The Anti-essay

It is important to get to the point. So here goes. People just dont read anymore. You just cannot blame them really, letters, words and sentences are a strain to the eyes. Its not just their form, but what they disguise. The letters of newsprint for example, strain in their sides to thrill you; and every single letter on the net is trying to sell you something, more so if it is blue and has an underline. Then there is the voluminous grind of letters in phonebooks, directories and the classifieds. A small portion of them might mean the world to you, but the rest of it bears the charachter of bullshit.
It is unfortunately important to get to the point. It probably passed by somewhere. There is a need to drive home messages, and any delay, in meandering sentences where the so called point flirts, revealing but a little of itself is too much trouble for the brain to process and it merely gives up.