Monday, November 07, 2011


oki so here goes
1. Anonymous decides to create a wikipedia like project pooling documents by professionals across countries to really share information about things like police cases, rti enquiries, army doctrines, political party memos etc

2. Site goes up. It is called wikileaks. In a matter of 8 months thousands of documents are uploaded on the site. This is a sample set of documents for just one case, the scarlet murder in goa
-The interview transcripts of all the journalists of all the relatives and friends of the diseased as well as police officials
-the autopsy report
-photos from the autopsy table
-internal police documents about case filing and investigation progress

This level of detail of documents was achieved for thousands of cases worldwide

3. Intense attacks begin on the site, this include denial of service attacks and domain takeovers. There are few groups that can launch such attacks, Anonymous or the various cyber business networks would not attack their own

4. Wikileaks is struggling for funds because of the size of the documents. Also because of the attacks, the documents are constantly shifted across servers. There are up to 200 different servers holding the documents at any given time, with links constantly being changed and updated. This was a counter attack by the original hosting group.

5. Suddenly, Wikileaks gets funding. The servers stabilise again. A new management emerges, and the wikileaks group seperates itself from Anonymous.

6. US army helicopter killing journalist surfaces. All content on the website is replaced with leaked fucking cables. Note that every single thing on wikileaks atm is entirely from one source. What kind of a freak wiki has just one source?

7. You know the rest

Conclusion: That Julian fellow is like from the NSA or something, just an agent, getting paid good money for going through all this in public. US gets a known devil, which is good for a long term PR campaign, much better than an unknown devil, fighting the terrorists was getting a little boring. US needs devils to sell shit. Or at least launder shit in the name of defence. Meanwhile, the real information gets suppressed

Not for long brothers and sisters


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