1) Is there a cut-off for how young the kids are, or is it just the younger the better
2) Do you guys actually get off on CP? are there rings and stuff where such shit circulates?
3) Do you talk the kids into it, or do you just rape them?
4) Do you get an erection every time you see a small naked child?
5) Do you feel that it is a natural thing?
6) Are you uncomfortable around kids?
7) Is there any such thing as a closet-pedo
8) How does it feel?

1) Each person has his/her own age range preference. Mine is about 8-11
2) I don't do CP, I just visit legal websites that usually involve child modeling and candid pictures. There are rings and stuff where CP takes place, but no thanks, I don't want to get arrested.
3) I don't rape kids, fuck them, or talk them into it. It's illegal.
4) Yes, as long as it's a girl.
5) Yes.
6) Yes, just because society has made me feel that I am horrible, even though I know that I am not.
7) Most people are I would think. It's not like you can walk around with your friends and family and comments on sexy little girls asses.
8) Makes me feel frustrated, knowing that I can never have what I desire, unless I want to ruin my life.


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