Republic Day Lalbaug Flower Show

So there was a lot of crowd. We should have figured considering traffic was made one way outside Lalbaug, and there was a sign asking people to park in Shantinagar bus station. Entry was 50 bucks for adults, 10 bucks for kids. We went in, and the show was basically a ton of flower foam into which people had stuck flowers. It was in the shape of the red fort, and there was a statue of liberty for some reason, probably because Obama was at the parade just then.
The funny thing was that the announcements were made to safeguard the people against thieves, and they were listing out the types of thieves. So purse thieves, chain thieves, mobile thieves and children thieves were about.

Then we took a walk around Lalbaug, went right around the lake, and then on to church street for some cofee at cofee house, walked a bit to Garuda mall, found the third book in the Mars series at Blossom (so now I have two, need one more).