Thilak to Me

Hi Aditya, I am not spaming your mailbox dude (as you said spam me in your blog). My name is Thilak. I found your blog when i was searching for wordpress in google blog search. Your blog is really really cool. You see those header changes everytime.

And i wanted to put your link in my blog are you interested (ofcourse i want a reciprocal link, y this method we can increase both google and technorati rankings

Aditya MJ to Thilak (the godforsaken motherfucker)

Dude... what you are doing is desperate and wrong. Stop copying stuff from my blog and putting it on yours to gain more rankings ok... do your own thing, dont be such a loser. what the fuck is this about man? What the hell are you trying to achieve? why did you do this?

Thilak to Me

Hey I know you copied the Wordpress vs Blogger from digg because i know that that was put in digg. If it was really written by you I would have given the Credits at the bottom of the post. You u copied it from somewhere else you don't have the moral right to tell it to me.

BTW if you praise Wordpress then why do you use Blogger.

Aditya MJ to Thilak

Copied from where man? I wrote it... send me the link if you think I copied it from somewhere... Just put in a link to my blog. I use blogger because of all the template editing that I did, and I don't really want to use the categories. What do you mean put in digg? I swear I wrote it - have proof for that too, mailed it somewhere... just tell me where else this has appeared, will nuke their asses too.

In your case, this seems to be an honest mistake, the wordpress Vc blogger thing is my creation. I was about to put yout link in my blogroll when I gave your site a visit and found my article there! I was obviously pissed, but I WROTE THAT. I did not copy that from anywhere, just tell me where dude. I am not some kind of a loser who copies...

And if you took it from somewhere else, then why did you not link it to THAT page?


Thilak to Me

u don't know about digg. & i swear man this stuff was put in if u don;t believe me just go to and do a search

Aditya MJ to Thilak

Ok, the article at looks like nothing on my blog, or yours. It is in a different format, has points that are not in my article, and there are some points in mine that are not on that article. You have not written both articles, yet you put it on your blog without a link to either site.

I HAVE written the article on my blog... and yours. This is from expirience after using both the serivices.

Thilak to Me

I don't know Y do u lie so much. If you copied then admit it. The whole issue is over. Or just tell me i'll put a link back to your blog from that post

Or if you insist i will delete the entire post OK.

OK dude I apologize for what i did. OK now lets be good friends .
Are u participating in Google Code Jam.

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