Sound Pollution

It's a little strange to see people bursting with words, dying to throw out half-formed knowledge in a miserable jumble of language, something like shooting without taking aim. Not like these words are coming straight from the heart or anything, they are just words from limbo, not conveying what they are meant to mean. Often conveying something they were definately not meant for. Most of the ideas are recycled garbage, the words and sentences themselves often copied. It's painful to see a lack of originality in the way we express ourselves. Almost all the emotions we feel are forced out from within. When we feel something is surprising, or inspiring, or beautiful, we attach these to things simply because we are desperate to experience such words, in a situation where there is a dearth of it. Wish there was time, to wait, to think, and to speak only after that. Where each participant patiently and clearly crafts something important, something useful, and something memorable. Conversations made out of long, contemplative silences - that's what I really want to be a part of, that is what I would enjoy. Then the words would stand out. Like stars in the void.