Silent Soviet Invasion

So apparently from the day India won it's independence, till the day the Soviet Union shattered, every day a plane used to land in the Madras (now Chennai) airport, with a cargo of Russian literature. Now that's a lot of Russian literature injected into India. No one really knows the scope and extent of the propaganda, but it happened. I just wish there were more of it. Yeah, communism is a proven failure, but so is capitalism. I just think communism had a cleaner heart, and was more answerable to people around them. At the very least, communist propaganda literature is much more elevating than capitalist propaganda. Anyway, have fun with these images.

I can guarantee one thing though, the whole "dumbing down" thing would have been unheard of if the reds had won the rounds, and capitalism had not taken as big a hold over the world. This is because a mag for kids talks about fucking superconductors in technical detail, while still keeping it simple for kids to understand. The Russians are great at explaining stuff. But probably a little too audacious at taking credit.

"The Great October Socialist Revolution and India's Independence are linked by strong bonds. The October Revolution gave a powerful impetus to national-liberation movements. JAwaharlal Nehru said that it had kindled the flames that couldn't be put out!"

There was of course, a scary edge to the propaganda as well. Sometimes, they were clearly trying too hard. Ah well. There is a lot in there, someone should just dig it all up and distill it better.