Tuesday, May 13, 2014


there is just so much plot in this f2p moba

the minimal armour protects modesty where it is important, and at same time allows plenty of freedom for movement

View from POV of Gimli of Legolas tossing Gimli

Make war, not love. that mean he killing her, ripping her apart. this should not be confused with foreplay.

fabric physics is pretty realistically rendered. this is an achievement for real time computation.

rendering of fabric over skin has much to be desired

 Im not sure exactly for who this content was made for, apart from wannabe Japanese, people who listen to reggae or homosexuals.

Epigenesis. Non violent ball thingy with plant growing and pushing. They could have been more inventive than naming the two teams Argos and Omani. Omani sounds too terrorist for a non violent game.

Ghost Recon phantoms. it's a good game for people who want everything for free. 

A well aimed shot to the tank can blow up helicopters, use as emergency mines.

Some gameplay involves puzzle solving, and shooting one of the cables to drop containers on entire teams is a solving

You can ski on vast oceanic landscapes, and snipe people from below

Total domination is more fun when the other squad has fewer players

This is a world map where china owns NE india, pak and afghanistan are toghether 3 nations, kashmir is independent and xianjing is independent. also russia and iran are one country and pwn the caucasus. make your own stories, now.

buckbeak... i mean witherwings snacking on a cop

not sure why the pickaxe has a corsair. you can even reload it. 

Moonbase is saved. now moving on to other things.

You already know all these idiots are going to die

don't worry, Turok just a dino dentist, he does a lot of this. He's not going to hurt the dino.


Gigantosaur, not a TRex, you can tell from skull length, fingers on hands and intelligence. 

Reapers climbing trees

OG TRex, if you have been paying attention you can tell by shape of teeth

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