"One iced tea, one pina colada, and one cold coffee" What mattered with coffee was what else you could get with it. The best things about the coffee shop was that it was always open. Really, when it comes to coffee, you never know what time of the day you might need one. Infact, coffee is consumed somewhere entirely out of time, it dilates it and expands it to suit the drinker's needs. The ordered had been placed, and the three people were lost in the crowd. It was four in the morning and the coffee shop was jam packed. The three people ordered, and spoke loudly; their voices were drowned in the chit-chat.
The menu was a laminated sheet of paper.
"Pulse Nurturing that’s what its all about"
"No man, it is all about sun worship"
"Shut up, it’s all about aliens"
Two boys and a girl. A little too loud. The Advertiser, the Lunatic and the Extraterrestrial on the next table overheard what they were saying. The Advertiser was a little surprised, the Lunatic unabashedly turned to the table next to him, and the Extraterrestrial got scared, someone knew about its existence. The two boys and the girl, unaware of anything but their own table, continued their conversation.
"The media does not survive by sucking money out of you, it is terribly cheap, What do you give the media in return? Nothing. Who gives the media its money? The advertiser. They advertise, however, would like to have a lot out of you."
"No man, there is no control system in place but nature and God. Everyone trying to overpower the natural control will rot in hell"
"The Aliens don't have a hell. We humans are a very young race. Its a lot of other things, but mainly our transportation. Our communication is ahead of our transportation, theirs is not"
"No man, really, there is a control system and its the media, its the source of all your ideas"
"Bullshit, I am a free man and I get my own ideas"
"The aliens control the media. They also spread the ideas you get through more channels than the media"
"See, that is what I would call bullshit, the media wouldn't be around if it were not getting their advertisers and profits."
"I don't care man, we are all humans out here, we give some, we take some, what's the difference, life is beautiful and I want to relax a bit you know"
"The aliens want you to sit back and relax, slow down for a while, which is something we humans have never done as a race. They are waiting for us to burn ourselves out"
"What are you guys talking about? Life is not beautiful, I mean, look around you, there is no God, and there are no aliens. Its just the human race out here, you are right about that, but some of us are better off than the rest"
"That's a very narrow outlook man, none of us are really better off than the rest"
"The Aliens are a truly equal population. They do not reveal themselves to us only because we are all not equal"
"Equality and freedom are just states of the mind, a media controlled state, they control all the beliefs you have as well"
"Just shut the fuck up man"
"The aliens can afford to wait, but I think we will burn out faster than they expect"
The advertiser looked at the alien and said "How do they get such ideas?"
The alien looked at the advertiser and said "You might never consciously fight for freedom, or equality. You might refuse to stand up to such beliefs, but your genes, are always fighting for such ideals. The great dawn is near"
The advertiser was serious. He looked at the alien, then at the lunatic.
The lunatic laughed and whispered out to nobody really, "I wonder who ordered the cold coffee?"