Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kayaking at Kolad

Kolad is this really godforsaken place between Mumbai and some other godforsaken place, I forget which. About two hours from Panvel. We caught the early morning train, which came to Diva jam packed from Panvel, at five in the morning. People had got in at ten the night before, and slept over at the carshed to get seats. Most of us had to stand through the ride, but I snuggled myself in to a corner and was relatively comfortable. We arrived at the totally chilled out and empty station.

Probably too chilled out.

There was this huge cargo train that was loaded with trucks. It was like a monster monster. Impressive to look at. Bad lighting. Bad lighting most of the way though, couldn't help it, the sun was a bitch.

Ok maybe we could help it.

The guy there had a bunch of Kayaks, and taught us how to handle ourselves in the water. This is the group learning to Kayak by waving their paddles through the air. Yeah, like that would help.

I stepped into the water, upto my waist level, with my dSLR camera. Kept the camera above the water, but below the water were my filled pockets. My mobile phone, my wallet and my cigarettes got friggin drenched. Didn't notice this for almost forty five minutes, as I waded through the shallow waters, half making people pose, and half allowing the people to pose. Pity the sun was a bitch.

On second thoughts, it was a good thing the sun was a bitch. Half an hour later, I had dried out my wallet thoroughly. My mobile phone was making weird noises, so I did what any sensible person would do. Protip: get the goddamn battery out, seperate all the parts, and leave to dry. Forget about it, don't worry. Then I went in kayaking myself. It was fun, to lazily drift about, or to do short bursts of speedruns. Eventually, I got bored, and got back into the water. A few people got stuck, a few people boasted about their past expiriences, a few people flipped over, and one stubborn guy refused to get wet by jumping into the water, which was a pretty strange thing to do, considering the purpose of the trip was kayaking.

More pictures here.

A sample: Look at my shield and spear, I am so kayakpunk your eyes will melt just taking in my awesomeness.

(Note: That's not me). No one took a photo of the in the kayak. Damit.
More beer, then home. Fun. Lota lota fun.

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