Open SUSE 11.1 out

The distro of choice for me is available with a new update. Downloading the DVD ISO hoping that it comes with a lot of libraries and prevents the problems that I had with the CD ISO. Sticking to it though, despite Fedora and Sabayon being worthy competitors and ignoring sissylinux (aka Ubuntu).
The point to note is the release parties around the world celebrating the update. From Omsk to Tokyo to Berlin to Jakarta, everyone is celebrating, and India is not behind. The interesting thing is that the parties are not in any of the metropolitan cities. Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata are hosting no parties. Even the supposed tech hub of Hyderabad is not involved. The only well known city that is hosting a party is Bangalore, which is not surprising. The other two locations are pretty weird... Vadodara, that's Baroda in Gujrat, and Meerut in UP. So much for UP being a state of undereducated fools... they are hosting a linux launch party at par with the rest of the world.

If you stay anywhere nearby and want to go.