The total works of top authors in computer memory

Carroll, Lewis 1081 KB
Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir 4100 KB
Twain, Mark 2096 KB
Dickens, Charles 12812 KB
Austen, Jane 800 KB
Shakespeare, William 9366 KB
Verne, Jules 2709 KB
Aesop 93 KB
Wilde, Oscar 960 KB
Wells, H. G. 3310 KB

Not everything is as straightforward as it may seem though. For example, the biggest contribution to Lewis's tally, is "Symbolic Logic", at 490 KB of plaintext. This was a maths book he wrote for the queen. Mark Twain's tally ignores letters and non fiction, just because too much of his shit ended up being published. The tallies for all authors do not consider translations, derivative works, variations and most importantly, original works in any non-english language. Charles Dickens was a monster, and if he had a good QWERTY keyboard and a word processor, he would surely outwrite the rest of the top ten on his own. He almost does it as it is, if you kick Shakespeare from the list, which is another thing I almost did as he is a loser midiveal jurrassic playwrite, and fucking outdated.

Now for some awards.
Most bang per byte - Jules Verne
Most historical bytes - Aesop
Most garbage - Charles Dickens