divide by zero

Sixth or seventh standard, back in the days of school. Cannot believe that such memories as these are still floating around in my head. Anyway, it was a free period, one of those times when the teacher decides to take a break and ease the tension in the classroom for a while. Students were asked to come forward with jokes or sing a song, basically get in the spotlight and entertain the class.
This girl goes up to the front of the class, and decides to riddle the class. She says "this is a riddle" which would be pretty explanatory in any other case, but was a necessary thing to point out in this case. So, you have a magic lamp, and when you rub it, a genie pops out and gives you three wishes. What will your three wishes be?
There was a clever answer, we knew, but we couldn't tell what it was exactly. We all passed eventually, just not wanting to think anymore, and bored of the "entertainment" already. The girl went all genius on our asses, and said that the third wish would be for three more wishes. I felt the whole thing was pure bullshit, and three wishes were more than what anyone deserved.


So a few days ago, I am sitting in a boat on the lake with some friends, they are having a chat, and I am staring at the starred filled skies, drifting in and out of the conversation. I see a shooting star go by, and don't mention anything. I don't think of wishing for anything for some time. Within a minute or so, I see another one. Inspiration strikes me, and every time I spot one, I wish for another one.

Dividing by zero = multiplying by infinity