Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dream Diary hitlist edition

Ok so this girl from college (imaginary) tells me that I should try and give an interview in her father's company because I write well. It's a production house, but the interiors are ore like an ad agency. I go to that office, and wait till my turn. Im sitting sideways, so he does not see me. then he bends sideways and spots me and starts laughing. 'you are so thin, I didn't even see you for half an hour!' so I quip 'you didn't lean enough'. he stares down at me like it's the worst joke ever. 'that's smart' he says, 'do you eat at all? we cannot hire you'. Im kind of disappointed that he isnt talking about my skills, so I say 'look at the bright side, with me on you can work with a skeleton crew'. he gives me a i-see-what-you-did-there stare and says 'I'm sorry, slim chance of that happening'. He gets a big bulky guy to escort me out, and I ask him 'whhyyy you humiliate me'. he says 'don't take it personally, you just aren't right for us at this point of time.' so I leave, do some other work for a few years, build a portfolio (with very little writing work), and submit a resume to the same company a few years later. I get a call, go to the office, and see some nervous interns being called in line and dismissed. they remind me of myself, being a nub a few years ago. some higher up woman (think its an AD), comes to me separately, and tells me 'we like your work, we think you can crack it in the industry if you can study these scripts.' she hand's me a list of movie scripts to study on a piece of paper. and I could read every word clearly, the list was
R. Rajkumar
Jai Ho
Gori Tere Pyaar Mein
Raseela Ram Leela (yep, know that's not the title, mistake of the AD?)
Bullet Raja
Satya 2
prolly the worst script lineup ever lol. pretty sure at least four of these movies didnt even have a script to start with.

one a side note, guess listening to dub step while sleeping can give some intense dream experiences.

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