Trek to Rajmachi

That's Manoranjan, and it's aptly named, its a tiny fort, almost a blister or something, but there is an awesome seat on the turret to sit and have a leisurely smoke while surveying the skies and two valleys full of cars, distant trucks, trekkers, and trains

The village of Rajmachi as seen from the way up Manoranjan.

and there was this calf tied to a tree that got really curious about my mobile camera. Hey, any excuse to use that Cows tag.

There was an aborted attempt at this trek a couple of months ago, and we decided to give it another go. Two groups ended up going, and it was a pretty dry trek. Did not have the complete Rajmachi experience without every single soul in the village shivering in the dark, drenched to the bone and wondering what the hell they are doing on top of a hill instead of a comfortable bed in their own homes. The sun was warm for most of the day, and it drizzled a bit only in the evening. The clouds were rolling over mountains and into valleys...
Oh yeah, we stayed in a different house, so could not sleep on that bed, but mebbe next year I will give it a go.
Also, check out the toilets