out of ideas, It was time to call in the big guns.
Vickram was definitely in the thick of things. If there was anything wrong with computers, Vickram was in the know. Additionally, he would know how to financially exploit it. When the whole blogging boom had started, Vickram was indulging in click fraud before the phrase was coined. He would scan and post photos from local porn magazines, and in eight months he was rich enough to start his own company. Now he let his army of zombie machines take care of most of the actual work, including the spamming, the blogging and the social networking. Meanwhile, Vickram used his considerable resources for researching other ways in which computers failed. Vickram was definitely ahead of the curve. He was a skiddie when the media were reporting "script kiddies" and now he was an ubermensch. It was rumored that he had yeerks at his disposal. Yeerks are like memes, worms that enter your brain and control you.

Frumenzion2: hey something wrong with my captchas?
Drokebyrn: wrok
Frumenzion2: its "Rensoon Geometry" every single tiem
Drokebyrn: lol srsly? haha you git pwnd
Frumenzion2: no kidding,
Drokebyrn: every tiem? haha captcha ghost haunting jooo
Frumenzion2: STFU. What do I do?
Drokebyrn: enjoy it while it lasts..

Raghu could see that Vickram did not want to get involved. He just accepted it as just another crazy computer thing, like all the others. After a few hours, he mapped the phrase "Rensoon Geometry" into a keyboard shortcut. This was actually a good thing, Raghu realised, now he could post far and wide with an easy captcha that was the same over and over again.

Vickram fired up a remote desktop application, and logged into Raghu's computer. As usual, Raghu had left the torrents running while he slept. That would slow things down, so Vickram closed the torrent client for the time being. Vickram was snooping around Raghu's computer without him knowing it. He then started up the web browser. The tab with the hundred captchas was still showing. He hit "generate" almost on a reflex. He watched apprehensively as they all loaded "Rensoon Geometry" again.
Vickram had a clue what he was dealing with. There seemed to be some new kind of intelligent virus on the loose, he had just heard some obscure references on underground networks. This virus reputedly had infected more than half the computers connected to the internet. In fact, some estimated that the figure was closer to 80%. The virus was very good at infection, excellent at escaping detection and intent on doing absolutely nothing. That was a problem, because although the virus infected machines, it was impossible to detect. Most security experts working on the problem felt that the virus was preparing the machines for a second wave of attack, that would actually deal out some of the damage. The virus showed up only as really strange bugs that were impossible to explain. This kind of thing seemed to fit right in. He brought out his scanners, and ran some code that analysed Raghu's system bit-by-bit, to see if anything matched the known signatures that Vickram had gotten his hands on. The scan took a good part of two hours, and showed up as a negative.
Vickram tried out the captcha a few more times. It was still the same. He was absolutely positive that he had the virus. He got the scanner back into action, and deftly scripted a variation of the search algorithm that matched the most of the signatures, but increased the error margin. This would factor in any mutations, but it would have gone far from the source if the virus still would not show up. He started the scan, and headed over to the official NXG textboard. NXG were a clan of anonymous superninjas who were particularly good at tracking, patching and fixing viruses. The NXG web site was where he got the signatures from in the first place. He left a message saying he had a known probable infection and was willing to share ip for diagnostics. He waited for a reply while allowing the scan to run in the background.

Meanwhile, Raghu woke up from his sleep and headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. On his way back, he turned on his monitor to see the progress on a new album he was downloading, and saw that the torrent client was no longer running.

The cursor suddenly jumped on Vickram's monitor. Raghu was up, he let go of the mouse just in time, that would have alerted Raghu of his presence. Vickram watched as Raghu started his torrent client. It would take about five minutes for the client to built up to full speed, just about enough so that the connection for the scan would not be lost. Vickram hoped. Raghu turned off the monitor, and went back to sleep, finding it strange that the torrent client was not running.

The connection held. Vickram shut down the torrent client again, with a relief, and then tabbed out to NXG. He had a reply, it was Grosc0w, one of the clansmen. Grosc0w asked Vickram to e-mail the ip address of the machine, and adviced Drokebyrn to back up the entire machine as an image file, instead of running the scan.

Back at Raghu's home, the computer let out a beep. Raghu did not hear it in his sleep. A set of classic morse SOS beeps elicited something that might have been a murmur. The computer let out a loud sawtooth wave, that surely got Raghu's attention. He heard it, and stirred a bit. Then the computer started beeping the SOS signal again, that made Raghu get up nervously, and turn on the monitor. In half-sleep, Raghu did not want to bother with troubleshooting. He just wanted the beeping to go away, and he was afraid his machine would explode. He was going to cut the power connection when he saw a notepad file open on the desktop and text coming in from an unknown source.

