iPod meh

I was talking to this friend today, and we got into a conversation on music. He wanted me to get an idea of his tastes, and I wanted... nothing specific, I was just having a chat... anyway, this is how the conversation goes:

Friend: So, do you want to take my iPod home and listen to it?
Me: You don't wanna listen to it?
Friend: No, I have my phone if I really need some music, just take it home

I didn't really want to take it initially, then I thought of something I wanted to try out, which was basically check out how well RockBox works on an iPod

Me: Ok, am I allowed to experiment with it?
Friend: Experiment? What do you want to do with it

He looked skeptical at this point, and was positively scared for his device

Me: nothing much, I just want to install an open source firmware for the device
Friend: What are you saying, what is Firmware

At this point I wondered how to explain the concept of "firmware" to someone who does not know much about technology

Me: It's like an operating system, it replaces whatever... ummm.... software is there on the device.
Friend: I am not understanding you, this is a bit too complex for me
Me: don't worry about it, nothing will happen to your device, it will just run a different interface and player
Friend: what are the advantages of this?
Me: well there are loads, you can use your device as a USB drive for starters... no DRM protection
Friend: Will I get infinite storage space on the USB drive?
Me: know, (wtf???) only as much as the device has. How much storage is there?
Friend: * Gb
Me: so you will get 8GB minus what the firmware takes up I guess
Friend: huh?
Me: there are other advantages as well,
Friend: how will you install it?
Me: what iPod do you have? mini, nano...

Friend looks really really bewildered at this point
Me:... or classic?
Friend: It's a Philips Go Gear

I just look at him like I will kill him with my eyeballs

Friend: It's my pod dude, like.... my multimedia pod...

I guess everyone just wants to call their PMP a pod. What shit. FFFUUUU apple.