Monday, May 23, 2011

Which distro to use?

mint looks better than ubuntu with gnome but the latest mint version is often behind the latest ubuntu version
Mint or ubuntu is best for beginners, I would still reco mint because it has a sense of humor, and lots of stuff for geeks, the command line for example is very user friendly
the more serious enthusiasts use gentoo or arch or some other use specific distros
apart from ubuntu, fedora is most popular because it has a lot of red hat blood, good for servers and the like
suse was a good alternative to red hat at one point of time, but it has become obsolete
there are some other distros like slackware, or backtrack for more specific purposes
some people even use BSD,
a lot keep distro hopping, installing a new one every now and then
there is a lot of other choice actually, I use sabayon
the really 1337 use

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