Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The real history of this disease

In the year 2011 on earth, a legend tells that in a virtual world, strange animals ruled a search engine which at that time was the most used by those that are called interstitial notes (1). Their power was so strong that the community of SEOs (2) was afraid. Some say hundreds of their colleagues have even contracted a rare disease. The penguinzophrenie. After several years of research and studies to gather all information about the Penguin, our researchers were able to observe a large number of elements, which today allow us to better understand this disease penguinzophren which has since been eradicated. The penguinzophrenie not originally created by a giant watch that is known Gogole (2) the virtual head of an empire, which could be accessed from a black box with a small piano and a silent window light that allowed millions of people to communicate with each other. This is after he lost his appeal, when a F. Goat has destroyed everything in its path, that all Penguoins disappeared forever in the mysterious maze. Few SEOs have them leave scorecards virtual CityVille region, an area which in turn has been contaminated with Parkinson's disease, leaving behind hundreds of destitute poor mark which eventually died in anonymity, totally désociabilisés ... Civilization that inhabited the blue planet would announce a schedule that left several important dates. Our researchers are looking very seriously at this calendar. It could be that announces the end of the world on the planet Mars in the year 4012.
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Definitions (1) The SEOs were at that time experienced documentarians, responsible to know notepads of interstitial notes. They étudiers behavior and changes in the classification of documents, in order to then pass to ensure that the document is to highlight the most read. (2) The interstitial Notes: was the whole people exchanging written notes with a black box, and an instrument with keys like a piano, but does not produce sound . (3) Gogole not so crazy as that, would have been the world's largest library, where everyone could have free access to find hundreds of paper documents that according to our researchers, appeared on the team window the black box. Thus, hundreds of millions of telegrams and have had shared in the four corners of the planet earth. No trace of the documents was not found. According to our scientific team, they would have been burned at the 21.12.2012 a global revolution

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