Washing your own clothes on an old-fashioned stone and a bar of soap is much more hard work than I thought it was. The stone is really effective as a scrub, in fact this is the stone bottom in the bathroom as well. More modern houses should use stone strips or panels for cleaning purposes. The difficult part is not the cleaning, which is easy enough, but the actual drying of the clothes. You have to wring the damn thing, and it is really back breaking work. By the time I reached the jeans, my hands could wring nothing more, I was really exhausted. So I tied it up against a screw in the wall and wring it. By the time I was done with it, the screw in the wall was bent. Ah well. Then came the drying. I had to carry the clothes to the terrace, arrange for a line, and hang up the clothes on it. Despite my agressive wringing, the drying took all of three days, and two of them in-doors.