Around B'lore

Caught up with an old friend at this cofee shop in Bangalore today. Eddie said this particular one reminded him of SB's back in Mumbai. Not really, but the coffee was stronger than strong dog.

The best way to move around the city is use the buses. The buses are great, and some of em are really groovy. Minimum rickshaw fare is 14 bucks, which I think is the highest in the country. A trip worth 8 KMs eats up anywhere between a hundred and a hundred and fifty bucks. That's just outrageous. The Buses are great though, and really stylized. Some of the buses have pre-hippy designs featuring unicorns, butterflies, dolphins, colourful swirls and flowers. They just like shit liek that, its not that they are into psychedelia or anything. Or mebbe they are, who knows?

And spotted this 1981 Merc 380sl, just lying around one of the by-lanes on Brigade road. This is a goddamn relic.