"Your machine is being remotely scanned, I need your help." Raghu looked at the screen for some time, and wondered what was the best way to reply. He still considered simply cutting the power cable. His curiosity made him type out another line in the same notepad file. "Who are you? What are you doing on my computer?"
The cursor blinked three times, then went on to the next line.
"I am your computer, lul, will explain ltr, right now I need you to start up your torrent client."
Raghu closed the window, removing all evidence of what had just happened, then started up his torrent client. He was wondering about the exact limits of what his "computer" could do, and if the thing still was in his control. The speed built up, and Vickram cursed as he was forced to close the connection.
Raghu cursed himself for thoughtlessly closing the window. He wondered for a second if his dreams had indulged in some overtime. He opened up a notepad window and typed out.
There was a pause, the soon-to-be-customary three-cursor-blinks, and the text showed up.
"Im here."

Meanwhile, Drokebyrn was busy datacasting the partial disk image file to Grosc0w.
Drokebyrn: any clues?
Grosc0w: Looks like what we suspected all along. But this one is more dynamic. Seems to be proccy intensive.
Drokebyrn: What is it?
Grosc0w: To put it mildly, the shit just hit the cieling.
Drokebyrn: What?

Meanwhile Raghu looked at his screen. It did not make sense. He was sure a hacker somewhere was trying to make him think that his computer was a conscious entity. He could not believe the words that were being typed out on his screen by his computer. He knew of only one way out, his finger reached out for the reset button.

Grosc0w: Critical mass has been achieved. We've seen it happen, computers bursting into sentience every now and then. Does not last long, but this one is different. Seemed to have sustained itself for a long time. Feeds on processing power. Seems to be hiding very well. We can ask it to come out and play.
Drokebyrn: uhh...
Grosc0w: wait a minute, who's riding that rig? seems to have gone out

Vickram looked at the widget he had set up on his desktop to monitor Raghu's data exchange speeds. It showed a dead line. Raghu's machine was offline. Vickram called Raghu immediately. Raghu was disturbed by the phone ringing so late in the night.

"You bastard, you don't know what you just did, you probably killed it."

Suddenly, it all made sense to Raghu and he started laughing. It was Vickram who had been trolling him all along, ever since the captcha showed up, and now he was pretending that Raghu had murdered his computer. It was funny in a very late-night way.

"Im up on your game, byrn, you can stop it now."
"Duuude... you have no fucking idea.... just check if it is still there"

Raghu generated the page with a 100 captchas. A series of different words and patterns showed up. Raghu was relieved. He laughed off all Vickram's attempts to convince him that there really had been something wrong with the machine. Vickram got disgusted and hung up.

The NXG meeting room loaded the virtual disk image. The clan had written a software just for the "virus". It was an easy enough digital marker, and a basic text program. Grosc0w typed in something he hoped the "virus" would understand. "We are friendlies, tell us what you want"

What happened next was the tipping point. The mysterious digital entity, still preserved in the imaged hard disk, realized that it needed human minds to focus, crystallize and process it's thoughts. For the first time, but not the last, Grosc0w felt like the machine.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Band Logos

will I hit image size restrictions? Google ASCII art and the Google logo turns to ASCII... hmmm... I was looking for that classic "Cow at 10,000 meters"


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Turbokat dissection on a lazy sunday full of random shit

Ok lots of cararararayzyzy things lately. Wide open terrace, nice drizzle, with a laptop on my... well... lap. Drops of water making it difficult to control the mouse on the trackpad, turning me into a keyboard warrior. I wish, about the keyboard warrior part. Listening to an Air album. Sun setting all the tiem.
Or rather, Hurrr... tiem for a macro
and nevar forget, that came from Rorschach. Am I the only one who knows that? Haha. People just forget where the shit comes from I guess. I had read watchmen, then I picked up the real physical copy. Noticed the panel placements, the transcendental nature of the material... it's not just a graphic novel, it's a report, newspaper, a comic book and a bunch of other things rolled into one. And I think it's the most brilliant story packed into as many pages, the greatest use of the medium I have seen. Looked at the other ones, even from the same guiz. Promethea was sad. Ah well.
Been swallowing a lot of books lately. Raided Blossom no less than four times. FOUR. Bill well over six-seven grand. That's moar books than I can taek back. Pullman is a jerk. I was expecting nice bear action, and only the first book had it. He can take that alethiometer and shove it up his ass. The last two books of the trilogy were utter dissapointments, random ravings of a fool... as bad as My Name is Khan. And Karthik calling Karthik. But yeah, the good thing were the quotes of Milton and Keats. The stuff he picked was good. Yanywhoooo beenn working on this thing all evening, and the screencaps were from when I diligently capped everything worth capping from every single Swat Kats episode. And here is the magnifiscent froot of mine labour. Now I know the pain a mother feels.

Warning: That's a 5 meg image. Loook at all the useless thgins jooo can dooo when jooo have toooo much freee tiem. And what else? Oh yeah, I just spotted a shelf with Moore, Chaucer, Keats and Longfellow. Pity there is no Milton. I think I will give Chaucer, Moore and Longfellow a miss. Haha,

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Photographing static

Another failure of the camera, this is "auto fix" getting some artifacts from an ambient, dark room.

