Namma Metro

Ok, this is it, inside the Bangalore Metro. Namma Metro. This whole set up put in the middle of MG Road is outrageous. Not only can the passing terrorist click pics, the innards and panels of the metro is up for display too. So anyone who wants to sabotage, or get hands on some plans, way to go, you can do it even before the damn thing is put on a rail. Ok. yeah, that's just me venting some frightendness, and its very difficult to pass on a chance to tell the govt why it is not doing such a great job after all. Then again, there is the CWG fiasco. This shit feels good, and there is plenty of standing room, which is probably the best aspect of the whole business. Sort of designed along the same sensibilities of the shuttles at airports. This means that the trains are gonna be fast.



Metro’s first test track at Byapppanahalli depot is reaching completion. By September 1, the depot area will be ready for train testing. Track work is progressing along the other stretches of Reach 1. A 1.5-km-long track was completely laid on July 25. The tracks are now visible from Trinity Circle till Webb’s Junction. Another 2-km-long track is expected to be completed by this month-end.