Monday, June 30, 2014

From scratch

Is the universe as a whole perfect? The things inside it may not be, but the container itself is. God would have made up some inconsistent rules with idiosyncrasies. There is no way for a thinking entity, and not come up with a botched, meaningless excuse and make it a rule. The universe does not work like that at all. It works on some brute force logic, that is not logic at all.
See I tried to make a merry go round. In empty space. Nothing else around. Ok, maybe some ground beneath the merry go round. Pretty simple huh. On top of the merry go round was a ball. Also simple. Yay. Now sure, made gravity, that's not much. Now the merry go round has to go round. Somebody has to turn that object. Ah well, that's where having infinite... not unlimited, but infinite power helps. One snap, and the merry go round will keeps rotating till long after the stars of your world are dust. So far so good, perpetual merry go round in place, Ball above it. Ball falls on merry go round. Now  what. The ball stays in place, merry go round go round. The ball is not moving with the merry go round. Why would it, there is no friction. Now friction does not seem like it makes much difference, you know, it like just surface contact and some voodoo happens. Hmm. Snap, friction. The ball still stays in place. Snap more friction, friction overload. Infact, let's just go ahead and put in all the friction, infinite friction. Snap. Done. Easy. The ball should just stay in place and not be able to move no matter how much force is applied to it. Does not happen. There is no visible change... the ball just keeps rolling.
The infinite friction was a little exhausting. If only because of thinking of "infinite", not actually doing it. The surface... the surface of the merry go round is the problem. Its just too damn smooth. There is nothing really I can do about that, except exert imagination to think up of random details. I can introduce details, like tiny imperfections, but how much of it to do, and when to stop doing it, can spend an infinite time populating the surface with infinite details. I just need enough to give it some friction. Can give it a texture, but thought of a simpler solution, a series of concentric rings on the surface. These on their own provide enough friction to keep the ball in place while the merry go round rotates. Can I do this with even less imagination? Maybe not can't think that much.

Now go make a universe from scratch.

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