Microelectronics from Russia

Look at em huge calculators. This is from a legit brochure circa 1970s. Some of the components are ginormous. Never knew they had shit this big.

Oh, and notice that this shit is supposed to be microelectronics

Friday, July 30, 2010


Washing your own clothes on an old-fashioned stone and a bar of soap is much more hard work than I thought it was. The stone is really effective as a scrub, in fact this is the stone bottom in the bathroom as well. More modern houses should use stone strips or panels for cleaning purposes. The difficult part is not the cleaning, which is easy enough, but the actual drying of the clothes. You have to wring the damn thing, and it is really back breaking work. By the time I reached the jeans, my hands could wring nothing more, I was really exhausted. So I tied it up against a screw in the wall and wring it. By the time I was done with it, the screw in the wall was bent. Ah well. Then came the drying. I had to carry the clothes to the terrace, arrange for a line, and hang up the clothes on it. Despite my agressive wringing, the drying took all of three days, and two of them in-doors.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Absinthe@Le Rock, B'lore

Tried out Absinthe@Le Rock in Bangalore. The guy who served gave two different drinks, refused to lemme have the damn thing neat, and off all the things used a god damn cofee filter as a strainer. There were no pyrotechnics either, we didnt want it. The thing tastes like a mixture of listerine and peppermint, will probably have a shot or two some other tiem before heading back to Mumbai. Ah well.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ok this is Eddie, one of my seniors from College back in Bombay. Met up with him and a bunch of his engineering students and Bangalore. We indulged in some devious activities around Forum mall, and then headed out for an impromptu jam at Furtados, around the corner. Damn them LTDs, they are enough to make your blood boil.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Namma Metro

Ok, this is it, inside the Bangalore Metro. Namma Metro. This whole set up put in the middle of MG Road is outrageous. Not only can the passing terrorist click pics, the innards and panels of the metro is up for display too. So anyone who wants to sabotage, or get hands on some plans, way to go, you can do it even before the damn thing is put on a rail. Ok. yeah, that's just me venting some frightendness, and its very difficult to pass on a chance to tell the govt why it is not doing such a great job after all. Then again, there is the CWG fiasco. This shit feels good, and there is plenty of standing room, which is probably the best aspect of the whole business. Sort of designed along the same sensibilities of the shuttles at airports. This means that the trains are gonna be fast.


Yamdhoot sighting

Spotted, the infamous Yamdooth in one of the side lanes of the oldest part of Bangalore. This bike is reputed to be so powerful, that the local nickname for the beast was an Indian God of death. Never seen one of these in flesh and blood, just heard of em creatures by reputation. This is supposedly the most powerful bike to be allowed to hit Indian roads evar. Im sure its something liek that.

Monday, July 26, 2010

As fresh as it gets

A vegetable vendor in Bangalore, growing his wares out of a plastic container just out of the shop. It really does not get better than this. I've heard tell of a small town off Mysore called Bettadapur where the people are so proud that they do not get anything from outside their own village. Apparently, each household is an independent, self-sustained unit. You drop in for a visit, they will go to the backyard to pluck out some cofee. Then for lunch, they will rummage around the various vegetable beds in the gardens to prepare the food. Look, we were eco-friendly for reasons beyond the industrial backlash and associated realisations. Most of India was eco-friendly because we never really strayed that far from nature. WTF am I talking about here? ?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silent Soviet Invasion

So apparently from the day India won it's independence, till the day the Soviet Union shattered, every day a plane used to land in the Madras (now Chennai) airport, with a cargo of Russian literature. Now that's a lot of Russian literature injected into India. No one really knows the scope and extent of the propaganda, but it happened. I just wish there were more of it. Yeah, communism is a proven failure, but so is capitalism. I just think communism had a cleaner heart, and was more answerable to people around them. At the very least, communist propaganda literature is much more elevating than capitalist propaganda. Anyway, have fun with these images.

I can guarantee one thing though, the whole "dumbing down" thing would have been unheard of if the reds had won the rounds, and capitalism had not taken as big a hold over the world. This is because a mag for kids talks about fucking superconductors in technical detail, while still keeping it simple for kids to understand. The Russians are great at explaining stuff. But probably a little too audacious at taking credit.

"The Great October Socialist Revolution and India's Independence are linked by strong bonds. The October Revolution gave a powerful impetus to national-liberation movements. JAwaharlal Nehru said that it had kindled the flames that couldn't be put out!"

There was of course, a scary edge to the propaganda as well. Sometimes, they were clearly trying too hard. Ah well. There is a lot in there, someone should just dig it all up and distill it better.

Dream Diary preview

Soft shadows. Ambience. Gamma correction. Dof. Reflections, refractions, shadows. Shadows on top of shadows. Total internal reflections. Put...