Sunday, March 18, 2018

What happens in Avengers: Infinity War

Stuff in blue is speculation


  1. Gamora explains the plans of Thanos to ???(perhaps the guardians)
  2. Flashback scene shows Thanos collecting a young Gamora
  3. The Guardians head to some place dangerous on the Milano
  4. The Guardians are on a planet doing ??? (maybe trying to take the reality stone from the Collector for safekeeping)
  5. The Guardians come across Thanos or one of the Black Order questioning The Collector about the reality stone
  6. The Collector says that he has sold it
  7. Drax attacks whoever is questioning The Collector, but survives the encounter

Asguardian escape ship

  1. Thanos captures Thor and Loki after the end of Ragnarok, and kills off a ton of Asgardians. Banner escapes on the Quinjet. 
  2. Thanos tortures Thor while the The Black Order holds Loki
  3. Loki offers the tesseract to Thanos
  4. This is probably an effort to save Thor. Thanos may kill Loki immediately, while abandoning Thor on his ship. This is Kevin Feige saying something "really bad" will happen in the first five minutes of Infinity War. 
  5. Thanos crushes the Tesseract
  6. Thanos places the space stone in the infinity gauntlet
  7. Thanos then heads to Xandar.
  8. This is when the Guardians probably come across Thor, while tracking down the space stone.
  9. Thanos presumably destroys the entire ship. 
  10. Thor gets thrown out into space, and lands on the Milano.
  11. The Guardians take Thor into the Milano
  12. Thor meets the Guardians

New York

  1. Banner crashes into 177A Bleecker Street
  2. Strange explains the infinity stones to Stark, and what Thanos is out to do
  3. A portal appears over NY
  4. Spiderman's spider sense gets triggered
  5. Spiderman looks at a portal opening up over NYC
  6. Spiderman leaps out of a school bus to investigate the portal
  7. Wong, Strange, Banner and Thor look at at a disturbance outside Bleecker Street
  8. Stark goes to see why people are running helter skelter
  9. Strange, Banner, Stark and Wong look at same portal
  10. Iron Man flies towards a spaceship on Earth using the new Bleeding Edge suit
  11. Strange activates the Eye of Agammoto
  12. This is the "portal ship" that probably takes Strange, Spiderman and Iron Man to the orange planet. 
  13. Banner heads out to warn Vision and save the Mind stone. 
  14. Banner, Widow and War Machine look up ??? Quinjet to take them to Wakanda


  1. Thanos destroys a bunch of Nova Corps ships, and collects the power stone.
  2. Peter meets Strange
  3. Thanos arrives on Xandar
  4. Star Lord, Stark, Drax and Spoderman make plans
  5. Spiderman jumps through destruction
  6. Strange and Star Lord fight together
  7. Thanos jumps towards ??? (maybe spiderman)
  8. Thanos Pins Spiderman to the ground
  9. Thanos already has the power stone and the space stone when taking on Stark
  10. Thanos tells Iron Man "I hope they remember you"
  11. Thanos lobs a freaking moon at the Avengers
  12. Maw tortures Strange


  1. Banner, War Machine, Vision, Witch, Widow and Cap all end in Wakanda to safeguard the Mind stone
  2. Black Panther welcomes Team Cap to Wakanda
  3. Shuri looks at a hologram of Vision
  4. Black Panther orders to put up the defences of Wakanda, as well as a shield for Cap
  5. Wakanda is the most heavily guarded place on planet Earth, which is why Vision is being kept there
  6. Vision appears in human form, maybe Witch is giving him a vision
  7. Vision says "we are out of time"
  8. War in Wakanda, with the outriders taking on Team Cap
  9. White Wolf fights with Team Cap
  10. Banner and Widow smile on the Wakandan battlefield
  11. Thanos goes toe to toe or hand to hand with Cap, wearing the power stone and the infinity stone on his gauntlet
  12. Massive alien ships land on Wakanda
  13. Proxima midnight lobs her spear at ???(maybe Cap), who catches it
  14. Witch is relieved by something, in the same scene as (?Cap) and Proxima Midnight
  15. Black Widow stabs someone, probably in the same scene as (?Cap), Proxima Midnight and Witch
  16. Corvus Glaive attempts to take the Mind stone from Vision. It is unknown if he succeeds. 


  1. Groot, Rocket, and Thor are on a ship with a circular window like the Cupola on board the ISS.
  2. Thor looks over a planet through the Cupola, probably NidavellirHe needs a new weapon to take on Thanos.
  3. Thor is in some huge device, probably forging a new weapon
  4. Groot and Rocket help Thor forge the Jarnbjorn or Stormbreaker

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